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  • Super Water-Repellent Cellulose Acetate Mats

    Mikaeili Fateh   Gouma Pelagia I.  

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  • Aligned wet-electrospun starch fiber mats

    Wang, Hui   Kong, Lingyan   Ziegler, Gregory R.  

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  • Wet Relaxation of Electrospun Nanofiber Mats

    Grothe, Timo   Sabantina, Lilia   Klöcker, Michaela   Junger, Irén   Döpke, Christoph   Ehrmann, Andrea  

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  • Daily rhythmicity in coastal microbial mats

    H?rnlein Christine   Confurius-Guns Veronique   Stal Lucas J.   Bolhuis Henk  

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    The invention relates to a device for water conduction in a ground surface, comprising a nonwoven layer that can be inserted into the ground (6), which has at least one conduit strand (4) provided with passage openings (5) for water guidance. In order to create advantageous construction conditions, according to the invention, the nonwoven layer forms a grid (1) made of intersecting arrays of grid strands, and comprises a nonwoven web (3) extending along the conduit strand (4), and at least one array of the grid strands formed of nonwoven strips (2) adjoins the nonwoven web (3).
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  • Maskless Arrayed Nanofiber Mats by Bipolar Pyroelectrospinning

    Rega, Romina   Gennari, Oriella   Mecozzi, Laura   Pagliarulo, Vito   Bramanti, Alessia   Ferraro, Pietro   Grilli, Simonetta  

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  • Analysis and Design of Cross-Laminated Timber Mats

    Mahamid, Mustafa; Torra-Bilal, Ines  

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  • Evaluating service users’ experiences using Talking Mats?

    Stewart, Kitty   Bradshaw, Jill   Beadle-Brown, Julie   McGill, Peter   McGill, Peter  

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  • Industrial mats having side protection

    An industrial mat that has a support core configured and arranged to support other components of the mat; and upper and lower layers that provide upper and lower surfaces of the mat and that protect the support core. The support core includes a frame of longitudinal side members, end members and cross members each of which is made of steel or a thermosetting plastic material. The frame can include wood, plastic or elastomeric internal members or materials to fill internal open areas of the frame, with the upper and lower layers and the sides and ends of the frame retaining the internal members or materials therein. The mat preferably includes lifting elements of D-shaped rings, O-shaped rings, chains, or cables attached to the upper or lower layer or the support core to provide certified overhead lifting of the mat for installation and reclamation thereof.
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  • Electrospun conductive mats from PANi-ionic liquid blends

    Savest, Natalja; Plamus, Tiia; Kütt, Kertu; Kallavus, Urve; Viirsalu, Mihkel; Tarasova, Elvira; Vassiljeva, Viktoria; Krasnou, Illia; Krumme, Andres  

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  • Magnetic Nanofiber Mats for Data Storage and Transfer

    Döpke, Christoph   Grothe, Timo   Steblinski, Pawel   Klöcker, Michaela   Sabantina, Lilia   Kosmalska, Dorota   Blachowicz, Tomasz   Ehrmann, Andrea  

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  • Self-woven nanofibrillar PEDOT mats for impact-resistant supercapacitors

    Wang, Hongmin   Santino, Luciano M.   Rubin, Micah   Diao, Yifan   Lu, Yang   D'Arcy, Julio M.  

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    A floor mat hanger (10) includes a hanger body (12) having a hanger aperture (20) for receiving a support member, and a hook member (14) selectively attachable to the hanger body (12) through the hanger aperture (20). The hook member (14) is selectively movable to and between a first configuration, wherein the hook portion (22) is spaced from the hanger body (12) to facilitate hanging the hanger body (12) from an external support structure, and a second configuration wherein the hook portion (22) is positioned adjacent the hanger body (1 2) in a compact arrangement. The floor mat hanger (10) may further include at least one post (16) configured to support a floor mat thereon, and locking structure (18) associated with the at least one post (1 6) to prevent a floor mat from being removed from the post (16).
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  • Floor mats for automobile

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  • Industrial mats with lifting elements

    An industrial mat having a supporting structure; an upper layer provided above the supporting structure for forming an upper surface of the mat, a lower layer provided below the supporting structure for providing a lower surface of the mat; and lifting elements attached to the upper layer, the lower layer or the supporting structure. The lifting elements include D-shaped members, O-shaped members, U-shaped members, eyelets, hooks, circular or polygonal rings, chains, or cables that are configured and dimensioned for attachment to attached to the supporting structure or the upper or lower layer with sufficient strength to provide certified overhead lifting of the mat for installation and reclamation thereof.
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  • Electrospinning and stabilization of chitosan nanofiber mats

    Grimmelsmann, N   Grothe, T   Homburg, S V   Ehrmann, A  

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