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    A soft tissue forceps for clamping the soft tissue inside of a digestive tract under the guidance of an endoscope, comprising:a forceps assembly (1) that may be installed onto and removed from the top part (61) of a flexible conduit (62) that is inserted into a plier channel of an endoscope; a push and delivery system (2) that operates a pull ring at the base end of an operation part (7), such that a conical head (72) on the top end of the operation part is connected to the forceps assembly (1). The forceps assembly (1) comprises:a forceps (5) having multiple elastic claws (51) capable of clamping the soft tissue inside of the digestive tract; a pull rod component (4) acting as the bridge connecting the forceps (5) and the push and delivery system (2) and comprising a pull rod front end (42), a pull rod base end (44), and a break-away part (41) for separating the forceps assembly (1) and the push and delivery system (2); a sleeve (3) for entering and exiting the flexible conduit (62) and sleeving the periphery of the pull rod component (4); the pull rod component (4) can move the forceps (5) along to enter and exit a sleeve channel (31) and can close the elastic claws (51) that have been open. The push and delivery system (2) has a flexible component (6) that comprises a flexible conduit (62) capable of being inserted into a channel of the endoscope and provide the forceps assembly (1) with the entrance and exit to the clamped area; an operation part (7) extending inside of the flexible conduit (62) of the flexible component (6) and being capable of connecting to the forceps assembly (1) and moving inside of the flexible conduit (62).
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  • Experimental and kinetic study of diisobutylene isomers in laminar flames

    Yin, Geyuan   Hu, Erjiang   Huang, Shihan   Ku, Jinfeng   Li, Xiaojie   Xu, Zhaohua   Huang, Zuohua  

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  • Automatic detection of boundary points based on local geometrical measures

    Li, Xiaojie   Wu, Xi   Lv, Jiancheng   He, Jia   Gou, Jianping   Li, Mao  

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  • Fast computation of bare soil surface roughness on a Fermi GPU

    Li, Xiaojie   Song, Changhe   López, Sebastian   Li, Yunsong   López, José F.  

    Highlights • A parallel computing method for 2D surface roughness was implemented by CUDA GPU API. • The experimental input data is collected by our in-house surface roughness tester. • A significant 115x speedup was achieved for the GPU implementation compare with CPU. Abstract Surface roughness is an important factor in bare soil microwave radiation for the observation of the Earth. Correlation length and standard deviation of surface height are the two statistical parameters that describe surface roughness. However, when the number of data points is large, the calculation of surface roughness parameters becomes time-consuming. Therefore, it is desired to have a high-performance computing facility to execute this task. A Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) provides hundreds of computing cores along with a high memory bandwidth. To carry out a parallel implementation of the algorithms, Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) provides researchers with an easy way to execute multiple threads in parallel on GPUs. In this paper, we propose a GPU-based parallel computing method for 2D surface roughness estimation. We use an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 graphics card to run the CUDA implementation. The experimental input data is collected by our in-house surface roughness tester which is designed based on the laser triangulation principle, giving sample data points of up to 52,040. According to the experimental results, the serial CPU version of the implementation takes 5422 s whereas our GPU implementation takes only 47 s, resulting a significant 115× speedup.
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    A battery information collection system of a bus micro-power consumption group comprises multiple batteries (1) connected in series, each of the battery (1) is connected to a separate sampling plate (2) for sampling information from the battery, each of the sampling plate (2) is mounted on a corresponding battery (1) nearby and connected to a communication bus (4) arranged nearby, and the communication bus (4) is connected to a secondary control plate (3) used for data aggregation. By providing one sampling plate (2) proximal to each of the batteries (1), proximally connecting each of the sampling plates (2) to the communication bus (4), then extracting a line from the communication bus (4) to connect to the secondary control plate (3), a wiring in the box is greatly simplified and a sampling error caused by a long line, an electromagnetic interference, and the interference of various unpredictable problems is effectively reduced. Each of the sampling plate (2) is relatively independent, such that the present invention is suitable for any grouping schemes of the battery, thus eliminating the need for redesigning the battery information collection system for different grouping schemes, and guaranteeing portability and extensibility of the solution.
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    Provided is a self-repairing flexible printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof. A substrate of the circuit board is constructed using a self-repairing hydrogel-elastomer based on a dynamic borate ester link. The substrate comprises the following raw materials in parts by weight: 30-70 parts of an alkene monomer or polymer with a hydrophilic radical; 5-35 parts of an alkene monomer or polymer with a hydroxyl radical; 2-8 parts of a boron-containing compound; 15-35 parts of water; and 0.5-1 part of a free radical initiator. The dynamic borate ester link formed by a hydroxyl group and a borate group provides a self-repairing function to the hydrogel-elastomer. The borate ester link is a dynamic covalent link with the strength of a covalent bond and the reversibility and plasticity of physical cross-linking, thereby providing a material with a self-repairing function and extending a service life of the material. The invention has cheap and easily obtainable raw materials, a simple manufacturing technique, and improved combined mechanical performance.
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    Disclosed are a carrier aggregation implementation method for multiple carriers and a base station, which are used for improving the utilization rate of carrier resources and improving the service capacity. The method comprises: a base station establishing a first cell and a second cell; the base station configuring a first carrier corresponding to the first cell as a carrier aggregation (CA) main carrier of a terminal and configuring a second carrier corresponding to the second cell as a CA auxiliary carrier of the terminal, wherein the terminal is located in the first cell, and the area in which the terminal is located is not covered by a common control signal borne by the second carrier corresponding to the second cell, and wherein the second carrier corresponding to the second cell is used for bearing data information needing to be sent by the terminal and a dedicated reference signal, the first carrier corresponding to the first cell is used for bearing control information corresponding to the data information; alternatively, the second carrier corresponding to the second cell is used for bearing the data information needing to be sent by the terminal, the dedicated reference signal and the control information corresponding to the data information.
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  • Computer-Generated Abstract Paintings Oriented by the Color Composition of Images

    Li, Mao   Lv, Jiancheng   Li, Xiaojie   Yin, Jing  

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  • An Efficient Representation-Based Method for Boundary Point and Outlier Detection

    Li, Xiaojie   Lv, Jiancheng   Yi, Zhang  

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  • DCT domain filtering method for multi-antenna code acquisition

    Li, Xiaojie   Xu, Luping   Song, Shibin   Zhang, Hua  

    For global navigation satellite system (GLASS) signals in Gaussian and Rayleigh fading channel, a novel signal detection algorithm is proposed. Under the low frequency uncertainty case, after performing discrete cosine transform (DCT) to the outputs of the partial matched filter (PMF) for every antenna, the high order components in the transforming domain will be filtered, then the equal-gain (EG) combination for the inverse discrete cosine transform (IDCT) reconstructed signal would be done subsequently. Thus, due to the different frequency distribution characteristics between the noise and signals, after EG combination, the energy of signals has almost no loss and the noise energy is greatly reduced. The theoretical analysis and simulation results show that the detection algorithm can effectively improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the captured signal and increase the probability of detection under the same false alarm probability. In addition, it should be pointed out that this method can also be applied to Rayleigh fading channels with moving antenna.
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  • Numerical study of underwater shock wave by a modified method of characteristics

    Li, Xiaojie   Zhang, Chengjiao   Wang, Xiaohong   Hu, Xiaofei  

    This paper introduces a modified method of characteristics as well as its application to simulation of a 1D spherical underwater explosion. To check the performance of the modified method, corresponding codes for computer calculation are developed to simulate the underwater explosion problem which is a typical isentropic flow problem. In applying the modified method, shock wave is calculated based on the Rankine-Hugoniot conservation relations. Artificial viscosity is not used in the simulation, and thus the corresponding influence of artificial viscosity is not introduced into the simulation. The work is mainly focused on underwater shock wave and secondary shock wave. The results simulated with the modified method are compared with other results from experiment and AUTODYN software, and the comparisons show that the modified method results are coincident with the experimental results in acceptable accuracy. Compared with the AUTODYN results, the modified method results are consistent with the experimental results better in far field. The formation and propagation of the secondary shock and the position of the gas-water interface are well captured, and the variations in flow field can be obtained. On the basis of the comparisons, it can be demonstrated that the modified method of characteristics can be applied to the simulation of 1D isentropic flow problems effectively.
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  • Adsorption of cerium (III) by HKUST-1 metal-organic framework from aqueous solution

    Zhao, Liang   Azhar, Muhammad R.   Li, Xiaojie   Duan, Xiaoguang   Sun, Hongqi   Wang, Shaobin   Fang, Xiangchen  

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  • Experimental and kinetic study on laminar flame speeds of hexene isomers and n-hexane

    Li, Xiaojie   Hu, Erjiang   Lu, Xin   Huang, Shihan   Huang, Zuohua  

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  • In-situ fabrication of carbon dots-based lubricants using a facile ultrasonic approach

    He, Chuang   Yan, Honghao   Li, Xiaojie   Wang, Xiaohong  

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  • Acquisitions or Mergers? International Students’ Satisfaction with Work Availability

    Li, Xiaojie   Lee, Jenny  

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    A method for determining a cooperative cell, and a network device. The method comprises: a first network device determining a cell, which is in a closed state, from among a plurality of cells covered by a second network device, wherein the first network device is adjacent to the second network device; and the first network device determining the cell, which is in a closed state, to be a cooperative cell.
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