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  • Pulse Retiming Based on XPM Using Parabolic Pulses Formed in a Fiber Bragg Grating

    Parmigiani, F.   Petropoulos, P.   Ibsen, M.   Richardson, D.J.  

    We experimentally demonstrate a novel all-optical all-fiberized pulse retiming scheme incorporating parabolic pulses generated in a linear fashion through pulse shaping in a superstructured fiber Bragg grating. The scheme relies on chirping the signal to be retimed using cross-phase modulation with the broader parabolic clock pulses, and subsequently retiming it through linear propagation in a dispersive medium. We demonstrate the cancellation of up to 4-ps root-mean-square timing jitter for$sim$2-ps data.
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  • All-optical real-time OFDM transmitter and receiver

    Freude, W.   Hillerkuss, D.   Schellinger, T.   Schmogrow, R.   Winter, M.   Vallaitis, T.   Bonk, R.   Marculescu, A.   Li, J.   Dreschmann, M.   Meyer, J.   Ben Ezra, S.   Caspi, M.   Nebendahl, B.   Parmigiani, F.   Petropoulos, P.   Resan, B.   Oehler, A.   Weingarten, K.   Ellermeyer, T.   Lutz, J.   Moller, M.   Huebner, M.   Becker, J.   Koos, C.   Leuthold, J.  

    OFDM has emerged as a promising modulation technique in long-haul and access optical networks. The computational complexity of the format can be met with powerful digital signal processors; and especially by exploiting all-optical signal processing.
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  • Self-Phase Modulation-based 2R optical regenerator for the simultaneous processing of two WDM channels

    Provost, L.   Parmigiani, F.   Finot, C.   Petropoulos, P.   Richardson, D.J.  

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  • A direct assessment of the performance of pulse shaping superstructured fiber gratings using an optical sampling oscilloscope

    Parmigiani, F.   Petropoulos, P.   Almeida, P.   Ibsen, M.   Lee, J.   Richardson, D.  

    An optical sampling oscilloscope is used to characterize short pulses which have been shaped using superstructured FBGs. The performance of square-pulse-generating and pulse-multiplying gratings are examined directly in real time, with a resolution of 2ps, excellent pulse quality is confirmed.
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