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  • Increasing Foreign Banks' Presence through M&As: The Case of Turkey


    Turkey had been a closed economy until the beginning of 1980s. However, this changed once the government adopted liberalization and de-regulation programs at that time. Decreasing entry barriers and approved foreign ownership in the banking sector naturally triggered more foreign bank entry in the coming years. This trend got changed in nature especially after the currency crisis of 2001. Recovering from the crisis stronger with a growing economy, Turkish banking sector with its technologically advanced banks evoked the appetite of foreign counterparts that mostly chose the entry method of M&As. This created the empirical fact that while the number of foreign banks have been increasing, the number of (local) private banks have been decreasing due to these acquisitions in the decade of 2000s. This paper presents data for the mentioned result together with the review of Turkish banking sector starting from 1980s. The paper also examines the major deals that were realized in the last decade and tries to understand the reasons of increased foreign bank presence by outlining the 'pull factors' of the Turkish economy.
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  • Antecedents of Financing Decisions in European M&As

    Standaert, Jonas O. G.; De Maeseneire, Wouter; Luypaert, Mathieu  

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  • A Unified Theory of Forward- and Backward-looking M&As and Divestitures

    Qing Ma   Susheng Wang  

    This paper presents a unified theory of forward- and backward-looking M&As and divestitures. An M&A today may be a cause for a divestiture in the future; conversely a divesti- ture today may be a consequence of an M&A in the past. Hence, a decision on an M&A today should consider a possible divestiture in the future, and a planned divestiture in the future may be dependent on today's decisions. M&As and divestitures are not only two sides of the same coin, they are also causes and consequences of each other. In this paper, in a two-period model, two firms consider integrating or separating in each period. We analyze forward- and backward-looking M&As and divestitures, and compare them with static M&As and divesti- tures.
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  • Material Adverse Change (Lessons from Failed M&As) || About the Author

    Stefanowski, Robert V.  

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  • Antecedents of Financing Decisions in European M&As

    Standaert, Jonas O. G.   De Maeseneire, Wouter   Luypaert, Mathieu  

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  • Iron oxide-filled micelles as ligands for fac-[M(CO)(3)](+) (M=Tc-99m, Re)

    Gomez Blanco, Nina   Jauregui-Osoro, Maite   Cobaleda-Siles, Macarena   Maldonado, Carmen R.   Henriksen-Lacey, Malou   Padro, Daniel   Clark, Stephen   Mareque-Rivas, Juan C.  

    Magnetite-filled micelles capture fac-[M(OH2)(3)(CO)(3)](+) complexes (M = Tc-99m, Re), creating versatile self-assembled constructs for multimodal SPECT/MR/optical imaging and radiopharmaceutical guided delivery.
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  • Corporate Governance and Risk-Taking: Evidence from M&As

    Hegde, Shantaram P.; Mishra, Dev R.  

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  • The impact of European Commission merger regulation on US domestic M&As

    Shreesh Deshpande   Marko Svetina   Pengcheng Zhu  

    Highlights • Economic nationalism. • European Commission (EC) merger regulation. • Global analysis of shareholder wealth impacts. • US domestic acquirer and target firms. • European Union and Rest of World rival firms. Abstract We study the wealth effects of the European Commission’s (EC) merger regulation on the shareholders of the acquiring and target firms in US domestic mergers, as well as their international rivals. We find that regulatory investigation and oversight by the EC in purely domestic US mergers engendered a significant financial cost to the merger deals. Over the 1990–2010 sample period, the combined firms (acquirer and target) in the average deal in our sample lost about $8 billion in shareholder value. Rival firms in the US, EU countries, and other international markets were also financially penalized by EC intervention. Our results provide evidence of the negative impact of extraterritorial regulatory intervention (“economic nationalism”) in the mergers and acquisitions market.
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  • New Geography of M&As: A Framing Device of Firms\" Strategies

    Caiazza, Rosa   Very, Philippe   Ferrara, Graziella  

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  • CVm6A: A Visualization and Exploration Database for m(6)As in Cell Lines

    Han, Yujing   Feng, Jing   Xia, Linjian   Dong, Xin   Zhang, Xinyang   Zhang, Shihan   Miao, Yuqi   Xu, Qidi   Xiao, Shan   Zuo, Zhixiang   Xia, Laixin   He, Chunjiang  

    N6-methyladenosine (m(6)A) has been identified in various biological processes and plays important regulatory functions in diverse cells. However, there is still no visualization database for exploring global m(6)A patterns across cell lines. Here we collected all available MeRIP-Seq and m(6)A-CLIP-Seq datasets from public databases and identified 340,950 and 179,201 m(6)A peaks dependent on 23 human and eight mouse cell lines respectively. Those m(6)A peaks were further classified into mRNA and lncRNA groups. To better understand the potential function of m(6)A, we then mapped m(6)A peaks in different subcellular components and gene regions. Among those human m(6)A modification, 190,050 and 150,900 peaks were identified in cancer and non-cancer cells, respectively. Finally, all results were integrated and imported into a visualized cell-dependent m(6)A database CVm6A. We believe the specificity of CVm6A could significantly contribute to the research for the function and regulation of cell-dependent m(6)A modification in disease and development.
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  • Are Market Reactions to M&As Biased by Overextrapolation of Salient News?

    Fich, Eliezer M.   Xu, Guosong  

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  • Are Market Reactions to M&As Biased by Overextrapolation of Salient News?

    Fich, Eliezer M.; Xu, Guosong  

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  • U.S. bank M&As in the post-Dodd-Frank Act era: Do they create value?

    Leledakis, George N.; Pyrgiotakis, Emmanouil G.  

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  • European market integration through technology-driven M&As

    Frey, Rainer   Hussinger, Katrin  

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  • Strategies for M&As: when is acquisition the right mode to grow?

    Capron   Laurence  

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  • The Doors of Melody: The Iraqi Maqām as a Tradition of Process

    Garvey, Bradford J.  

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