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  • Junctionless Tunnel Field Effect Transistor with Nonuniform Doping

    Goswami, Yogesh   Asthana, Pranav   Basak, Shibir   Ghosh, Bahniman  

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  • Profile of Dengue Fever in Hospitalized Children in Saurashtra, Gujarat, 2013-2017

    Mistry, Madhulika   Chudasama, Rajesh K.   Goswami, Yogesh  

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  • Profile of Dengue Fever in Hospitalized Children in Saurashtra, Gujarat, 2013-2017.

    Mistry, Madhulika   Chudasama, Rajesh K   Goswami, Yogesh  

    OBJECTIVE: To study the five year trend of epidemiological and demographic characteristics of dengue infections from year 2013 to 2017 among children upto 15 years.; METHODS: This study presents data from review of microbiology department records of samples for dengue testing with information supplied by clinicians on the investigation request form. Patients were tested for NS1 Ag, IgM Ab or both.; RESULTS: Out of 4216 samples, 1072 (25.4%) were positive for dengue. Positivity ranged from 44.2% in year 2013, 25.8% in 2015 to 16.2% in year 2017. Most cases reported were among male (57.9%), from urban areas (77.9%) and Rajkot district (75.7%). Reporting of dengue cases increased from July to November with peak during October every year.; CONCLUSIONS: Serum samples for dengue serology were more commonly positive in July-September months during the study period, and in male children, and those from urban areas.=20
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  • Leakage current reduction in junctionless tunnel FET using a lightly doped source

    Basak, Shibir   Asthana, Pranav Kumar   Goswami, Yogesh   Ghosh, Bahniman  

    In this paper, we explain the problem of dramatic OFF-state leakage in junctionless tunnel field effect transistor (JLTFET) for a channel thickness greater than 10 nm. In JLTFET, with channel width greater than 10 nm, the depletion region primarily remains confined below the dielectric-semiconductor interface. Hence, we tend to incur significant leakage through the center of the device. With the help of 2D device simulations, we demonstrate that the cause of the leakage current is predominantly due to thermal injection in the source region and is concentrated through the center of the device. We suggest a technique of using a lightly doped source region, below the p-gate to increase the barrier and prevent any leakage. The proposed alteration records an improved I (ON)/I (OFF) ratio for JLTFET for a channel of width 20 nm.
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  • Nanoscale III–V on Si-based junctionless tunnel transistor for EHF band applications

    Goswami, Yogesh   Asthana, Pranav   Ghosh, Bahniman  

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  • Seropositivity of hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, and HIV in antenatal women in India

    Mehta, Krunal D.   Antala, Sejul   Mistry, Madhulika   Goswami, Yogesh  

    Introduction: The epidemiology of viral hepatitis during pregnancy is of paramount importance for health planners and program managers. Data on viral hepatitis during pregnancy are not readily available. This study was conducted to assess the extent of seropositivity of hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, and syphilis in pregnant women and to re-evaluate the need for routine antenatal care screening. Methodology: All samples were tested to detect HBsAg by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Samples were tested to detect anti-HCV by ELISA. Samples were also tested for antibodies to Treponema Pallidum by qualitative rapid plasma reagine (RPR); finally, samples were tested for antibodies to HIV by three different methods as per Strategy III of the National AIDS Control Organization by using different systems of testing to establish a diagnosis of HIV. Results: Seropositivity of hepatitis B was 2.9%, hepatitis C was 0.19%, syphilis was 0.48%, and HIV was 0.38%. Out of the 1038 samples, no co-infection was found between hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, or HIV. Conclusion: The data from this study can help health professionals to treat antenatal patients more effectively. The data also reinforces the need for establishing effective prevention programs, which could lead to a reduction in the prevalence of HBV, HCV, syphilis, and HIV
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  • Analog performance of Si junctionless tunnel field effect transistor and its improvisation using III–V semiconductor

    Goswami, Yogesh   Ghosh, Bahniman   Asthana, Pranav Kumar  

    In this paper, the analog performance of a Si double gate Junctionless Tunnel Field Effect Transistor (DG-JLTFET) has been studied and improvised using a ternary III-V semiconductor compound, indium aluminium arsenide. The analog performance parameters are extracted using device simulations and also compared with the Si JLTFET. We show that III-V JLTFET delivers much better performance parameters, in comparison to Si JLTFET, which includes transconductance generation efficiency (G(m)/I-D), intrinsic gain (G(m)R(o)) and unity gain frequency (f(T)) along with various gate capacitances.
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  • Perceptions of contradictory communication from parental figures by adults with borderline personality disorder: a preliminary study.

    Allen, David M   Abramson, Hillel   Whitson, Stephanie   Al-Taher, Mohammed   Morgan, Stacy   Veneracion-Yumul, Anna   Kondam, Shobha   Goswami, Yogesh   Mason, Mark  

    This study investigated a hypothesized correlation between contradictory responses from parental figures perceived in present-day interactions by adult subjects and the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder (BPD). One hundred subjects were given a questionnaire designed to assess the frequency of perceived parental response patterns divided into appropriate, conflicting, polarized, and neglectful categories. The BPD and a group subthreshold for the disorder endorsed significantly more conflicting and fewer appropriate responses for the first parental figure rated than did both patient control subjects and normal control subjects without BPD; a trend toward similar results was found for the second parental figure also. The frequency of polarized and neglectful responses was not significantly different among the groups. There was indirect evidence that BPD subjects did not engage in the defense mechanism of "splitting" when filling out the questionnaire. These results suggest that contradictory family communication patterns might be considered in models of ongoing reinforcement for dysfunctional BPD behavior.
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  • A novel uniformly doped barrier modulated ultra-deep-submicron poly-Si thin film transistor with very low subthreshold slope

    Asthana, Pranav Kumar   Goswami, Yogesh   Basak, Shibir   Ghosh, Bahniman  

    In this paper, the characteristics of a novel device structure, uniformly doped ultra-deep-submicron poly-Si barrier modulated thin film transistor (BM-TFT), are investigated and compared with conventional poly-Si TFT. Use of uniform doping provides a solution from problems associated with random dopant fluctuations. The suppression of the leakage current of the TFT by introducing barrier modulation is verified and presented. The device is optimized with respect to channel length, doping of channel, spacer dielectric and gate dielectric material. Simulations resulted in I-OFF of -2 x 10(-11) A mu m(-1), I-ON of -2mA mu m(-1), I-ON/I-OFF of 10(8), subthreshold slope of 144 mV/dec and DIBL of 119 mV V-1 for PolyGate/HfO2/Poly-Si coplanar BM-TFT at temperature. of 300 K, gate length of 60 nm, oxide thickness of 5 nm, film thickness of 10 nm, low-k spacer thickness of 20 nm and V-DD of 2.5 V.
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