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  • Role of Knowledge in Young Children’s Inductions :; 幼児の帰納推論における知識の影響;


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  • Challenges of Young Chemists to Be Global; 若手の海外挑戦とそこから学ぶ次世代創薬研究;

    Komatsu, Toru   Itoh, Yukihiro  

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  • Young Japanese Children’s Ability to Acquire English Sounds :; 日本人幼児における英語音韻習得能力;


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  • My Own Path in Becoming a Young PI and Meeting Lots of People; PIになるまでの道程,人との出会い;

    Namba, Kosuke  

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  • Forever Young: Pastoral Care and the Experience of 鈥淎ging,”Reconsidered

    As we age, we inevitably experience diminishment in our physical functioning yet this need not yield a diminished sense of self. Our personal interior life and our ability to find grace in the midst of challenges are not adequately defined by the psychological, medical, or theological understandings of aging that we have inherited. Rather, there is positive potential in aging, particularly if we hone our adaptive coping skills. Pastoral care providers can facilitate enrichment of individuals’ and faith communities’ capacity for adaptive coping and ability to view the aging process as filled with new adventures of grace.
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  • Pilonidal sinus disease in young age is associated with diabetes later in life (年轻时的藏毛窦疾病与以后的糖尿病有关)

    Gikas   Aristofanis  

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  • Young Voice; 若手の会だより;

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  • Third traditional all-russian summer workshop of young scientists 鈥淐ontrol, Information, and Optimization鈥

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  • 鈥淪pinning Themselves into Poetry” Images of Urban Adolescent Writers in Two Novels for Young Adults

    Kelly Wissman  

    In contrast to the educational research and policy literature depicting urban adolescents as reluctant and struggling readers and writers, young people in recent young adult novels claim writing as an efficacious practice for self-discovery and social understanding. Analysis of the images of writers and writing in Locomotion and Call Me Mar铆a provide insights into both urban adolescents and literacies as social practices. Framed by New Literacy Studies, analysis of the novels finds that the characters use writing to document and process life-altering events; to seek meaning and inspiration in their surroundings; to resist ascribed identities; and to search for a sense of belonging in the sociopolitical landscape in which they are often marginalized due to their race, gender, youth, and/or language. This article argues that the novels humanize and dramatize adolescent literacies in ways that test results and crisis language often disguise and distort.
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  • 鈥淣egative phase”of the heart rate and stroke volume in young athletes after the Harvard step test

    I. Kh. Vakhitov   R. A. Abzalov   R. R. Abzalov and O. P. Mart’yanov  

    Changes in the heart rate (HR) and stroke volume (SV) after the Harvard step test have been studied in young athletes at different stages of multiyear training. At the initial stage of training, the HR of young swimmers and skiers transiently decreased after the test below the starting values; i.e., during the recovery period, a “negative phase” of the HR was observed. After the test, the SVs of these athletes also decreased below the starting values, following the pattern of the pulse negative phase. However, the HR and SV negative phases were not synchronous. With advancement in the training level of the young swimmers and skiers, decreases in the HR and SV below the starting values were observed more seldom, and such decreases were virtually absent at the advanced stage. No decreases in the HR or SV after the Harvard step test were observed in young ice hockey players or gymnasts.
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  • Effects of Gender and Psychosocial Factors on 鈥淔riends with Benefits”Relationships Among Young Adults

    Friends with benefits relationships (FWB) are a blend of friendship and physical intimacy outside of a committed romantic relationship. This study examined young adults’ (n = 889) engagement in, and reactions to, a FWB relationship in the past year based on their gender, psychological distress, alcohol use, and relationship attitudes. Men (54.3%) were more likely than women (42.9%) to report at least one FWB relationship and both men and women reported that FWB relationships were associated with more positive emotional reactions than negative ones although this difference was larger for men. Greater alcohol use was related to engaging in a FWB relationship and this relationship was stronger for women. Further, thoughtfulness about relationship decisions moderated the relationship between alcohol use and engaging in FWB relationships, and again this moderation effect was stronger for women than men. Young adults with more psychological distress and who felt constrained in the FWB relationship were more likely to report negative emotional reactions. Implications for psychoeducational programs and future research are offered.
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  • Intertrochanteric osteotomy in young adults for sequelae of Legg-Calv茅-Perthes”disease鈥攁 long term follow-up

    G.A.B.M. Pécasse   H. Eijer   D. Haverkamp and R.K. Marti  

    Between 1974 and 1999 we performed 15 intertrochanteric osteotomies in 14 patients with a painful hip secondary to Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease. In seven patients, the osteotomy was combined with advancement of the greater trochanter, acetabular roof plasty, or both. One patient died 5 years after the osteotomy and one patient was lost to follow-up. One patient had a revision osteotomy 21 years after the initial osteotomy, and five patients had a prosthetic replacement 8–25 years after the osteotomy. The average follow-up of the remaining osteotomies was 11.3 years. An intertrochanteric osteotomy can decrease pain and improve clinical function medium and long term without radiological progression of joint degeneration.
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  • Zainichi Korean Young Adults’ Experience of Interpersonal Relations in Japan :; 在日コリアン青年の対人関係における体験;


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  • 鈥楿nion or Death!” Gavrilo Princip, Young Bosnia and the Role of 鈥楽acred Time”in the Dynamics of Nationalist Terrorism.

    Jackson   Paul  

    This article seeks to investigate the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand from the ideological perspective of his assassins: the Young Bosnia movement. More specifically, it views Young Bosnia鈥檚 ideology as a form of political religion. It begins by constructing an ideal-typically defined syndrome of how radicalised, counter-hegemonic ideologies draw on senses of the numinous as part of their praxis. The article argues that through this lens we can enrich our understanding of the movement鈥檚 ideological dynamic. By taking as a point of departure the Young Bosnia鈥檚 conception of cultural time, which they believed to be unstable, the article argues that the movement promoted a mental state that demanded the need to act out what were perceived as personally heroic and socially redemptive fantasies. To the members of Young Bosnia, these fantasies, dramatising individual and societal redemption, were understood as narratives of renewal, or 鈥榩alingenesis鈥? Following a theoretical discussion exploring this syndrome ideal-typically, the model is then used to generate a reading of the ideology that underpinned the Young Bosnia movement. After this, the article turns its attention to Ferdinand鈥檚 killer, Gavrilo Princip, and the cohort helping to carry out the assassination. This grouping鈥檚 willingness to commit suicide after completing their 鈥榤ission鈥?was, the article argues, the product of a host of mythopoeic resources drawn upon by the Young Bosnia movement in order to elaborate a palingenetic ideology. Further, it claims that their actions provide an excellent case study in which one can see how a broad synthesis of socialist, Marxist and nationalist ideologies, alongside poetic resources, each induced the palingenetic condition in the assassins. Finally, it provides an explanatory framework that allows us to interpret how this ideology could justify political violence both against others and against... [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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  • A strategy for adjusting the distance of the standing long jump in young children.; 幼児の目安跳び動作における距離調節方略;

    Ohtaka, Chiaki   Fujiwara, Motoko  

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  • Respiratory Effects of Secondhand Smoke Exposure Among Young Adults Residing in a 鈥淐lean”Indoor Air State

    David J. Lee   Noella A. Dietz   Kristopher L. Arheart   James D. Wilkinson   John D. Clark and Alberto J. Caban-Martinez  

    The objective of this study is to estimate the prevalence of self-reported secondhand smoke (SHS) exposures and its association with respiratory symptoms in a sample of young adults residing in a state with a partial clean indoor air law. A cross-sectional telephone survey of Florida households and a single state University was conducted in 2005. Enrolled participants between 18 and 24 years of age completed a 15–20 min interview assessing past and current SHS exposure and current respiratory symptoms (n = 1858). Approximately 60%of the sample were female; nearly 70%were non-Hispanic white, 10%were non-Hispanic Black, and 11%were Hispanic. Over two-thirds reported completing at least some college; 23%reported smoking in the past month. Nearly two-thirds (64%) reported visiting a bar or nightclub which exposed them to SHS in the previous month; nearly half (46%) reported SHS exposure while riding in automobiles; 15%reported occupational SHS exposure; and nearly 9%reported living with at least one smoker. In multivariable models, personal smoking behavior, parental smoking history, and exposure to SHS in automobiles and in bars or nightclubs were significantly associated with increased reports of respiratory symptoms. Despite residing in a “clean” indoor air state, the majority of surveyed young adults continue to report exposure to SHS, especially in automobiles and in bars, and these exposures adversely impact respiratory health. All municipalities should pursue clean indoor air legislation which does not exempt bars and restaurants. Educational campaigns directed at reducing SHS exposure in motor vehicles also are needed.
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