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    The invention is a tissue identification device (10) for determining the presence and borders of the cancerous tissues; wherein it comprises a measurement probe (16) having a concentric, 2 port coaxial structure and enabling the 1 Port and 2 Port scattering parameters of the target tissue to be measured; an S parameter measurement unit (19), which is associated with said measurement probe (16) via RF/Microwave cable (15) and allows the S parameters of the tissue to be measured; a computer (11) identifying the tissue by means of the application software block (112) and the tissue identification software block (113) comprised therein in line with the measurement results from said S parameter measurement unit (17); and a hand tool (12) carrying the measurement probe (16) thereon during the measurement process and operates simultaneously with the computer (11) by being in communication therewith.
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  • Microwave Imaging of Electrical Wires With MUSIC Algorithm

    Kurtoglu, Ismail   Cayoren, Mehmet   Cavdar, Ismail Hakki  

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