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  • Le sport, un objet culturel ?

    Petit, Laetitia  

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  • Dimensions of adolescent transference and therapeutic indications

    Petit, Laetitia   Rassial, Jean-Jacques   Delaroche, Patrick  

    This article consists of a discussion on therapeutic indications for psychoanalytic tools (psychoanalysis, psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy, or individual psychoanalytic psychodrama) during the crisis of adolescence. These types of tools are among the options for treatment, limited by difficulties in the management of transference when a given adolescent is going through a period of lability of pathological manifestations. Preliminary interviews are thus essential for evaluating such an indication, which will be decisive, but will nevertheless remain temporarily dependent on the adolescent's own transferential engagement.
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  • Dimensions du transfert adolescent et indications thérapeutiques

    Petit, Laetitia   Rassial, Jean-Jacques   Delaroche, Patrick  

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  • Evaluation of a multiplex PCR assay as an alternative method for Listeria monocytogenes serotyping

    Kerouanton, Annaelle   Marault, Muriel   Petit, Laetitia   Grout, Joel   Dao, Trinh Tam   Brisabois, Anne  

    Listeria monocytogenes serotyping is commonly used as the first level of characterisation in the epidemiological surveillance of food and clinical isolates and is therefore widely accepted. The aim of this study was to define a scheme for multiplex molecular serotyping of L monocytogenes based on a previously described PCR assay and then to evaluate and compare this new procedure with conventional serotyping by agglutination. The study included 1204 Listeria strains collected from food products in France, from March 2005 to October 2006. Two multiplex PCR assays were designed to cluster L monocytogenes strains into five molecular serogroups: IIa, IIb, IIc, IVa, IVb in agreement with the most commonly encountered serotypes. Amplification of the prfA gene was added to the multiplex PCR to check for L monocytogenes species; forty-eight (4%) of the isolates tested belonged to the genus Listeria but were not L monocytogenes. Using this first multiplex PCR, the concordance between conventional and molecular methods was 90.6%, 97.8%, 100% and 100%, for 1/2a, 1/2c, 1/2b and 4b serotypes respectively. False results were observed for some atypical 1/2a, 3a and 1/2c strains. Therefore, this lack of specificity was resolved by using an additional PCR assay based on amplification of the flaA gene, a specific target of 1/2a and 3a strains. When applying the second PCR assay to IIa and IIc molecular serogroup strains, total agreement was obtained between molecular and conventional serotyping methods with a lower level of discrimination for the molecular one. This study proposes to define a strategy for molecular serotyping using both PCR assays: a multiplex and the flaA PCR in order to assign the atypical 1/2a, 3a and 1/2c strains. Moreover, prs gene detection was added for Listeria genus recognition as a positive control in association with flaA detection. Indeed, this molecular serotyping scheme could be considered as a useful and rapid method for first-level characterisation of the most frequently encountered L monocytogenes serotypes. (C) 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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  • Clostridium perfringens: Toxinotype and genotype

    Petit, Laetitia   Gibert, Maryse   Popoff, Michel R.  

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