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  • Measurement of eta photoproduction on the proton from threshold to 1500 MeV RID B-1239-2012 RID A-2439-2012

    Bartalini, O.   Bellini, V.   Bocquet, J. P.   Calvat, P.   Capogni, M.   Casano, L.   Castoldi, M.   D'Angelo, A.   Didelez, J.-P.   Di Salvo, R.   Fantini, A.   Franco, D.   Gaulard, C.   Gervino, G.   Ghio, F.   Giardina, G.   Girolami, B.   Giusa, A.   Guidal, M.   Hourany, E.   Kunne, R.   Lapik, A.   Sandri, P. Levi   Lleres, A.   Mammoliti, F.   Mandaglio, G.   Moricciani, D.   Mushkarenkov, A. N.   Nedorezov, V.   Nicoletti, L.   Perrin, C.   Randieri, C.   Rebreyend, D.   Renard, F.   Rudnev, N.   Russew, T.   Russo, G.   Schaerf, C.   Sperduto, M.-L.   Sutera, M.-C.   Turinge, A.   Vegna, V.  

    Beam asymmetry and differential cross-section for the reaction gamma p -> eta p were measured from production threshold to 1500MeV photon laboratory energy. The two dominant neutral decay modes of the eta-meson, eta -> 2 gamma and eta -> 3 pi(0) , were analyzed. The full set of measurements is in good agreement with previously published results. Our data were compared with three models. They all fit satisfactorily the results but their respective resonance contributions are quite different. The possible photoexcitation of a narrow state N(1670) was investigated and no evidence was found.
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