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  • Goose farm egg production analysis system

    Tsai, Min-Yen   Huang, Shih-Yen   Lin, Jzau-Sheng  

    In the goose farm, to prevent virus be transmitted to other goose quickly, if the health status indicate the goose need special care, then this goose must be put in isolation ward and be examined thoroughly. Because, the amount of eggs laid by goose is a significant information of the goose health. This study implemented an egg productivity analysis system for goose farms. In this system, each goose worn a specify RFID foot ring, when it enter goose cage, the cage will read the RFID data and record the time of this goose stay in. Beside, used video analysis technique to track the eggs while the goose laying egg. In this system we proposed a feature extraction method based on diamond-shaped algorithm to identify egg. In experiment, evaluated 10 test films those record the goose cages where non spider webs in the FOV (field of view) of camera, the system can identified each egg while egg rolling out the cage. But analysis the 40 videos those had spider web in the camera's FOV, some segment of the spider web were fail identified as egg.
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  • 16.4: Photostability Improvement of a-InGaZnO TFTs by Introducing a Transparent UV Shielding Layer

    Tsai, Min-Yen   Tsai, Yun-Chu   Teng, Li-Feng   Liu, Po-Tsun   Shieh, Han-Ping D.  

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