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    A method and apparatus for processing audio data of a sound field, the method comprising: acquiring audio data of a sound field; based on a pre-set restoration algorithm, processing the audio data so as to extract audio data information, about the sound field, carried by the audio data; acquiring motion information about a target; and based on a pre-set processing algorithm and according to the audio data information and the motion information about the target, generating target-based sound field audio data.
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    Provided is a pixel driving circuit. The pixel driving circuit comprises: a pixel compensation circuit, comprising a driving transistor and an initialization transistor, wherein the driving transistor is used for driving a light-emitting device in a pixel, a first pole of the initialization transistor is connected to an initialization signal terminal so as to receive an initialization signal, and a second pole of the initialization transistor is connected to a control electrode of the driving transistor; a signal input sub-circuit connected between a reset signal terminal and a control electrode of the initialization transistor, wherein the signal input sub-circuit is used for selectively providing, under the control of a reset signal received from the reset signal terminal, the reset signal to the control electrode of the initialization transistor; and an electric leakage suppression sub-circuit respectively connected to an electric leakage control signal terminal and the control electrode of the initialization transistor, wherein the electric leakage suppression sub-circuit is configured in such a manner that: the electric leakage suppression sub-circuit is charged or discharged by means of an electric leakage control signal received from the electric leakage control signal terminal, and the initialization transistor is cut off by means of the charging or discharging.
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    Disclosed are a VR playing method, apparatus and system. When playing with a media playing device, a 3D spherical object is firstly created in a development environment, and a new map texture is then set up and a tinter option is created for the map material; after selecting a tint for the map texture, a multimedia panoramic material is acquired from the media playing device or an external storage device; the map texture and the multimedia panoramic material are loaded onto the surface of the 3D spherical object; and finally, a virtual camera component is arranged at the centre of the 3D spherical object, so as to pick up the content of the multimedia panoramic material and play same on the media playing device by controlling the angle of the virtual camera. The VR playing method of the present invention avoids a curved surface and incomplete displaying occurring during direct viewing. Furthermore, the cost of the VR experience is reduced by adjusting a pick-up angle to increase the visible area. A user does not need to wear anything, and no dizziness or fatigue will be caused by same.
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    The present invention provides a path selection method and apparatus, a device, and a computer storage medium. The method comprises: receiving path indication information; selecting a transmission path according to the path indication information, wherein the transmission path comprises at least one of a Uu transmission path and a Sidelink transmission path; and transmitting service data in a vehicle networking system over the selected transmission paths. The present invention resolves the problem in the related art of how a UE selects a transmission path for service transmission in a vehicle networking system.
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  • The RIF1-PP1 Axis Controls Abscission Timing in Human Cells

    Bhowmick, Rahul   Thakur, Roshan Singh   Venegas, Andrés Bueno   Liu, Ying   Nilsson, Jakob   Barisic, Marin   Hickson, Ian D.  

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  • A New Flavonol Glycoside from the Fruits of Cercidiphyllum japonicum

    Si, Chuan-Ling   Chen, Shilin   Li, Zijiang   Liu, Dan   Nie, Shuangxi   Liu, Ying   Sun, Lin   Zhang, Xiaoyi   Han, Shujun  

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  • A Low RCS and High Gain Patch Antenna Based on Holographic Metasurface

    Liu, Ying   Li, Na   Jia, Yongtao   Zhang, Wenbo   Zhou, Zhipeng  

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  • A review of breathable residential areas in Xi'an of China

    Zhen, Meng   Zhou, Dian   He, Yuanping   Yu, Chuck Wah   Liu, Ying   Dong, Qi  

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  • Genetic Dissection of Root System Architectural Traits in Spring Barley

    Jia, Zhongtao   Liu, Ying   Gruber, Benjamin D.   Neumann, Kerstin   Kilian, Benjamin   Graner, Andreas   von Wirén, Nicolaus  

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  • Computed tomographic features of adenoid cystic carcinoma in the palate

    Ju, Wu-tong   Zhao, Tong-chao   Liu, Ying   Tan, Yi-ran   Dong, Min-jun   Sun, Qi   Wang, Li-zhen   Li, Jiang   Zhong, Lai-ping  

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  • Comparing induced and non-induced rat brain microsomes from xenotech

    Liu, Ying   Huang, Jiansheng   Westland, Kevin   Hilgedick, Aaron   Helmstetter, Stephanie   Lulla, Mukesh   Johnson, Josh   Shadid, Mohammad  

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  • Prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency among children in southern china

    Guo, Yong   Ke, Hai-Jin   Liu, Ying   Fu, Min   Ning, Jing   Yu, Li   Xiao, Yu   Che, Di   Chen, Xiao-Yan   Deng, Yu-Hong   Wu, Jie-Ling  

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  • Low-Cost Flexible Strain Sensor Based on Thick CVD Graphene

    Chen, Bailiang   Liu, Ying   Wang, Guishan   Cheng, Xianzhe   Liu, Guanjun   Qiu, Jing   Lv, Kehong  

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  • Two-step sintering of M-type strontium ferrite with high coercivity

    Du, Jiao   Zhou, Tingchuan   Lian, Lixian   Liu, Ying   Du, Yibo  

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  • USP28 contributes to the proliferation and metastasis of gastric cancer

    Zhao, Li-Juan   Zhang, Ting   Feng, Xue-Jian   Chang, Jiao   Suo, Feng-Zhi   Ma, Jin-Lian   Liu, Ying-Jun   Liu, Ying   Zheng, Yi-Chao   Liu, Hong-Min  

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  • Biomimetic Dextran–Peptide Vectors for Efficient and Safe siRNA Delivery

    Qu, Xinjian   Hu, Yang   Wang, Huifeng   Song, Haiqing   Young, Megan   Xu, Fujian   Liu, Ying   Cheng, Gang  

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