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  • Single Image Surface Appearance Modeling with Self‐augmented CNNs and Inexact Supervision

    Ye, Wenjie   Li, Xiao   Dong, Yue   Peers, Pieter   Tong, Xin  

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  • Mobius Floe : an Immersive Virtual Reality Game for Pain Distraction

    Gromala, Diane   Tong, Xin   Shaw, Chris   Amin, Ashfaq   Ulas, Servet   Ramsay, Gillian  

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  • State-selected ion–molecule reactions with Coulomb-crystallized molecular ions in traps

    Tong, Xin   Nagy, Tibor   Reyes, Juvenal Yosa   Germann, Matthias   Meuwly, Markus   Willitsch, Stefan  

    State-selected Coulomb-crystallized molecular ions were employed for the first time in ion-molecule reaction studies using the prototypical charge-transfer process as an example. By preparing the reactant ions in a well-defined rovibrational state and localizing them in space by sympathetic cooling to milliKelvin temperatures in an ion trap, state- and energy-controlled reaction experiments with sensitivities on the level of single ions were performed. The experimental results were interpreted with quasi-classical trajectory simulations on a six-dimensional potential-energy surface which provided detailed insight into translation-to-rotation energy transfer occurring during charge transfer between N2 and .
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  • Analysis and pollution sources speculations of toxic gases in a secondary fiber paper mill

    Tong, Xin   Liu, Zhang   Chen, Xiao Q.   Shen, Wen H.  

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  • International Research Trends and Methods for Walkability and Their Enlightenment in China

    Tong, Xin   Wang, Yaowu   Chan, Edwin H.W.  

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    Disclosed are a method and system for implementing remote presenting conferences, wherein the system includes: a display device, set for receiving and displaying images of conference attendees transmitted remotely; a unidirectional transparent device, arranged between the display device and the attendance position of the current conference attendee, and set for presenting the image of the display device to the current conference attendee and reflecting the image of the current conference attendee; an image capturing device, set for capturing the image of the current conference attendee, which is reflected by the unidirectional transparent device, and for transmitting the image of the current conference attendee to the display devices in remote conference halls. With the present invention, the realistic feeling of the remotely presenting conference is enhanced and the experience of users is improved.
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  • SERCA2 Deficiency Impairs Pancreatic β Cell Function in Response to Diet-Induced Obesity

    Tong, Xin   Kono, Tatsuyoshi   Anderson-Baucum, Emily K.   Yamamoto, Wataru   Gilon, Patrick M.   Lebeche, Djamel   Day, Richard N.   Schull, Gary E.   Evans-Molina, Carmella  

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  • Probing conformational change of T7 RNA polymerase and DNA complex by solid-state nanopores

    Tong, Xin   Hu, Rui   Li, Xiaoqing   Zhao, Qing  

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    Some embodiments provide a video recording device for capturing a video clip. The video recording device receives a selection of a non-temporally compressed encoding scheme from several different encoding schemes for encoding the video clip. The different encoding schemes include at least one temporally compressed encoding scheme and at least the selected non-temporally compressed encoding scheme. The video recording device captures the video clip as several frames. The video recording device non-temporally encodes each of the frames as several slices. The slices of a particular frame are for decoding by several processing units of a video decoding device. The video recording device stores the video clip in a storage.
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  • Vibration response and parameter influence of TBM cutterhead system under extreme conditions

    Ling, Jingxiu   Sun, Wei   Yang, Xiaojing   Tong, Xin   Zhang, Ning  

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  • Transnational Flows of E-Waste and Spatial Patterns of Recycling in China

    Tong, Xin   Wang, Jici  

    Two geographers residing in Beijing discuss the inflows, processing, and consumption of electronic waste-a topic largely neglected in the current literature on globalization. Based on extensive interviews with electronics producers and recyclers in China, the paper explores the global flows of e-waste and concentration of related recycling in coastal China. The authors suggest that recycling activities (authorized as well as illegal) grew in tandem with the dramatic increase in electronics production during the last decade. They note that the country's recycling sector has played a significant role in rural industrialization and local economic development, albeit in conflict with the objectives of environmental protection.
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  • Butyrate suppresses Cox-2 activation in colon cancer cells through HDAC inhibition

    Tong, Xin   Yin, Lei   Giardina, Charles  

    Cox-2 plays an important role in colon carcinogenesis and inflammation. Studying the HT-29 colon cancer cell line as a model, we found that Cox-2 expression and activity is increased approximately 25-fold by TNF-α. As previously reported for other Cox-2 inducers, this activation appears to result from a p38-mediated mRNA stabilization rather than an increase in promoter activity. The HDAC inhibitors butyrate and TSA blocked the TNF-α activation of Cox-2 protein and mRNA synthesis, and dramatically suppressed Cox-2 activity in HT-29 cells. The suppression of Cox-2 synthesis did not involve promoter inactivation and could be achieved even when applied after the TNF-α stimulus. The effect of the HDAC inhibitors was observed prior to the activation of p21 expression and did not require new protein synthesis. Finally, butyrate did not prevent p38 phosphorylation, so the block is likely to occur at a later step in the activation pathway. We propose that a component of the cytokine-induced Cox-2 mRNA stabilization pathway is sensitive to acetylation.
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  • Simultaneous acquisition of polarimetric SVBRDF and normals

    Baek, Seung-Hwan   Jeon, Daniel S.   Tong, Xin   Kim, Min H.  

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    Methods, systems, and devices are described herein for texture mapping. In one aspect, a method for applying texture to a model based on a plurality of images may include generating texture coordinates from a plurality of images, wherein the texture coordinates include a plurality of points corresponding to pixels in the plurality of images. The method may include, for at least one of the plurality of points, obtaining first color information from a corresponding pixel of a first image, obtaining second color information from the corresponding pixel of a second image, and combining the first and second color information based on a number of neighboring pixels associated with each of the first image and the second image. The method may further include applying the combined color information to the corresponding point of the texture coordinates to generate a texture atlas for a model generated from the multiple images.
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    A method and device for processing an audio signal, which enhance front sound source characteristics in left and right channel output signals, thereby reducing the possibility that a user incorrectly judges a front sound source to be from the rear side. The method comprises: receiving a left input channel signal, a middle channel signal and a right input channel signal, which are acquired by binaural audio acquisition equipment; determining a sound source azimuth angle between a sound source and a head mould of the binaural audio acquisition equipment; convolving the middle channel signal with an exaggerated left ear head-related impulse response (HRIR) corresponding to the sound source azimuth angle, thereby acquiring an auxiliary left channel signal; convolving the middle channel signal with an exaggerated right ear HRIR corresponding to the sound source azimuth angle, thereby obtaining an auxiliary right channel signal; and acquiring a left output channel signal by utilizing the left input channel signal and the auxiliary left channel signal, and obtaining a right output channel signal by utilizing the right input channel signal and the auxiliary right channel signal.
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  • Habitat fragmentation alters predator satiation of acorns

    Tong, Xin   Zhang, Yu-Xuan   Wang, Rong   Inbar, Moshe   Chen, Xiao-Yong  

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