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    Systems and methods for preventing reaction between a sealing material (109) such as epoxy and an electrolyte material within a carbon monoxide or other gas electrochemical sensor (100) are provided. In general, the electrochemical sensor (100) comprises a gas diffusion working electrode (110), a counter electrode (116), and optionally, a reference electrode (114). Each electrode (110, 116, 114) is in contact with an aqueous electrolyte. The gas sensor (100) may comprise a tab (117) located proximate to gaps (108) in the housing (102) of the sensor (100), wherein the tab (117) prevents any sealing material (109) that fills the gaps (108) from entering the interior of the housing (102). In some embodiments, the tab (117) may be attached to a counter electrode (116). In some embodiments, the housing (102) may comprise a slot (132) located about the gaps (108), wherein the tab (117) fits into the slot (132) of the housing (102).
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    The present invention is applicable to the technical field of data communications, and provides a method for parsing a multi-protocol message based on a file mode, comprising: 1. initializing an algorithm memory resource and a file handle; 2. reading a data stream from a communication port and storing same in a data buffer region in the memory; 3. reading data in the data buffer region, and writing the data into a message file, and meanwhile cleaning an old message file to obtain an updated message file; 4. sharing the message file with all protocol stack parsers; 5. repeating steps 2 to 4; 6. each protocol stack parser using an allocated file handle to read data in the updated message file, and determining whether there is a message with the protocol in the data; and 7. if so, responding to the application of the message after processing the message according to the protocol. The method provided by the present invention solves the problem that, in the existing single processing mode, searching each protocol in turn easily causes the receiving buffer to overflow, thereby leading to data loss.
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    The invention discloses a crystal form and a salt type of an imidazole compound, and a preparation method therefor, and further comprises the use of the crystal form and the salt type for preparing medicaments for treating cerebrovascular disease.
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    An LED virtual arrangement structure and LED display screen having same; the LED virtual arrangement structure comprises multiple groups of first and third color LED units (10) arranged in rows and multiple groups of second and third color LED units (20) arranged in rows corresponding to the first and third color LED units (10); the first and third color LED units (10) and the second and third color LED units (20) are arranged at intervals in the same column; each first and third color LED unit (10) and each second and third color LED unit (20) respectively comprise a red LED (1), a green LED (2) and a blue LED (3); the red LED (1), the green LED (2) and the blue LED (3) are respectively arranged at three vertexes of a right triangle; and the first and third color LED units (10) and the second and third color LED units (20) are arranged every three rows or every five rows. The LED virtual arrangement structure reduces the number of LEDs, and increases the gap between LEDs in a unit area, thus facilitating improving heat dissipation.
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    The present invention provides a method and a system for accessing a cognitive spectrum by an LTE system. The method for accessing a cognitive spectrum by an LTE system comprises: a UE implementing a start-up process on an LTE authorized spectrum; and when a load rate of the LTE authorized spectrum exceeds a threshold, dispatching the UE needing random access to a cognitive spectrum to work, or the UE working on the LTE authorized spectrum; otherwise, the UE working on the LTE authorized spectrum. By optimizing a protocol, the present invention provides a solution for using a cognitive radio technology in an LTE system, and the solution is backwards compatible with the LTE system; the communication quality is ensured, and the work spectral range of the LTE system is expanded, thereby avoiding complex operations of frequent quitting and re-access by a user, and achieving the objective of saving energy.
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  • Time-domain ICIC and optimized designs for 5G and beyond: a survey

    Liu, Ling   Zhou, Yiqing   Vasilakos, Athanasios V.   Tian, Lin   Shi, Jinglin  

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    A method and apparatus for displaying an image are provided by the present disclosure. A resolution of a display screen on a terminal device which is to display an image to be displayed is determined to obtain a width-to-height pixel ratio of the display screen. A preset zooming image area which is a part of the image to be displayed is determined. If a width-to-height pixel ratio of the preset zooming image area is different from the width-to-height pixel ratio of the display screen, the preset zooming image area is adjusted so that a width-to-height pixel ratio of an adjusted image area is the same with the width-to-height pixel ratio of the display screen. The adjusted image area is a part of the image to be displayed. An equal-ratio zooming operation for the adjusted image area is performed according to the width-to-height pixel ratio of the display screen so as to display an image area obtained by the equal-ratio zooming operation.
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  • The spindle of remaining lifetime predicted in the failure machine tool

    Liu, Ling   Ye, Teng  

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  • Preparation and thermophysical properties of Yb-doped Ba2DyAlO5 ceramics

    Liu, Ling   Wang, Yinghua   Ma, Zhuang   Wang, Fuchi   Zhu, Mingming  

    A series of Ba-2(YbxDy1-x)AlO5 (x=0,0.1,0.2,03) ceramics for thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) were prepared by solid state reaction and hot-pressed sintering. Their phase composition, microstructure and the thermo-physical properties were investigated. The results showed that single-phase Ba-2(YbxDY1-x)AlO5 (x=0,0.1,0.2,0.3) with perovskite-like structure were prepared, and performed excellent phase stability under 1400 degrees C. As a function of increasing x, the thermal conductivity of Ba-2(YbxDY1-x)AlO5 decreased firstly and then increased. The minimum value (1.02W. m(-1). K-1) was achieved for the sample with the same composite point x=0.1. The thermal expansion coefficient of the ceramics increased through doping with a maximum value around 11.6 x 10(-6) K-1. (C) 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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    A circuit for processing data is described. The circuit comprises an input (306) for receiving a request for implementing a key-value store data transaction; a plurality of memory interfaces (314, 318) associated with different memory types enabling access to a plurality of memory devices (316, 320) associated with a key-value store; and a memory management circuit (108, 304) controlling the routing of data by way of the plurality of memory interfaces based upon a data transfer criterion.
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  • Leveraging Glocality for Fast Failure Recovery in Distributed RAM Storage

    Zhang, Yiming   Li, Dongsheng   Liu, Ling  

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  • Biochemical oxygen demand measurement by mediator method in flow system

    Liu, Ling   Bai, Lu   Yu, Dengbin   Zhai, Junfeng   Dong, Shaojun  

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  • Development of an EMG-ACC-Based Upper Limb Rehabilitation Training System

    Liu, Ling   Chen, Xiang   Lu, Zhiyuan   Cao, Shuai   Wu, De   Zhang, Xu  

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  • The influence of impurities on Ga electrowinning: Vanadium and iron

    Liu, Ling   Wang, Mingyong   Wang, Zhi   Zhang, Yi  

    During the electrolytic extraction of Ga, iron and vanadium are main metal impurities in Ga solution. The influences of Fe(III) and V(V) on current efficiency (QE) of Ga electrowinning were studied. The surface structures of electrodeposited Ga coatings were examined by SEM, EDS and potentiodynarnic polarization. The results indicate that QE is sharply decreased in the presence of V(V). Spherical Ga particles are easily produced in Ga solution with impurities, especially in the presence of V(V) and at higher current density. It is difficult for Ga particles with impurities and newly formed Ga crystals to incorporate into Ga films due to the difference of surface structure and properties between Ga and impurities. As a result, newly formed Ga crystals are easily re-dissolved which leads to the decrease of QE. When both Fe(III) and V(V) exist in Ga solution, QE at lower current density is increased due to the siderophile affinity of Ga. (C) 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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  • Study of Influence Factors on Medium-Density Fiberboard Thermal Analysis

    Liu, Ling   Xing, Zheng   Liu, Yi Xiang   Yi, Hua  

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  • Demystifying Membership Inference Attacks in Machine Learning as a Service

    Truex, Stacey   Liu, Ling   Gursoy, Mehmet Emre   Yu, Lei   Wei, Wenqi  

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