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  • Prediction of the State of Dynamic Systems Based on Measurement Data

    Novoselov, O. N.   Gufeld, I. L.  

    A mathematical method is proposed for predicting the state of a dynamic system based on arriving measurement data. This method is based on early detection of the hidden evolution of the system and its transition to an extreme state by evaluating the stability and catastrophic states of the system with each new measurement. The method is illustrated by an example of predicting an earthquake in Kamchatka and the period during which it is hazardous.
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  • General Properties of Dynamical Systems: From Measurement to Equation

    Novoselov, O. N.  

    We establish properties common to dynamical systems of various types using their mathematical description by state evolution difference equations which are constructed and corrected according to measurement results.
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  • Evaluation of external effects on the state of dynamic objects

    Novoselov, O. N.  

    A method is presented for analyzing external effects on the state of a dynamic object identified by an equation for the evolution of its state. One important application is the development of stabilizing influences on natural objects for disaster prevention.
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  • The reflection of geodynamic processes in local geoacoustic emissions

    Gufeld, I. L.   Korol'kov, A. V.   Novoselov, O. N.   Khrulev, E. N.  

    This paper is concerned with the correlation of fast local processes that generate geoacoustic emissions and the regional character of excitation in the geologic medium prior to large earthquakes. It is shown that this comparison is possible based on the unifying process of vertical energy transport due to the earth's degassing. For the first time here, we examine local geoacoustic characteristics by analyzing Poincare diagrams and developing difference equations that describe dynamic changes in the characteristics of acoustic emission sources. Based on this concept, and incorporating the continuity of geoacoustic emissions, we suggest a decompressional model of seismoacoustic noise and geoacoustic emissions as a component of the noise.
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  • Endogenous activity of the Earth and decompression model of seismic noise

    Gufeld, I. L.   Gavrilov, V. A.   Korol'kov, A. V.   Novoselov, O. N.  

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  • Trigger Effects of Seismotectonic Processes in a Dynamically Changing Geological Medium

    Gufeld, I. L.   Afanasyev, A. V.   Afanasyeva, V. V.   Novoselov, O. N.  

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  • O(N) and O(N) and O(N)

    Gubser, Steven S.; Jepsen, Christian; Parikh, Sarthak; Trundy, Brian  

    Three related analyses of phi(4) theory with O(N) symmetry are presented. In the first, we review the O(N) model over the p-adic numbers and the discrete renormalization group transformations which can be understood as spin blocking in an ultrametric context. We demonstrate the existence of a Wilson-Fisher fixed point using an epsilon expansion, and we show how to obtain leading order results for the anomalous dimensions of low dimension operators near the fixed point. Along the way, we note an important aspect of ultrametric field theories, which is a non-renormalization theorem for kinetic terms. In the second analysis, we employ large N methods to establish formulas for anomalous dimensions which are valid equally for field theories over the p-adic numbers and field theories on R-n. Results for anomalous dimensions agree between the first and second analyses when they can be meaningfully compared. In the third analysis, we consider higher derivative versions of the O(N) model on R-n, the simplest of which has been studied in connection with spatially modulated phases. Our general formula for anomalous dimensions can still be applied. Analogies with two-derivative theories hint at the existence of some interesting unconventional field theories in four real Euclidean dimensions.
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  • O(N) and O(N) and O(N)

    Gubser, Steven S.   Jepsen, Christian   Parikh, Sarthak   Trundy, Brian  

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    Bagarollo, Maria Fernanda   Oliveira, Eva Cristina  

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  • Ventila??o n?o invasiva após a extuba??o

    Prat, Dominique   Trouiller, Pierre   Sztrymf, Benjamin  

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  • N o 109 - Hystérectomie

    Lefebvre Guylaine   Allaire Catherine   Jeffrey John   Vilos George  

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  • O que n?o mata engorda!

    Magalh?es, Pedro   Bettencourt, Nuno   Sampaio, Francisco   Carvalho, Sofia   Moreira, José Ilídio   Gama, Vasco  

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  • N o 238 - Hystérectomie supracervicale

    Kives Sari   Lefebvre Guylaine  

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  • N o 249-épaississement endométrial asymptomatique

    Wolfman   Wendy  

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  • Orthodoxy and Modernity (O  o o i  & N       o    )

    Pantelopoulos, N.  

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  • ,N,O) alloys

    Schuler, Thomas   Nastar, Maylise   Soisson, Frédéric  

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