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  • Performance estimation of sub-30 nm junctionless tunnel FET (JLTFET)

    Punyasloka Bal   M. W. Akram   Partha Mondal…  

    In this paper we examined the short channel behavior of junction less tunnel field effect transistor (JLTFET) and a comparison was made with the conventional MOSFET on the basis of variability of device parameter. The JLTFET is a heavily doped junctionless transistor which uses the concept of tunneling, by narrowing the barrier between source and channel of the device, to turn the device ON and OFF. The JLTFET exhibits an improved subthreshold slope (SS) of 24 mV/decade and drain-induced barrier lowering (DIBL) of 38 mV/V as compared to SS of 73 mV/decade and DIBL of 98 mV/V for the conventional MOSFET. The simulation result shows that the impact of length scaling on threshold voltage for JLTFET is very less as compared to MOSFET. Even a JLTFET with gate length of 10 nm has better SS than MOSFET with gate length of 25 nm, which enlightens the superior electrostatic integrity and better scalability of JLTFET over MOSFET.
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