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    The invention relates to variants of consensus interferon protein with improved properties, such as improved anti-viral activity, and use thereof. The variants are also easier to renature after denaturant treatment. The invention also relates to the preparation method of the variants consensus interferon.
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  • Over-Determined Source Separation and Localization Using Distributed Microphones

    Wang, Lin   Reiss, Joshua D.   Cavallaro, Andrea  

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    In an embodiment, a method is disclosed that includes, comparing, during a write back stage at an execution unit, a write identifier associated with a result to be written to a register file from execution of a first instruction to a read identifier associated with a second instruction at an execution pipeline within an interleaved multi-threaded (IMT) processor having multiple execution units. When the write identifier matches the read identifier, the method further includes storing the result at a local memory of the execution unit for use by the execution unit in the subsequent read stage.
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    The present invention relates to a novel process for the preparation of of the formula (I) (I) wherein R1 and R2 are described herein. The compounds prepared by the present invention are useful in the synthesis and manufacture of compounds for treating diseases or conditions associated with inhibiting actin polymerization.
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  • Characteristics of Plantar Loads During Walking in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis

    Zhang, Zhiwang   Wang, Lin   Hu, Kaijun   Liu, Yu  

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  • Effect of Prunella vulgaris L extract on hyperplasia of mammary gland in rats

    Qian, Yu-xian   Wang, Lin   Yang, Xuan   Li, Xin-ke  

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  • Study on light-capture performance of silicon thin-film hollow waveguide solar cells

    Wang, Lin   Wang, Xu   Fu, Xiaohong   Sun, Zihan   Jing, Chengbin   Lu, Xuehui   Yang, Pingxiong   Chu, Junhao  

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    A circular saw blade and a manufacturing process therefor, specifically a circular saw blade for cold- and hot-sawing metal, and a manufacturing process therefor. Said circular saw blade comprises a saw blade body (1), and a hardened wear layer (3) disposed around the outer circumference of the saw blade body (1). The manufacturing process includes: saw blade body (1) blanking, blade body (1) heat treatment, blade body (1) leveling, blade body (1) prepping, blade body (1) fine leveling, build-up welding or cladding pre-processing, hardened wear layer (3) manufacture, finished product leveling, side clearance grinding, tooth processing, and finished product fine leveling. This brings the saw blade within technical requirements, and makes the blade ready for conditions of use on a saw. The saw blade body (1) has a hardened wear layer (3) inside the outer circumference. This maintains long-term sharpness of two sharp corners, decreases burrs and extends cutting life. After the teeth of the saw have dulled, the teeth only need to be repaired, not re-hardened to restore effectiveness. The present invention is particularly capable of processing difficult-to-cut workpieces having high hardness and thick walls.
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  • The Impact of Natural Disasters on Stock Markets: Evidence from Japan and the US

    Wang, Lin   Kutan, Ali M  

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  • Impact Performance Analysis and Optimization of X-Sandwich Panels

    Wang, Lin   Ye, Ai Quan  

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    A material anti-counterfeiting method and a material anti-counterfeiting system (300). The material anti-counterfeiting method comprises: starting an infrared light source (301), so that an infrared ray output by the infrared light source (301) irradiates an identification region of a material to be identified (101); acquiring an infrared transmission image in the identification region (102); extracting physical characteristic data of the material to be identified from the infrared transmission image (103); matching the physical characteristic data of the material to be identified with pre-stored physical characteristic data (104); determining the material to be identified as a non-counterfeit material if the match is successful (105); and determining the material to be identified as a counterfeit material if the match is unsuccessful (106), wherein an extraction method of the pre-stored physical characteristic data is the same as an extraction method of the physical characteristic data of the material to be identified. By means of the technical solution, the anti-counterfeiting safety of a material can be effectively improved.
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  • The influence of emotional salience on the integration of person names into context

    Wang, Lin   Bastiaansen, Marcel   Yang, Yufang  

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  • Unsupervised semantic-based convolutional features aggregation for image retrieval

    Wang, Xinsheng   Pang, Shanmin   Zhu, Jihua   Wang, Jiaxing   Wang, Lin  

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  • Characterization of collagen from the skin of Amur sturgeon (Acipenser schrenckii)

    Wang, Lin   Liang, Qiufang   Chen, Tingting   Wang, Zhenbin   Xu, Junmin   Ma, Haile  

    Abstract The collagen in Amur sturgeon skin was isolated using sodium chloride (SSC, 4.55%), acetic acid (ASC, 37.42%) and pepsin (PSC, 52.80%), respectively. The collagens appeared to be dense sheet-like film linked by random-coiled filaments under SEM. The denaturation and melting temperature were 32.15 °C and 116.62 °C for SSC, 32.78 °C and 120.66 °C for ASC, 32.46 °C and 115.42 °C for PSC, assessed by CD and DSC. SDS-PAGE showed that the collagens were mainly type I with two different α chains. The amino acid profiles of them was similar to each other with high imino acid content and hydroxylation degree. FTIR confirmed the triple helical structure of the collagens, and indicated more hydrogen bond in PSC and more intermolecular crosslinks in ASC. These results suggested that the collagens have potential in commercial applications as alternatives to mammalian collagen. Graphical abstract
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  • A multilevel study on antecedents of manager voice in Chinese context

    Wang, Lin   Huang, Jiaxin   Chu, Xiaoping   Wang, Xiaohui  

    Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to investigate the antecedents of manager voice in Chinese business from the theory of plan behavior perspective. The paper focuses on how antecedents including organization-based self-esteem, psychological ownership, and supervisor-subordinate guanxi influence manager voice. It also examines the cross-level moderating effect of Chinese indigenous leadership style authoritarian leadership on the relationships between antecedents and manager voice. Design/methodology/approach - A literature review on manager voice, organization-based self-esteem, psychological ownership, supervisor-subordinate guanxi, and authoritarian leadership provided the model and hypothesis. Using a sample of 262 supervisor-subordinate dyads collected in Chinese business, a cross-level analysis was conducted to test the model and hypothesis. Findings - The results of hierarchical linear modeling show that on a individual level, in comparison with the organization-based self-esteem and psychological ownership, supervisor-subordinate guanxi is a more critical factor influencing manager voice; on a group level, authoritarian leadership is negatively related to manager voice; and authoritarian leadership moderates the relationship between the supervisor-subordinate guanxi and the manager voice: for weak authoritarian leadership group, the positive relationship between supervisor-subordinate guanxi and manager voice is stronger. Research limitations/implications - It was a cross-sectional study, and the samples were limited to Chinese business. It is necessary to replicate this research in other organization contexts. The results indicate that indigenous guanxi and authoritarian leadership significantly influence manager voice, which advances voice research in Chinese management studies. Practical implications - Results of the study suggest top Chinese business leaders should strengthen the interpersonal relationship between supervisors and subordinates in order to encourage manager voice. Moreover, the top leaders should change their authoritarian leadership to facilitate voice behavior. Originality/value - The paper is original in its investigation on how Chinese indigenous organizational factors - guanxi and authoritarian leadership - influence manager voice. The paper also explains the relationships between antecedents and manager voice from a cross-level perspective.
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  • A proxy for atmospheric daytime gaseous sulfuric acid concentration in urban Beijing

    Lu, Yiqun   Yan, Chao   Fu, Yueyun   Chen, Yan   Liu, Yiliang   Yang, Gan   Wang, Yuwei   Bianchi, Federico   Chu, Biwu   Zhou, Ying   Yin, Rujing   Baalbaki, Rima   Garmash, Olga   Deng, Chenjuan   Wang, Weigang   Liu, Yongchun   Petäjä, Tuukka   Kerminen, Veli-Matti   Jiang, Jingkun   Kulmala, Markku   Wang, Lin  

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