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    A filter capable of removing mercury in high purity gas or aerosol comprises a cylindrical outer chamber (2) having an inlet pipe (3) and an outlet pipe (5) respectively at the two ends thereof, and multiple groups of stepped liners (1) and tapered outer casings (4) that are cooperatively mounted within the outer chamber (2). One stepped liner (1) is mounted between two adjacent tapered outer casings (4). Both step faces of the stepped liners (1) and step holes of the tapered outer casings (4) have gold coatings of 2-10 μm. A void channel (6) is formed between the step faces of the stepped liners (1) and the step holes of the tapered outer casings (4), and the inlet pipe (3) and the outlet pipe (5) are connected by the void channel (6). Gold amalgam is formed by means of absorption of mercury by the gold coating to realize the filtration of mercury, making possible analysis of ultralow quantities of lead isotope in a mineral, which is otherwise impossible in the current field of microanalysis. The invention is of great significance in the research of zircon dating and analysis of the composition of monomineralic lead isotope using the current laser ablation quadrupole plasma mass spectrometry and multi-collector plasma mass spectrometry techniques.
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    A wide-field, multi-scale and high-resolution microimaging system (100), and a wide-field and high-resolution microimaging method. The wide-field, multi-scale and high-resolution microimaging system (100) comprises a light source (200), a sample (300), a microimaging objective (400), a collection system (700), and a workstation (1000). The microimaging objective (400) is used for imaging the sample (300) irradiated by light beams emitted by the light source (200) to obtain a wide-field curved image plane (410); the collection system (700) comprises a collection lens array (800) used for collecting the curved image planes (410) field by field and a camera array (900) used for secondary imaging; the workstation (1000) analyzes the imaging overlapping fields obtained by collection and obtains a final multi-scale, wide-field and high-resolution image by means of field splicing. By means of the design of the object len (400) and the improvement of an imaging method, multi-scale and high-resolution observation of cells, tissues and organs is achieved while ensuring a wide field range.
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    The present disclosure provides a photovoltaic device comprising a copper-based light-absorbing material. The copper-based light-absorbing material is formed on an intermediate carbon layer arranged to reduce the formation of voids at the rear of the device and reduce minority carrier. In some instances, the carbon layer is a graphene layer. Embodiments are also directed to a tandem photovoltaic device comprising a top cell, having a copper-based light-absorbing material, and a bottom cell having an absorber material with a bandgap lower than the copper-based light-absorbing material. The top and the bottom cells are interconnected by an intermediate carbon layer.
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  • HJURP interacts with and specifies the centromeric assembly of CENP-T

    Ding, Mingrui   Jiang, Jiying   Yang, Fengrui   Zheng, Fan   Fang, Jingwen   Wang, Qian   Wang, Jiangyu   Yao, William W.   Liu, Xu   Gao, Xinjiao   Mullen, McKay   He, Ping   Rono, Cathy   Ding, Xia   Hong, Jingjun   Fu, Chuanhai   Liu, Xing   Yao, Xuebiao  

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  • A quantitative investigation of exit intension of public pickup points

    Xu, Jun-Jie   Liu, Xu  

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  • A novel oversampling scheme for design of hybrid filter bank based ADCs

    Liu, Xu   Zhao, Yingxiao  

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  • Indirect dynamics in SN2@N. Insight into the influence of central atom

    Liu, Xu   Zhao, Chenyang   Yang, Li   Zhang, Jiaxu   Sun, Rui  

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  • Optical alignment and tuning system for the HUST THz-FEL

    Liu, Xu   Liu, Kaifeng   Qin, Bin   Tan, Ping   Fu, Qiang   Wang, Wei   Pei, Yuanji  

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  • An Electrochemical Cinnamyl C‐H Amination Reaction Using Carbonyl Sulfamate

    Liu, Shuai   Li, Jin   Wang, Dalin   Liu, Feng   Liu, Xu   Gao, Yongyuan   Jie, Dai   Cheng, Xu  

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  • Nano-sized fibrils dispersed from bacterial cellulose grafted with chitosan

    Liu, Xu   Wang, Yang   Cheng, Zheng   Sheng, Jie   Yang, Rendang  

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  • Processing and photocatalyst activity of ion-doped V2O5 powders

    Liu, Xu   Ding, Shihua   Song, Tianxiu   Jiang, Xufeng   Peng, Xiaosong  

    Abstract The nanopowders of V2O5 and Mn-doped V2O5 were prepared by the sol–gel processing and characterized by X-ray diffraction. The photoactivity of the prepared catalyst V2O5 and Mn-doped V2O5 under UV irradiation were evaluated by degradation of methyl orange solution. The effect of pH of precursor for V2O5 and doping amount of Mn ions on photocatalytic activity were investigated. The pH value had affected the species of precursor and the crystal morphology. The minimum particle size could approach to 26.5 nm. The result showed the degradation rate of methyl orange could approach 62% at pH=6. While doped with Mn ions, Mn dopant can improve the photocatalytic activity of V2O5 powder. The appearance of the second phase Mn(VO3)2 is also beneficial to increase photocatalytic activity.
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    A touch display screen and a manufacturing method therefor, and a display device, which relate to the technical field of display and can alleviate or avoid the problem of non-uniformity in a display image caused by different transmittances of a touch electrode region and a lead region. The manufacturing method for the touch display screen comprises: forming touch electrodes (20) in an electrode region (200); forming leads (10) connected to the touch electrodes (20) in a lead region (100); separately collecting a first transmittance of the electrode region (200) and a second transmittance of the lead region (100); separately determining the difference between the first transmittance and a preset reference value as well as the difference between the second transmittance and the preset reference value; and setting a light shading area of the electrode region (200) and/or the lead region (100) according to the difference so as to compensate for the first transmittance and/or the second transmittance.
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  • Refractive Index Sensor Based on Fiber Loop Ring-Down Spectroscopy

    Liu, Xu   Wang, Qi   Li, Chunyue   Zhao, Chengwu   Zhao, Yong   Hu, Haifeng   Li, Jin  

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  • Performance Evaluation of Asphalt Mixture with Nanosized Volcanic Ash Filler

    Liu, Xu   Liu, Wanqiu   Wang, Shuyin   Wang, Zheren   Shao, Longtan  

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  • (Un)Doing Constitutionalism: The Cases of Liu Xiaobo and Xu Zhiyong

    Hermann Aubié   Xinhong Wang  

    Based on the cases of Liu Xiaobo and Xu Zhiyong, this article reviews the Court judgments and discussions about the criminal charges of “inciting subversion of state power” and “disrupting public order” used against Liu Xiaobo and Xu Zhiyong respectively. Through a review of the discourses of Chinese legal scholars surrounding the two cases, we focus on the conflicting arguments regarding the Chinese Constitution and the Constitutional right to freedom of expression. This article concludes with an analysis of the political meaning of the two cases by revisiting the debate about the implementation of a Constitutional review and by reflecting upon the political contention between the government’s recent re-ideologisation of the Constitution and the growing calls of Chinese citizens who advocate Constitutionalism as a proxy for political reform.摘要:围绕刘晓波和许志永这两个案件的法院判决、律师辩论、及相关讨论,本文着重讨论了关于适用宪法规定的表达自由权的不同辩论。本文认为这些辩论反映了官方宪政意识形态论和民间期冀通过宪政进行政治改革的呼声之间持续不断的政治论争。
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  • Seizure outcomes in patients with anti-NMDAR encephalitis: A follow-up study

    Liu, Xu   Yan, Bo   Wang, Rui   Li, Chen   Chen, Chu   Zhou, Dong   Hong, Zhen  

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