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  • The time-dependent pickup and delivery problem with time windows

    Sun Peng   Veelenturf Lucas P.   Hewitt Mike   Van Woensel Tom  

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  • Decoupling Design and Verification of a Free-Piston Linear Generator

    Sun Peng   Zhang Chi   Chen Jinhua   Zhao Fei   Liao Youyong   Yang Guilin   Chen Chinyin  

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  • HPV16 E6 Controls the Gap Junction Protein Cx43 in Cervical Tumour Cells

    Sun Peng   Dong Li   MacDonald Alasdair   Akbari Shahrzad   Edward Michael   Hodgins Malcolm   Johnstone Scott   Graham Sheila  

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  • Acceptance of the 2013 Shen-su Sun Award by Peng Peng

    Peng   Peng  

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  • An Adaptive Back-Off Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks

    Sun Peng   Li Guangming   Wang Fuqiang  

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  • Citation for presentation of the 2013 Shen-su Sun Award to Peng Peng

    Sun   Weidong  

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    The present application provides a method and a device for preventing apparent death of a window, and relates to the field of computer technology. The method comprises: when a child window is created by a thread, a middle window is firstly created in a thread different from the thread on which each child window of a window system is positioned, wherein the middle window is the parent window of the current created child window, and the parent window of the middle window is the frame parent window; the thread on which the current created child window is positioned differs from the thread on which the frame parent window is positioned; if a child window has the apparent death phenomenon, the apparent death message of the apparent death child window is sent to the thread on which the corresponding middle window is positioned; and the middle window and the apparent child window are separated from a window frame by the thread on which the middle window is positioned. By the present application, the middle window corresponding to the apparent death child window can be separated from the window system; the apparent death state of the integral window system caused by the apparent death of the child window is avoided; and the apparent death problem of the integral window system caused by the apparent death of the child window in the windows system of the Windows is solved.
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  • MicroRNA-1225-5p acts as a tumor-suppressor in laryngeal cancer via targeting CDC14B

    Sun Peng   Zhang Dan   Huang Haiping   Yu Yafeng   Yang Zhendong   Niu Yuyu   Liu Jisheng  

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  • Accurate integral cross sections for the H?+?CO 2 ?→?OH?+?CO reaction

    Sun Peng   Chen Jun   Liu Shu   Zhang Dong H.  

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  • 利用电解锰渣制备As(Ⅲ)吸附材料及其性能研究

    SUN Yan   LAN Jirong   GUO Li   SUN Peng   YE Hengpeng   DU Dongyun   ZHAN Wei  

    通过对工业废弃物电解锰渣(electrolytic manganese residues, EMRs)进行改性制备As (Ⅲ)吸附材料(改性EMRs),探究了NaOH用量、超声及微波对其表面结构及吸附性能的影响.结果表明:该工业废渣在固液比M(EMRs)∶V(NaOH, aq)=1∶10(CNaOH,aq=2.0 mol·L-1)条件下,经超声反应(200 W) 2 h脱除大部分Si、S、Ca后,再微波(700 W)反应5 min以使Fe、Mn等活性吸附基团在其表面沉积,最后经105℃烘干制得改性EMRs.SEM结果表明,EMRs改性后表面形成片层纳米结构,对砷具有良好的吸附性能,可将初始As (Ⅲ)浓度为50 mg·L-1废水出水中砷降至0.042 mg·L-1,符合国家地表水环境质量标准Ⅰ类水质量要求(GB 3838—2002);同时,经3% NaOH溶液再生处理后可继续使用.XPS结果表明,改性EMRs吸附砷性能与其表面Fe3O4、FeOOH、MnO2等对As (Ⅲ)具有吸附作用或氧化作用的活性物种的增多密切相关.
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  • Transcellular Delivery of Messenger RNA Payloads by Cationic Supramolecular MOF Platform

    Sun Peng   Li Zhen   Wang Jingyun   Gao Hui   Yang Xi   Wu Sudong   Liu Deqiang   Chen Qixian  

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  • MDM4 contributes to the increased risk of glioma susceptibility in Han Chinese population

    Sun Peng   Yan Feng   Fang Wei   Zhao Junjie   Chen Hu   Ma Xudong   Song Jinning  

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    Disclosed are a sandbox technology based webpage browsing method and device. The method comprises: upon receiving an instruction for webpage browsing in a sandbox, starting a framework process outside the sandbox, so that an operation incurred in the framework process is processed outside the sandbox; intercepting a browser process created by the framework process, and putting the browser process into the sandbox, so that a webpage access result is saved in a specified directory in the sandbox and/or the script in the webpage is run in a virtual environment of the sandbox. The present invention not only ensures convenience of user operations, but also meets webpage access security requirements.
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  • Heterodyne multi-frequency method for 3D profile measurement

    Lou Xiaoping   Lv Naiguang   Sun Peng   Duan Fengxia   Lin Yimin  

    A binocular structured light measurement system using heterodyne multi-frequency method is researched in this paper. Three steps must be done to recover 3D profile information: cameras calibration; points matching; 3D information reconstruction. The intrinsic and extrinsic parameters of cameras are calibrated by Zhengyou Zhan's method([1]). Stereo vision model is the basic rule of 3D recovering. Techniques of phase shift and heterodyne multi-frequency are used to aid points matching. Some coded digital fringes are projected to the free-form surfaces and corresponding images are captured by two cameras simultaneously. The wrapped phase map is obtained through four-step phase shift. In a single cycle, phase value is calculated using arctangent function and it is between -pi and pi. The heterodyne multi-frequency method is applied to get the absolute phase map. When the number of frequencies is changed from 2 to 3, or 4, the unwrapping accuracy and matching results are improved. The processing theory and experimental results are illustrated and analyzed. The experimental results show that accurate and reliable phase result can be obtained on phase map boundaries and break points, which proves its feasibility in industrial situations.
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  • NBTI and Power Reduction Using an Input Vector Control and Supply Voltage Assignment Method

    Sun Peng   Yang Zhiming   Yu Yang   Li Junbao   Peng Xiyuan  

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  • The Shock Pulse Index and Its Application in the Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Element Bearings

    Sun Peng   Liao Yuhe   Lin Jin  

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