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  • m\r -cluster tilted algebras of type

    Gubitosi   Viviana  

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  • I\"m not your mother

    DeSantis   Larisa R. G.  

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  • I\"m Cloud 2.0, and I\"m Not Just a Data Center

    Miluzzo   Emiliano  

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  • I&M applications for educational purposes

    Ionel, Raul   Mischie, Septimiu   Belega, Daniel   Matiu-Iovan, Liliana   Dughir, Ciprian  

    Teaching activities in the Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M) field, for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in the engineering domains, should be correlated with the industry requirements [1]-[3]. In this way, students can understand actual industry needs and gain skills in solving I&M problems occurring in associated activities.
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  • From IPO to M&A: Further Evidence

    Ben Amor, Salma; Kooli, Maher  

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  • ‘I\"m Sleeping’

    Theodoridou   Danae  

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  • Refinement of cronstedtite-1\r M

    Hybler   Ji?í  

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  • Rotaxane synthesis exploiting the M(I)/M(III) redox couple

    Emerson-King, Jack   Knighton, Richard C.   Gyton, Matthew R.   Chaplin, Adrian B.  

    In the context of advancing the use of metal-based building blocks for the construction of mechanically interlocked molecules, we herein describe the preparation of late transition metal containing [2] rotaxanes (1). Capture and subsequent retention of the interlocked assemblies are achieved by the formation of robust and bulky complexes of rhodium(III) and iridium(III) through hydrogenation of readily accessible rhodium(I) and iridium(I) complexes [M(COD)(PPh3)(2)][BAr4F] (M =3D Rh, 2a; Ir, 2b) and reaction with a bipyridyl terminated [2] pseudorotaxane (3.db24c8). This work was underpinned by detailed mechanistic studies examining the hydrogenation of 1 : 1 mixtures of 2 and bipy in CH2Cl2, which proceeds with disparate rates to afford [M(bipy)H-2(PPh3)(2)][BAr4F] (M =3D Rh, 4a[BAr4F], t =3D 18 h @ 50 degrees C; Ir, 4b[BAr4F], t < 5 min @ RT) in CH2Cl2 (1 atm H-2). These rates are reconciled by (a) the inherently slower reaction of 2a with H-2 compared to that of the third row congener 2b, and (b) the competing and irreversible reaction of 2a with bipy, leading to a very slow hydrogenation pathway, involving rate-limiting substitution of COD by PPh3. On the basis of this information, operationally convenient and mild conditions (CH2Cl2, RT, 1 atm H-2, t =3D 2 h) were developed for the preparation of 1, involving in the case of rhodium-based 1a pre-hydrogenation of 2a to form [Rh(PPh3)(2)](2)[BAr4F] 2 (8) before reaction with 3.db24c8. In addition to comprehensive spectroscopic characterisation of 1, the structure of iridium-based 1b was elucidated in the solid-state using X-ray diffraction.
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  • The M/M/1 queue with synchronized abandonments

    Stella Kapodistria  

    In this paper we present a detailed analysis of a single server Markovian queue with impatient customers. Instead of the standard assumption that customers perform independent abandonments, we consider situations where customers abandon the system simultaneously. Moreover, we distinguish two abandonment scenarios; in the first one all present customers become impatient and perform synchronized abandonments, while in the second scenario we exclude the customer in service from the abandonment procedure. Furthermore, we extend our analysis to the M/M/c queue under the second abandonment scenario.
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  • Qur’an in Conversation\r , by M. Birkel

    Early   Barbara P.  

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  • Galatowitsch, Susan M. Ecological Restoration.

    Havlick, David G.  

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  • M\r -matrices with prescribed elementary divisors

    Soto, Ricardo L   Díaz, Roberto C   Salas, Mario   Rojo, Oscar  

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  • 2019 M&SOM Meritorious Service Award

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  • I&M in the Automotive Sector

    Cutrufelli, Silvia  

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  • 2018 M&SOM Meritorious Service Award

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  • Can I tell you something? I\"m doping…

    Dijkstra, H P   van Dyk, N   Schumacher, Y O  

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