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  • Spreading of Perfluoropolyethers on FDTS-Coated Amorphous Carbon Surfaces

    Choi, J.   Kawaguchi, M.   Kato, T.  

    The spreading properties of mobile perfluoropolyethers (PFPEs) on amorphous carbon surfaces coated with 1 H, 1 H, 2 H, 2 H-perfluorodecyltrichlorosilane (FDTS) islands were investigated using a scanning ellipsometer. The average thicknesses of the FDTS layers varied from 0.5 to 1.4 nm and the film thickness of the mobile PFPEs was about 1.2 nm. We find that a sharp "spike" on the spreading profile occurs and the height of the spike decreases with the spreading time. After partial dip-coating, the initial film boundary of the PFPE on the FDTS islands having a low surface energy cannot spread and the moving film boundary on the bare carbon surface is obstructed by the FDTS island obstacles, which results in the spike formation (i.e., the lubricant buildup) and the retardation of molecular migration. This tendency is remarkable with the increasing average film thickness of the FDTS layer. The spreading is observed at the leading edge of the lubricant front originating from the migration of the lubricant molecules between the FDTS islands by diffusive processes
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  • Receivers With Chip-Level Decision Feedback Equalizer for CDMA Downlink Channels

    Choi, J.   Kim, S.R.   Lim, C.-C.  

    For the code division multiple access (CDMA) downlink channel, we investigate the decision feedback equalizer (DFE) at chip-level to effectively suppress multiple-access interference (MAI) when the spreading sequences are orthogonal. The structure of the receiver with the chip-level DFE has been investigated and the minimum mean-square error solution has been derived. Due to the inherent structure of the chip-level DFE, some iterative techniques with hard and soft decisions have been proposed. It is shown that the proposed receivers with the chip-level DFE can provide satisfactory performance. In comparison with the adaptive chip-level linear equalizer, the number of users can be doubled by using adaptive chip-level DFE at a bit-error rate of 10 -3. Throughout the paper, we assume that scrambled orthogonal codes are used for spreading sequences
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  • Physicochemical Characterization and In Vitro Hemolysis Evaluation of Silver Nanoparticles

    Choi, J.   Reipa, V.   Hitchins, V. M.   Goering, P. L.   Malinauskas, R. A.  

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  • Magneto-optical properties of Li0.9Mo6O17: Color change in applied magnetic field

    Choi, J.   Woodward, J.   Musfeldt, J.   Wei, X.   Whangbo, M.-H.   He, J.   Jin, R.   Mandrus, D.  

    The polarized magneto-optical response of Li 0.9Mo 6 O 17 was measured in order to investigate the effect of a high magnetic field on the optical properties of a quasi-one-dimensional conductor. The observed magnetochromic effect is attributed to field-induced changes in the density of states near the Fermi level and is manifest in both Mo drarrd on-site and O prarrMo d charge transfer excitations. The observed polarization dependence of the field-induced color change is consistent with the low energy scale of this effect
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  • Purification and Characterization of Cellular Proteins Associated with Histone H4 Tails

    Choi, J.   Kim, B.   Heo, K.   Kim, K.   Kim, H.   Zhan, Y.   Ranish, J. A.   An, W.  

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  • Measurement on the shear properties of liquid nanomeniscus bridge

    Choi, J.   Kato, T.  

    The shear properties of liquid nanomeniscus bridge were measured by a nanorheometer which was developed recently. The meniscus bridges of PFPE (Perfluoropolyether) Z-dol were formed between two glass spheres. One was mounted on a piezo actuator and moved sinusoidally in the shear direction against the other which was mounted on a rectangular-type microcantilever. The diameters of the spheres were 90 μm and 20 μm, respectively. The induced oscillatory motions of the cantilever-sphere assembly were detected via a two phase lock-in amplifier with respect to the modulation frequency and the surface separation. The amplitude response was interpreted as elastic characteristics and phase shift as damping characteristics of the liquid meniscus bridge. The experimental results were qualitatively compared to those of the normal oscillatory experiments.
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  • Characteristic Analysis of a Sample HTS Magnet for Design of a 300 kW HTS DC Induction Furnace

    Choi, J.   Kim, S. K.   Kim, S.   Sim, K.   Park, M.   Yu, I. K.  

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  • Memory-aware dynamic voltage scaling for multimedia applications

    Choi, J.   Cha, H.  

    As the computing environments are continuously moving towards battery-operated mobile and handheld systems, the development of energy-saving mechanisms for such devices has recently become a technical challenge. Dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) has historically been considered an effective method to reduce the processor power consumption. Conventional DVS techniques typically consider only processor utilisation issues in a policy-making process. However, as memory-bound multimedia applications are becoming popular in handheld devices, the DVS policies should consider the so-called `memory wall' problem to maximise energy gain. Recent DVS techniques suffer from the inefficiency of their policies caused by the memory-wall problem while executing multimedia applications, and no previous research on DVS considers the problem explicitly. The existence of the memory wall problem in a real system is revealed and a metric that can be used to detect the problem in advance is found. A memory-aware DVS (M-DVS) technique that takes the memory wall problem fully into consideration is proposed. The experimental results on a PDA show that M-DVS can reduce ~8% of additional power consumption, compared with conventional DVS, without any QoS degradation for handling multimedia clips
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  • Triple Decoding of Hepatitis C Virus RNA by Programmed Translational Frameshifting

    Choi, J.   Xu, Z.   Ou, J.-h.  

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  • Improved Least-squares Error Estimates for Scalar Hyperbolic Problems

    Bochev, P.B.   Choi, J.  

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  • IPI59: An Actionable Biomarker to Improve Treatment Response in Serous Ovarian Carcinoma Patients

    Choi, J.   Ye, S.   Eng, K. H.   Korthauer, K.   Bradley, W. H.   Rader, J. S.   Kendziorski, C.  

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  • The Role of Autophagy in Human Endometrium

    Choi, J.   Jo, M.   Lee, E.   Oh, Y. K.   Choi, D.  

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  • CO2 Separation Membranes Containing Cu-organic Frameworks

    Choi, J.   Won, J.   Kim, Y.   Kim, S.  

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    Choi, J.   Ban, J.   Ryoo, K.   Koh, Y.   Shin, H.   Lee, B.   Park, J.  

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  • Paradoxical effects of constitutive human IL-32? in transgenic mice during experimental colitis

    Choi, J.   Bae, S.   Hong, J.   Ryoo, S.   Jhun, H.   Hong, K.   Yoon, D.   Lee, S.   Her, E.   Choi, W.   Kim, J.   Azam, T.   Dinarello, C. A.   Kim, S.  

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  • Magnetic field dependent vibrational modes in isotopically decorated

    Choi, J.   Musfeldt, J. L.   Olejniczak, I.   Wang, Y. J.   Schlueter, J. A.   Kini, A. M.  

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