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  • Communications terminal and system and rights management method

    The present invention provides a communications terminal and system and a rights management method, comprising: setting a rights list; listing unique identification information of user identity of each mobile terminal device that is allowed to access to the WiFi hot spot communications terminal; the communications terminal performing authentication on unique identification information in a mobile terminal authentication request; and establishing a connection. It is made convenient for the communications terminal to effectively manage access rights, and the management becomes simpler and easier to operate. Meanwhile, the communications terminal performs authentication on the unique identification information of the user identity, thereby making the authentication process more efficient and improving the security of the authentication process. Meanwhile, priorities of the access rights of users are set, so as to ensure that a user of a high priority has preferential access, thereby making the access rights management more user-friendly.
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  • Compositions comprising a streptomyces-based biological control agent and an insecticide

    The present invention relates to a composition comprising at least one biological control agent selected from the group consisting of Streptomyces microflavus strain NRRL B-50550 and/or a mutant thereof having all the identifying characteristics of the respective strain, and/or at least one metabolite produced by the respective strain that exhibits activity against insects, mites, nematodes and/or phytopathogens and at least one insecticide in a synergistically effective amount, with the proviso that the biological control agent and the insecticide are not identical. Furthermore, the present invention relates to the use of this composition as well as a method for reducing overall damage of plants and plant parts.
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  • MCD: A Joint Semantic Project on East Asian Languages

    Hong Zhu   Yang Liu  

    The Multilingual Concept Dictionary is a NSFC/KOSEF joint project for natural language processing, now in its second year. The project’s key feature is to merge and align various ontologies and lexical resources of East Asian languages into a compatible one, especially for Chinese, Korean and Japanese. This paper as a progress report first introduces our new knowledge representation method for ontology construction, which is called “Upper Ontology Tree” plus “Lexical Semantics N-tuples”, and then analyzes the design of our dictionary framework especially the higher-level part, in which Korean and Japanese ontologies are mapped to the shared semantic hierarchy by semi-automatic methods.
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  • Tuina for leg length discrepancy and lumbosacral pain due to sacroiliac joint subluxation

    Zhao-xing Zhang   Hong Zhu   Rui-hui Wang   Xu Du…  

    To observe the clinical effect of tuina reduction manipulation on leg length discrepancy and lumbosacral pain due to sacroiliac joint subluxation. A total of 60 eligible cases were randomly allocated into an observation group and a control group, 30 in each group. Cases in the observation group were treated with conventional tuina plus reduction manipulation of sacroiliac joint subluxation; whereas cases in the control group were treated with conventional tuina plus acupuncture. The clinical effects were observed after 10 times of treatment. In addition, the relapse rates were observed 2 months after treatment. The total effective rate in the observation group was 80.0%, versus 50.0% in the control group, showing a statistically significant difference (P<0.05). The relapse rate of lumbosacral pain in the observation group was 12.5%, versus 66.7% in the control group, showing a statistically significant difference (P<0.01). The relapse rate of leg length discrepancy in the observation group was 16.7%, versus 80.0% in the control group, showing a statistically significant difference (P<0.01). Tuina reduction manipulation can obtain substantial therapeutic effect for leg length discrepancy and lumbosacral pain due to sacroiliac joint subluxation, coupled with a low relapse rate.
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  • Thin-film transistor and fabricating method thereof, array substrate and display apparatus

    The present invention discloses a thin-film transistor and a fabricating method thereof, an array substrate and a display apparatus. An active layer in the thin-film transistor comprises a first active layer and a second active layer which are stacked; wherein, an orthographic projection of the first active layer on the substrate covers orthographic projections of the source electrode, the drain electrode as well as a gap located between the source electrode and the drain electrode on the substrate, and covers an orthographic projection of the gate electrode on the substrate; the second active layer is located at the gap between the source electrode and the drain electrode, and an orthographic projection of the second active layer on the substrate is located in a region where the orthographic projection of the gate electrode on the substrate is located.
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  • Methanol-tolerant carbon aerogel-supported Pt–Au catalysts for direct methanol fuel cell

    Hong Zhu   Zhijun Guo   Xinwei Zhang   Kefei Han   Yubao Guo   Fanghui Wang   Zhongming Wang   Yongsheng Wei  

    Pt-Au nanoparticles supported on carbon aerogel, namely 2:1 has been synthesized by the microwave-assisted polyol process. The structure of Pt-Au nanoparticles is characterized by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD). The electrochemical property of Pt-Au catalysts for methanol oxidation is evaluated by cyclic voltammetry (CV). The results show that Au-modified Pt catalysts exhibit a high methanol tolerance and improved electrochemical catalytic activity, suggesting that carbon aerogel supported Pt-Au catalysts are better catalysts for the electrochemical oxidation of methanol than conventional Pt catalysts. [All rights reserved Elsevier].
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  • Programming of left hand exploits task set but that of right hand depends on recent history

    Rixin Tang   Hong Zhu  

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  • CAMLE: A Caste-Centric Agent-Oriented Modelling Language and Environment

    Lijun Shan   Hong Zhu  

    This paper presents an agent-oriented modelling language and environment CAMLE. It is based on the conceptual model of multi-agent systems (MAS) proposed and formally defined in the formal specification language SLABS. It is caste-centric because the notion of caste plays the central role in its methodology. Caste is the classifier of agents in our language. It allows multiple and dynamic classifications of agents. It serves as the template of agents and can be used to model a wide variety of MAS concepts, such as roles, agent societies, etc. The language supports modelling MAS at both macro-level for the global properties and behaviours of the system and micro-level for properties and behaviours of the agents. The environment provides tools for constructing graphic MAS models in CAMLE, automatically checking consistency between various views and models at different levels of abstraction, and automatically transforming models into formal specifications in SLABS. The uses of the CAMLE modelling language and environment are illustrated by an example.
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  • Method and system for CMOS image sensing device

    Method and system for manufacturing CMOS image sensing device with reduced blooming. The method includes a step for providing a substrate material. The substrate material can be characterized by a first dimension and a second dimension. In addition, the method includes a step for defining an active region on the substrate material. The active region is characterized by a third dimension and a fourth dimension. The method further includes a step for defining a non-active region on the substrate material. The non-active region is different from the active region. The non-active region is characterized by a fifth dimension and a sixth dimension, the non-active region including a silicon material. The method includes a step for defining a depletion region within the active region. In addition, the method includes a step for forming an n-type region positioned above the depletion region.
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  • Method for early detection of magnetic head degradation due to carbon overcoat wear

    A method for detecting an impending failure of a disk drive system. The method includes monitoring a signal from a magnetoresistive sensor for the presence of a negative signal spike. A negative signal spike can indicate that the carbon overcoat of the magnetic medium has been locally worn off. The resulting localized absence of carbon overcoat causes the magnetoresistive sensor to short to the magnetic medium. This causes a short, abrupt drop in voltage, which can be used as evidence of the localized absence of the carbon overcoat. If such a negative signal spike is detected, the user can be notified of an impending system failure. In addition to, or in lieu of, notifying the user of the impending system failure, the system can be automatically de-activated to prevent data loss and/or further damage to the recording system.
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  • 15-Lipoxygenase-1 activates tumor suppressor p53 independent of enzymatic activity

    Hong Zhu   Wayne Glasgow   Margaret D. George   Kali Chrysovergis   Kenneth Olden   John D. Roberts   Thomas Eling  

    15-LOX-1 and its metabolites are involved in colorectal cancer. Recently, we reported that 15-LOX-1 overexpression in HCT-116 human colorectal cancer cells inhibited cell growth by induction of p53 phosphorylation (4). To determine whether the 15-LOX-1 protein or its metabolites are responsible for phosphorylation of p53 in HCT-116 cells, we used HCT-116 cells that expressed a mutant 15-LOX-1. The mutant 15-LOX-1 enzyme, with a substitution of Leu at residue His361, was devoid of enzymatic activity. HCT-116 cells transiently transfected with either native or mutant 15-LOX-1 showed an increase in p53 phosphorylation and an increase in the expression of downstream genes. Thus, 15-LOX-1 induces p53 phosphorylation independent of enzymatic activity. Treatment of A549 human lung carcinoma cells with IL-4 increased the expression of 15-LOX-1 and also increased the expression of downstream targets of p53. This confirmed that the activation of p53 was also observed in wild-type cells expressing physiological 15-LOX-1. Immunoprecipitation experiments revealed that 15-LOX-1 interacts with, and binds to, DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK). The binding of 15-LOX-1 to DNA-PK caused an approximate 3.0-fold enhancement in kinase activity, resulting in increased p53 phosphorylation at Ser15. Knockdown of DNA-PK by small interfering RNA (siRNA) significantly reduced p53 phosphorylation. Furthermore, confocal microscopy demonstrated a colocalization of 15-LOX and DNA-PK in the cells. We propose that the 15-LOX-1 protein binds to DNA-PK, increasing its kinase activity and results in downstream activation of the tumor suppressor p53, thus revealing a new mechanism by which lipoxygenases (LOX) may influence the phenotype of tumor cells. (c) 2008 Wiley-Liss, Inc.
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  • Variable spindle speed control for data storage devices

    In a particular embodiment, a system is disclosed that includes a solid-state data storage medium, a disc data storage medium, and a controller adapted to selectively adjust a spindle speed associated with the disc data storage medium and a buffer size associated with the solid-state data storage medium responsive to a trigger.
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  • Efficient Algorithms for Finding a Longest Common Increasing Subsequence

    Wun-Tat Chan, Yong Zhang, Stanley P. Y. Fung, Deshi Ye   Hong Zhu  

    We study the problem of finding a longest common increasing subsequence (LCIS) of multiple sequences of numbers. The LCIS problem is a fundamental issue in various application areas, including the whole genome alignment and pattern recognition. In this paper we give an efficient algorithm to find the LCIS of two sequences in O(min(r logℓ, nℓ + r)loglog n + n log n) time where n is the length of each sequence and r is the total number of ordered pairs of positions at which the two sequences match and ℓ is the length of the LCIS. For m sequences where m ≥ 3, we find the LCIS in O(min(mr 2,mr log ℓlog m r) + mnlog n) time where r is the total number of m-tuples of positions at which the m sequences match. The previous results find the LCIS of two sequences in O(n 2) and O(n ℓ log n) time. Our algorithm is faster when r is relatively small, e.g., for r < min(n 2/loglogn,nℓ).
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  • Yetter-Drinfeld modules over the Hopf-Ore extension of the group algebra of dihedral group

    Hong Zhu   Hui Xiang Chen  

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  • General Public Key m-Out-of-n Oblivious Transfer

    Zhide Chen   Hong Zhu  

    In the m-out-of-n oblivious transfer model, Alice has n messages, Bob has m choices. After the interaction between the two parties, Bob can get m but only m messages from the n messages, Alice cannot know which m messages Bob gets. In this paper, for the first time, we construct a m-out-of-n OT protocol based on the general secure public key system.
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  • Fine-Grained Access Control for Database Management Systems

    Hong Zhu   Kevin Lü  

    A practical approach for developing fine-grained access control (FGAC) for database management systems is reported in this paper. We extend SQL language to support security policies. The concept of the policy type for databases is proposed. We implement the policy reuse through the use of policy types and policy instances to alleviate the administration workload of maintaining security policies. The policies for rows and columns can be expressed with policy types. Moreover, complicated database integrity constraints can also be expressed by policy types, and no further purpose-built programs are needed to create specific security control policies. We implement the fine-grained access control in a relational database management system DM5 [4]. The performance test results based on TPC-W are also presented.
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