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  • Sending-or-not-sending twin-field quantum key distribution in practice

    Yu, Zong-Wen   Hu, Xiao-Long   Jiang, Cong   Xu, Hai   Wang, Xiang-Bin  

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  • Aging Behavior and Precipitation Analysis of Cu-Ni-Co-Si Alloy

    Xiao, Xiangpeng   Huang, Jian   Chen, Jinshui   Xu, Hai   Li, Zhao   Zhang, Jianbo  

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  • Active Modulation of States of Prestress in Self-Assembled Short Peptide Gels

    Cox, Henry   Cao, Meiwen   Xu, Hai   Waigh, Thomas A.   Lu, Jian R.  

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  • Visual Discrimination Of Citrus HLB Based On Image Features

    Liu, YanDe   Xiao, Huaichun   Xu, Hai   Rao, Yu   Jiang, Xiaogang   Sun, Xudong  

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  • Lung Cancer in Patients With Tuberculous Fibrothorax and Empyema

    Xu, Hai   Koo, Hyun Jung   Lee, Han Na   Lim, Soyeoun   Lee, Jae Wook   Choi, Chang-Min   Kim, Mi Young  

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  • Assessment of immunotoxicity of dibutyl phthalate using live zebrafish embryos

    Xu, Hai   Dong, Xing   Zhang, Zhen   Yang, Ming   Wu, Xiangyang   Liu, Hongcui   Lao, Qiaocong   Li, Chunqi  

    Highlights • DBP inhibits neutrophils formation in transgenic zebrafish embryos. • DBP inhibits macrophage formation and phagocytosis in zebrafish embryos. • DBP up-regulates the transcript levels of T cell-related gene. Abstract This study set out to understand the immune-toxic effects of dibutyl phthalate (DBP) using transgenic, albino or AB line zebrafish. Zebrafish embryos were exposed to different concentrations of DBP, and the immune cells formation, phagocytosis ability were measured after a short-term exposure to DBP for 6 h post-fertilization (hpf) to 72 or 96 hpf. Exposure to DBP was found to inhibit the neutrophils and macrophage formation in a concentration-dependent manner. The ability of macrophage phagocytosis was all decreased after exposure to DBP, indicating the occurrence of immunotoxicity. The respiratory burst was induced, and the transcription levels of T/B cell-related genes rag1/2 were up-regulated. The overall results indicate that DBP in aquatic environment greatly influence the immune system in fish, and zebrafish embryos can serve as a reliable model for the developmental immunotoxicity of toxic-chemicals.
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  • Engineering T7 bacteriophage as a potential DNA vaccine targeting delivery vector

    Xu, Hai   Bao, Xi   Wang, Yiwei   Xu, Yue   Deng, Bihua   Lu, Yu   Hou, Jibo  

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  • Holocene peatland development along the eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau

    Xu, Hai   Liu, Bin   Lan, Jianghu   Sheng, Enguo   Che, Shuai   Xu, Sheng  

    Knowledge of peatland initiation, accumulation, and decline or cessation is critical in understanding peatland development and the related carbon source/sink effect. In this study, we investigated the development of three peat profiles along the eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau (ETP) and compared the results with those of our previous work along this transect. Our work showed that the initiation over the northern ETP is later and the slowdown/cessation earlier than in the middle to southern ETP. The timing of optimum peatland formation over the northern ETP lags the Holocene climatic optimum. These spatio-temporal differences are likely to be related to the intensity of Asian summer monsoon. Our work suggests that some peatlands along the ETP transect have returned or are now returning their previously captured carbon to the atmosphere and thus act as carbon sources. Some peatlands still have net accumulation at present, but the rates have been reduced concomitant with the decreasing summer monsoon intensity. We speculate that more of the previously stored carbon in the ETP peatlands will be re-emitted to the atmosphere if the aridity continues, as might occur under a continuous global-warming scenario. [All rights reserved Elsevier].
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  • A ‘‘naked-eye’’ colorimetric and ratiometric fluorescence probe for trace hydrazine

    Wu, Cuiyan   Xu, Hai   Li, Yaqian   Xie, Ruihua   Li, Peijuan   Pang, Xiao   Zhou, Zile   Li, Haitao   Zhang, Youyu  

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  • Tropical/Subtropical Peatland Development and Global CH4 during the Last Glaciation

    Xu, Hai   Lan, Jianghu   Sheng, Enguo   Liu, Yong   Liu, Bin   Yu, Keke   Ye, Yuanda   Cheng, Peng   Qiang, Xiaoke   Lu, Fengyan   Wang, Xulong  

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  • Design of Compliant Mechanism Based on the Parallel Mechanism Decoupling Criterion

    Xu, Hai   Hang, Lu Bin   Cai, Jin   Fu, Zhi Yu   Zhang, Peng Ju   Cheng, Wu Shan  

    Traditionally compliant mechanism is difficult to achieve decoupling features, because of lack of definite theory and its deformability character. Whereas its counterpart - many rigid mechanisms with decoupling property have been designed and the method of mechanism design with decoupling feature is constructed. In this paper, an effective method to build equivalent transformation between rigid decoupling mechanism and compliant mechanism with decoupling property is proposed, and also applied to design new a decoupling rigid mechanism with 3-DOF. Finally, the decoupling features of the micro motion platform was verified through FEM analysis software ANSYS because of difficulty of compliant mechanism analysis.
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  • Hydroclimatic contrasts over Asian monsoon areas and linkages to tropical Pacific SSTs

    Xu, Hai   Lan, Jianghu   Sheng, Enguo   Liu, Bin   Yu, Keke   Ye, Yuanda   Shi, Zhengguo   Cheng, Peng   Wang, Xulong   Zhou, Xinying   Yeager, Kevin M.  

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  • Interface Engineering of Au(111) for the Growth of 1T′-MoSe 2

    Cheng, Fang   Hu, Zhixin   Xu, Hai   Shao, Yan   Su, Jie   Chen, Zhi   Ji, Wei   Loh, Kian Ping  

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  • Oscillating edge states in one-dimensional MoS2 nanowires

    Xu, Hai   Liu, Shuanglong   Ding, Zijing   Tan, Sherman J. R.   Yam, Kah Meng   Bao, Yang   Nai, Chang Tai   Ng, Man-Fai   Lu, Jiong   Zhang, Chun   Loh, Kian Ping  

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  • Coarsening behavior of (Ni, Co)2Si particles in Cu–Ni–Co–Si alloy during aging treatment

    Xiao, Xiang-Peng   Xu, Hai   Chen, Jin-Shui   Wang, Jun-Feng   Lu, Jiao   Zhang, Jiao-Bo   Peng, Li-Jun  

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    Seismic data acquired by independent simultaneous sweeping (ISS ) techniques are processed is to attenuate random uncompressed cross-talk signals and improve the resolution of the pre-stack migrated time image. A frequency- varying mean filter is applied on cross- spread offset-azimuth gathers of the data. The frequency-space domain filter may vary its window size according to the characteristics of the cross-talk.
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