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  • A review of loop heat pipes for aircraft anti-icing applications

    Su, Qian   Chang, Shinan   Zhao, Yuanyuan   Zheng, Haikun   Dang, Chaobin  

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    Su, Qian   Yu, Bin   He, Haiyan   Zhang, Qing   Meng, Ge   Wu, Hongmei   Du, Huanmin   Liu, Li   Shi, Hongbin   Xia, Yang   Guo, Xiaoyan   Liu, Xing   Li, Chunlei   Bao, Xue   Gu, Yeqing   Fang, Liyun   Yu, Fei   Yang, Huijun   Sun, Shaomei   Wang, Xing   Zhou, Ming   Jia, Qiyu   Zhao, Honglin   Song, Kun   Niu, Kaijun  

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  • The Load Carrying Mechanism of Plate-Chair Type Retaining Structure

    Su, Qian   Zhang, Jian   Zhao, Wen Hui   Zhang, Li Cai  

    The plate-chair type retaining structure, which developed from h type anti-slide pile, has the characteristics of high stiffness and small deformations, and is suitable for subgrade retaining engineering on high slopes. The difficulty is that the landslide thrust distribution is not clear and the action of soil between the front and back row piles is not definite. First, a theoretical method of calculating the earth pressure acting on the structure is presented based on analyzing its carrying mechanism. Then an example is analyzed using the method. Finally, on the base of constructing a three-dimensional numerical simulation model of soil-structure interaction using ABAQUS, a validation and comparison between the theoretical calculation and numerical simulation is carried out. The result shows that the method is simple, safer, suitable for designing and can be used in the similar engineering.
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  • An Overview of Foreign Matter Invasion Systems for High Speed Railways

    Su, Qian   Jiang, Wei   Zhang, Xiao Xi   Li, Yu Jie   Yang, Ling Ling  

    foreign matter invasion is a disastrous hazard regarding the safety and stability of high speed railway. Considering the fact that foreign matter invasion forecast is not matured yet,development of foreign matter invasion warning system is a very important countermeasure for foreign matter invasion disaster mitigation. Basic principles of the foreign matter invasion warning system and its application to railways are presented. The state-of-the-art of the foreign matter invasion warning systems for high speed railways around the world is introduced. Main points in development of the foreign matter invasion warning system for high speed railways are discussed, including layout of monitoring stations and monitoring means selection, with particular attention paid to railway safety operations. The present review is expected to be of significance to the development of the early warning system for high-speed railways in China.
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  • Measurement of Oil–Water Two-Phase Flow Phase Fraction With Ultrasound Attenuation

    Su, Qian   Tan, Chao   Dong, Feng  

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  • Dynamic Response of Pile-Board Subgrade Based on Large Scale Model Test

    Su, Qian   Li, Xing   Bai, Hao  

    A series of tests based on large scale model are designed to study dynamic response of pile-broad subgrade, aiming at structure’s response towards different load frequency and structure’s performance under long-term dynamic load. The test results indicate that dynamic stress of reinforcement and soil decrease slightly with load frequency, while accelerations trend to increase. Soil under loading plate has certain supporting effect because stress of reinforcement is smaller in test group with soil remains. Performance of pile-board subgrade under long-term dynamic load is steady and reliable since none of stress and displacement varies obviously when loading times increase to 106. Ultimate bearing capacity of pile-board subgrade is much bigger than actual demand, so the structural type of pile-broad plate remains to be optimized.
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  • Study the Effect of Background Music on Cognitive Memory

    Su, Qian   Wang, Fei  

    This paper studied on the relationship between cognitive memory and background music by 2 x 3 two-factor variables experiment. According to the habit whether the testees are used to listenning to background music, the author divided them into two groups. When the subjects are arranged in three different kinds of music scenes, the impact of different background music on testees’ cognitive memory differed. The results show that pure pop music disturbs all the two groups, that pure soft music improves the people who are used to background music but hinders the ones who are not, and that there is no significant difference between group under no music condition.
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  • CRBT customer churn prediction: can data mining techniques work?

    Su, Qian   Shao, PeiJi   Zou, Tao  

    Coloring Ring Back Tone (CRBT) is one of the most successful Value-added (VAD) services in China telecommunication operators. Under fierce competition conditions, CRBT customer churn has significantly decreased the profits of operators. Thus churn management has become a major focus to retain subscribers via satisfying their needs under resource constraints. One of the challenges is that churn prediction specific to this business is not available in existing literature. Through empirical evaluation, this study analyse the features of CRBT, compare various data mining techniques that can assign a 'propensity to churn' to each CRBT subscriber. The results indicate that our models can achieve satisfactory prediction effectiveness by using customer demographics, billing and service usage information. At the same time, we find some new symptoms different from existing telecom churn literature, and try to explain them, and point out which predictors are needed to intensively monitor by telecom operators.
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    A selective plating device (1) and a selective plating die (30) thereof. The selective plating die (30) comprises a roller-shaped die body (31). Plating holes (310) are formed in the roller-shaped die body (31). The selective plating die (30) also comprises a linkage mechanism connected to the die body (31), and the linkage mechanism is used for linking the die body (31) with a drive mechanism (20), so that the die body (31) can rotate around the center axis of the die body along with the drive mechanism (20). Because the selective plating die (30) is provided with the linkage mechanism connected to the drive mechanism (20), the selective plating die (30) can actively rotate under the drive of the drive mechanism (20), the plating efficiency can be improved, the defect-free rate in plating is improved, the service life of the die is prolonged, and an adjustment process of the plating die is simplified.
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  • The Stability Monitoring of High Fill Soggy Railway Embankment in Chongqing Steel Plant

    Su, Qian   Yao, Jun Kai   Hao, Jia   Sun, Wen  

    Based on the special section of high fill soggy embankment in Chongqing Steel Plant Railway, we successfully implemented high fill soggy embankment's dynamic stability monitoring by laying high precision measuring instruments inside the embankment. This stability monitoring reveals the changes and rules of the lateral horizontal displacement, layered settlement, internal stress of this particular form of embankment and provides references for designing and construction for high fill soggy embankment in mountainous area.
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  • Experimental Study on the Effect of Water on the Properties of Cast In Situ Foamed Concrete

    Zhao, Wenhui   Su, Qian   Wang, Wubin   Niu, Lele   Liu, Ting  

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  • Quantum Secret Sharing Based on Chinese Remainder Theorem

    Su, Qian   Shi, Rong-Hua   Guo, Ying   Lee, Moon Ho  

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  • The complete mitochondrial genome sequence of a wild forest musk deer (Moschus berezovskii)

    Su, Qian   Yao, Yongfang   Li, Diyan   Xu, Huaming   Wu, Jiayun   Wen, Anxiang   Xie, Meng   Ni, Qingyong   Zhang, Mingwang   Xu, Huailiang  

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  • Design and Realization of Checking System for Subgrade Settlement of Chengdu-Guanxian Line

    Su, Qian   Jiang, Wei   Li, Yu Jie  

    This paper establishes checking system for subgrade settlement of high-speed railway aiming at technical requirements of analysis and evaluation for subgrade settlement of Chengdu-Guanxian line during operation period. The system starts from design theory of subgrade settlement checking software in the high-speed railway, and elaborates the concept of vertical curve radius in order to determine the value of the security checking indicators. It combines a variety of functions, such as the data management of settlement observation, settlement analysis and prediction, data reports automatically the same time, the system is full-featured, friendly interface and easy extension. Engineering practice shows that the system has a good applicability and stability for the settlement deformation assessment. It provides a platform for information management and scientific decision-making of settlement assessment.
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    A coarse positioning structure used for a mounting member (3) and a mounted member (1), and a washing machine, for resolving a problem of a large error arising upon performing coarse positioning matching between a mounted member (1) and a mounting member (3). The coarse positioning structure comprises an engaging hook (2) on the mounted member (1) and an engaging hole (31) on the mounting member (3). A fastening block (4), fixedly connecting the engaging hook (2) and the engaging hole (31), is disposed on at least a side surface of the engaging hook (2). The washing machine comprises the coarse positioning structure used for the mounting member (3) and the mounted member (1). The fastening block (4) disposed on the engaging hook (2) fixedly connects the engaging hook (2) and the engaging hole (31), such that the gap between the engaging hook (2) and the engaging hole (31) becomes small, further reducing the range of action of the mounted member (1), increasing the precision of the coarse positioning match between the mounted member (1) and the mounting member (3).
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  • The analysis on the determinants of mobile VIP customer churn: a logistic regression approach

    Su, Qian   Shao, Peiji   Ye, Quanfu  

    According to 20/80 principle, retaining VIP customers is one of the most critical challenges in the maturing mobile telecommunications service market. However, there are little literatures to explain why the VIP customers churn. Using mobile VIP customers' huge transaction and billing database, this study investigates determinants of mobile VIP customer churn. The results indicate that the switching cost: virtual private mobile network (VPMN) and family package are the most important factors in VIP customers churn. However, some marketing tools on ordinary users such as accumulated loyalty points, terminal bound contract do not work on VIP customers, which raise the questions about this marketing programme effectiveness. This study provides implications for the competition policies of mobile telephony market.
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