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  • Li Xing (ed.), The Rise of China and the Capitalist World Order

    Amador   Julio S.  

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  • Two Stage Brothers: Tracing a Common Heritage in Early Films by Xie Jin and Li Xing

    James Wicks  

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    An ink curing device (200), comprising an ultraviolet laser (210) and an oxygen suppressing device (220). A lower end of the ultraviolet laser is provided with a diverging lens (213) having a specific shape, while the oxygen suppressing device comprises an external nitrogen supplying device and a nitrogen gas diffusion unit (221) which are connected to each other. The ultraviolet laser is used as an ultraviolet radiation source, and matches the diverging lens having a specific shape, while a linear light spot having a controllable shape is obtained on a printing material so as to prevent the problem of ultraviolet diffusion; low-temperature curing prevents special printing materials from deforming such that the printer has a wide range of applications, and matching the oxygen suppressing device reduces power consumption while improving ink curing efficiency. Further provided is a carriage mechanism of an ink jet printer, which comprises a movable carriage bottom plate (100), a spray nozzle and an ink curing device, the spray nozzle and the ink curing device both being fixedly provided on the movable carriage bottom plate, while the ink curing device is provided on a side edge of the printing spray nozzle for use in quickly curing ink ejected from the printing spray nozzle.
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  • LIF study of temporal and spatial fluid mixing in an annular downcomer

    Li, Xing   Qi, Peiyao   Zhao, Tingjie   Qiao, Shouxu   Tan, Sichao  

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  • Controlled aging processes to improve damping capacity of Fe–19Mn alloy

    Li, Xing   Chen, Liqing   Zhao, Yang  

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  • Recent evolution of the Mekong Delta and the impacts of dams

    Li, Xing   Paul Liu, J.   Saito, Yoshiki   Nguyen, Van Lap  

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  • The Prediction Model of Dam Uplift Pressure Based on Random Forest

    Li, Xing   Su, Huaizhi   Hu, Jiang  

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  • The variability of SE2 tide extracted from TIMED/SABER observations

    Li, Xing   Wan, Weixing   Ren, Zhipeng   Yu, You  

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    The application discloses a medium content casting method comprising: transmitting, to a DSP, an order in a newly created schedule to perform material linking; acquiring, from a DSP side, material linking information; determining, according to the acquired material, whether the material linking to the order satisfies a requirement of the order; and if so, updating a status of the order to be "to be casted", and then performing a subsequent casting process. The application also discloses a corresponding medium content casting device, data storage medium, and medium content casting system.
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  • Updates of underactive bladder: a review of the recent literature

    Li, Xing   Liao, Limin  

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  • PIV study of velocity distribution and turbulence statistics in a rod bundle

    Li, Xing   Mi, Zhengpeng   Tan, Sichao   Wang, Ruiqi   Wang, Xiaoyu  

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  • A kind of Lagrange dynamic simplified modeling method for multi-DOF robot1

    Li, Xing   Wang, Xiaofeng   Wang, Jianhui   Rocha, álvaro  

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    The present invention provides an acquisition processing method, device and system, wherein the method comprises: determining current position information of a speaker by means of an annular microphone array group; determining relative position information of the speaker with respect to an image acquisition device according to the current position information, wherein the image acquisition device is used for acquiring an image of the speaker; and adjusting the acquisition angle of the image acquisition device for the speaker according to the relative position information. Embodiments of the present invention also provide a computer storage medium.
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    A method for a computer server to adaptively push primary target information to terminals associated with an end user is provided. Upon detecting an operation initiated by the end user from a target terminal,the computer server determines primary target information to be pushed to the target terminal in accordance with the operation information and information of the end user. The computer server then acquires push control information for the primary target information,the push control information including push parameter information,related secondary target information and combined push frequency control information. Next,the computer server acquires push records of the primary and related secondary target information,respectively,according to the push parameter information. Finally,the computer server pushes the primary target information to the target terminal adaptively according to the combined frequency control information as well as the push records of the primary and the related secondary target information thereof.
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  • Mechanical Properties of 2D Materials Studied by In Situ Microscopy Techniques

    Li, Xing   Sun, Mei   Shan, Chongxin   Chen, Qing   Wei, Xianlong  

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    Provided are a cabinet, and a cooling control system, method and device therefor. The cabinet (1) comprises a cabinet body (11) and a heat management system. A cavity inside the cabinet body (11) is partitioned by a partition plate (12) to form an accommodating chamber (111) and a heat exchange chamber (112). The heat exchange chamber (112) communicates with the external environment via an air inlet (115) and an air outlet (116) which are arranged opposite each other on the cabinet body (11) and can open and close. The heat management system comprises a refrigeration apparatus (13) arranged in the heat exchange chamber (112), and a fresh air system formed in the accommodating chamber (111) and the heat exchange chamber (112). The refrigeration apparatus (13) comprises a heat exchange device (131), and forcibly cools the accommodating chamber (111) via the heat exchange device (131). The fresh air system is used for reducing the temperature of the air in the accommodating chamber (111) via air from the external environment. The cabinet is capable of cooling an apparatus via air with a lower temperature from the external environment, and has a good energy-saving effect.
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