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  • M. D. Raghavan The Karāva of Ceylon: society and culture. xxi, 216pp., 20 plates. Colombo: K. V. G. de Silva & Sons, [1961]. Rs. 20.

    Mayer, Adrian C.  

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  • Greek Minuscule MSS Monument a Palaeographica Vetera. First Series. Dated Greek Minuscule MSS. to the year 1200 A.D., edited by Kirsopp Lake and Silva Lake. Fasc. V: MSS. in Paris, Part II, Oxford, Berlin, Vienna and Jerusalem; Nos. 176–213, Pis. 301–373. Fasc. VI: MSS. in Moscow and Leningrad; Nos. 214–257, Pls. 374–452. Boston, U.S.A.: American Academy of Arts and Sciences (London: Christophers), 1936. Portfolios, 40s. each.

    Minns, Ellis H.  

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  • Real time digital control system for a single-phase shunt active power filter

    Silva, V.   Pinto, J.G.   Cabral, J.   Afonso, J.L.   Tavares, A.  

    In this paper a real-time control system, developed to control a single-phase shunt active power filter used to minimize problems related to power quality in electrical systems is presented. The power stage of the active filter is based on a one-leg inverter, with two capacitors in the dc side, and a filter inductor in the ac side. The control system is based on the instantaneous power theory in the alpha-beta-0 reference frame (pq-theory), modified to be applied in single-phase systems. In essence, the shunt active filter is designed to drain, from the electric grid, harmonic and reactive components of the load currents, such that the source current will become an almost sinusoidal waveform, with low harmonic distortion, and in phase with the system voltage. The control system is implemented using a development board (Atmel NGW100) and ensures simultaneous real-time acquisition of voltage and current data, the proposed system is capable of acquiring eight analog channels (16-bit resolution) simultaneously at 150ksps, based in the acquire data the power components calculation and compensation is performed accordingly to the p-q theory.
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    Andrade, J.   Falcao, G.   Silva, V.   Kasai, Kenta  

    It is well known that non-binary LDPC codes outperform the BER performance of binary LDPC codes for the same code length. The superior BER performance of non-binary codes comes at the expense of more complex decoding algorithms that demand higher computational power. In this paper, we propose parallel signal processing algorithms for performing the FFT-SPA and the corresponding decoding of non-binary LDPC codes over GF(q). The constraints imposed by the complex nature of associated subsystems and kernels, in particular the Check Nodes, present computational challenges regarding multicore systems. Experimental results obtained on GPU for a variety of GF(q) show throughputs in the order of 2 Mbps, which is far above from the minimum throughput required, for example, for real-time video applications that can benefit from such error correcting capabilities.
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  • La Atlantártida. Un espacio geopolíticoby A. Fernando Milia; Wulf Siewert; B. Quagliotti de Bellis; Do Couto Golbery E. Silva; B. J. Guglialmelli; J. C. Moneta; O. A. Casellas; A. V. Palermo; N. B. Rodríguez; H. N. Fourcade; A. J. Fraga

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  • Analytical optimization of CQF filter banks

    Silva, V.   de Sa, L.  

    The optimization of subband filter banks for signal and image coding is normally dealt with by numerical means. It is shown that this optimization can be done analytically in the case of the prototype four-tap causal conjugate quadrature filter (CQF). The coding gain and aliasing energy are considered in the optimization. Using parametrizations of the prototype filter coefficients, it was found that the optimal filter is the regular Daubechies D/sub 2/ wavelet filter.
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  • High coded data rate and multicodeword WiMAX LDPC decoding on Cell/BE RID B-2749-2009

    Falcao, G.   Silva, V.   Sousa, L.   Marinho, J.  

    A novel, flexible and scalable parallel LDPC decoding approach for the WiMAX wireless broadband standard (IEEE 802.16e) in the multicore Cell broadband engine architecture is proposed. A multicodeword LDPC decoder performing the simultaneous decoding of 96 code-words is presented. The coded data rate achieved a range of 72-80 Mbit/s, which compares well with VLSI-based decoders and is superior to the maximum coded data rate required by the WiMAX standard performing in worst case conditions. The 8-bit precision arithmetic adopted shows additional advantages over traditional 6-bit precision dedicated VLSI-based solutions, allowing better error floors and BER performance.
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  • Three independent ways to obtain information on pore size distributions of nanofiltration membranes RID B-7628-2011 RID B-4622-2012

    Otero, J. A.   Mazarrasa, O.   Villasante, J.   Silva, V.   Pradanos, P.   Calvo, J. I.   Hernandez, A.  

    Three independent methods are used to get the pore size distribution of nanofiltration membranes. Two membranes from PCI - AFC-40 and AFC-80 - have been studied. The surface pore size distribution has been studied by AFM images of the membrane surface. A steric pore flow model with friction has been used for different neutral solutes to obtain the effective pore size seen by several organic uncharged solutes. This model is improved by taking into account the modifications of viscosity for confined geometries in narrow pores and by using the Hagen-Poiseuille model to isolate the pore radius as the only parameter of the model. The retentive fractions of pores for the solutes used, which sizes are over the effective pore size seen by them, have been considered to obtain the pore size distribution. Finally a liquid-liquid displacement technique has been used to directly get the open pore size distribution. A fairly good agreement has been obtained by all the three methods used. (C) 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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  • Latin American Registry of Pediatric Renal Transplantation 2004-2008

    Goulart, P.   Koch, P.   Medina-Pestana, J.   Garcia, C.   Bittencourt, V.   Medeiros, M.   Munoz, R.   Delucchi, A.   Lillo, A. M.   Ariza, M.   Bosque, M.   Carvalho, D.   Matuck, T.   Meneses, R.   Fontes, J.   Monteiro, L.   Neto, E. Davi   Pinto, V.   Salas, P.   Prates, L.   Belanguero, V.   Pereira, L.   Lima, E.   Penido, J. M.   Benini, V.   Laranjo, S.   Silva, J. M.   Orta, N.   Coronel, V.   Cisneros, A.   Arriaga, J.   Sebastian, M. J.   Abbud-Filho, M.   Fernandez, I.   Gastelbondo, R.   Medjia, N.   Rosati, P.   Hevia, P.   Baptista, M. A.   Ramalho, H.   Diaz, M.   Monteverde, M.   Ferraris, J.   Repetto, H.   Exeni, R.   Florentin, L.   Florin, J.   Cazorla, N.   Casadei, D.   Melendez, K.   Calderon, R.   Silva, V.   Patino, J.   Palacio, D.   Madrigal, G.   Sandoval, M.   Urbina, C.   Loza, R.   Cavagnaro, F.   Vogel, A.   Jimenez, W.   Lou, R.   Rodriguez, C.   Aguilar, C.   Galvez, H.   Rodriguez, L.   Paladini, J.   Agusti, J.   Puelma, F.   Troche, A.   Martinez-Pico, M.   Higueras, W.   Liendo, C.   Restrepo, J.   Caicedo, L. A.   Socorro, F.   Semprum, P.  

    The Latin American Pediatric Nephrology Association (ALANEPE) reports the first regional kidney transplant registry in Latin America. A mean range of 75%, 30% to 100% renal transplant recipients under 21 yr old were included. Out of 20 countries invited to participate, 14 performed renal transplant, 11 had universal financial support from their governments. The centers included: Brazil (9), Argentina (4), Chile (4), Venezuela (3), Mexico (2), and one in: Cuba, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ecuador, Honduras, Paraguay and Peru. The registry included 1458 patients, average of 291 per year, 55% male. Mean follow-up 23.4 +/- 17 months; mean age was 11.7 +/- 4.3 yr (1-21), 11% under five yr of age. Etiology: uropathy/ reflux nephropathy 27%, glomerulopathies 24% (included 12% FSGS), hypo/dysplasia (11%), vascular (6%), congenital/hereditary (5%), unknown (19%). Induction therapy: 71% anti-IL2RAb, 13% ATG/TIMO, 14% non-induction. Maintenance therapy: Tacrolimus 64%, Cyclosporine 32%, MMF 54%, MPS 20%, noTORi 96%, steroids 90%, withdrawal or steroid avoidance 10%. Loss of graft 155/1458 (11%), death with functioning graft (3.4%), vascular thrombosis (2.8%), acute rejection (2.8%), recurrence of disease (1%). Forty-eight patients died (3.3%); infection was the main cause 23 (2.1%). Global patient survival rate at one, three, and five yr was 97%, 96%, and 96%. Graft survival rate at one, three, and five yr LRD was 96%, 93% and 89%; for DD 92%, 86% and 76% respectively. Both survival rates were higher in LRD (p < 0.008 and p < 0.001). A pediatric renal transplant study has started, making information available to be shared between the centers and the world.
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  • Concerning the article: J Pereira de Moura, M Santos Rosa, V Alves, A Mota Pinto, V Rodrigues, JM Silva, JJ Alves de Moura. Populacoes Celulares Perifericas (CD4+, CD8+ e CD19+) em individuos dislipidemicos.

    Wiwanitkit, Viroj  

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  • Role of the gas temperature and power to gas flow ratio on powder and voids formation in films grown by PECVD technique

    Martins, R.   Silva, V.   Ferreira, I.   Domingues, A.   Fortunato, E.  

    This paper deals with the study of the role of gas temperature and of the ratio of RF power to gas flow on the particle's formation in amorphous silicon films grown by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition, by monitoring the plasma impedance behaviour under different process conditions. The aim is to determine in which conditions the particles formed do not deteriorate the performances of the films grown or may even lead to an improvement of the properties of the films deposited. The results achieved show the existence of two main boundary regions (beta- and thetas-regions) separating the so-called alpha-regime (no powder formed) from the gamma-regime (powder formed). Those regions are reached either by heating the gas, changing the gas pressure or using high power to gas flow ratios. In the beta-region the probability of incorporating nanoparticles in the films is low and the films exhibit properties similar to those of the ones grown in the alpha-regime, with a low density of voids incorporated. In the thetas-region small nanoparticles can be incorporated leading to films with density of states below 5times10 -15 cm -3, widened Urbach energies and photosensitivity about two orders of magnitude larger than that of conventional amorphous silicon grown in the alpha-regime
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  • Implementing a distributed sensing and actuation system: The CAMBADA robots case study

    Silva, V.   Marau, R.   Almeida, L.   Ferreira, J.   Calha, M.   Pedreiras, P.   Fonseca, J.  

    The use of distributed computing architectures has become commonplace in complex embedded systems with potential advantages, for example, in terms of scalability, dependability and maintainability. One particular area in which that trend can be witnessed is mobile autonomous robotics in which several sensors and actuators are interconnected by means of a control network. In this paper we address one case study concerning the CAMBADA robots that were developed at the University of Aveiro for the Robocup Middle Size League. These robots have a distributed architecture with two layers, a coordination layer responsible for the global behaviors and a distributed sensing and actuating layer that conveys internal state information and executes coordination commands. This paper focuses on the latter layer, which is based on the FTT-CAN protocol, following a network-centric approach that provides an efficient framework for the synchronization of all systems activities. We describe the computing and communication requirements, the robot architecture, the system design and implementation, and finally we provide experimental results that show advantages with respect to a non-synchronized distributed approach.
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  • MANUEL SILVA SUÁREZ (ed.), Técnica e ingenieríaen España. Zaragoza: Real academia de ingeniería, 2004. Vol. 1: El Renacimiento. Zaragoza: Real academia de ingeniería, 2004. v+624 pp., ill., ISBN 8478208143, vol. II: El siglo de las luces. De la ingeniería a la nueva navegación. 622 pp., ill., ISBN 84-7820-815-1; vol. III: El siglo de las luces. De la industria al ámbito agroforestal. 574 pp., ill., ISBN 84-7820-816-X.


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  • Greek Minuscule MSS Monument a Palaeographica Vetera. First Series. Dated Greek Minuscule MSS. to the year 1200 A.D., edited by Kirsopp Lake and Silva Lake. Fasc. V: MSS. in Paris, Part II, Oxford, Berlin, Vienna and Jerusalem; Nos. 176–213, Pis. 301–373. Fasc. VI: MSS. in Moscow and Leningrad; Nos. 214–257, Pls. 374–452. Boston, U.S.A.: American Academy of Arts and Sciences (London: Christophers), 1936. Portfolios, 40s. each.

    Minns   Ellis H.  

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  • Determination of macronutrient compositions in selected,frequently consumed cereals,cereal based foods,legumes and pulses prepared according to common culinary methods in Sri Lanka

    Silva, V.   Jayasinghe, M. A.   Senadheera, S. A.   Ranaweera, K. K. D. S.  

    Cereal grains, legumes and pulses comprise the largest proportion in a typical South-Asian diet plate. This research is mainly focusing on determining the macronutrient composition of major cereals, legumes and pulses commonly consumed in local Sri Lankan cuisine, in their cooked form. White samba, White Basmati, Red Kekulu and Nadu rice were selected as the main rice varieties and in addition maize, and wheat, finger millet flour-based foods too were analyzed. Red cowpea, green gram, chickpea and soya bean based foods were analyzed for macronutrient compositions as they are more frequently consumed by the local population, while the most preferred curry item; 'lentils', was analyzed along with soya curry; another preferred item by millions of locals. Wheat flour based items like bread were taken into analysis since, they have become the second most preferred food next to rice. Every item was cooked according to the common culinary practices in aim to determine the "realistic nutrient gain". Proximate analysis was carried out according to the AOAC standard guidelines for the determination of moisture, carbohydrate, fat, and protein whereas, insoluble dietary fiber and soluble dietary fiber were determined using enzymatic digestion in vitro models. Results revealed digestible carbohydrate level range from 64.6 +/- 5.3 to 74.6 +/- 7.2% among tested rice varieties, while protein content varies from 5.6 +/- 2.2 to 8.9 +/- 2.6. Insoluble dietary fiber was high in boiled raw rice (9.8 +/- 0.2) and low in boiled White Basmati. Amongst tested leguminous beans, pressure cooked red cowpea elicited the highest protein level (24.5 +/- 2.3%), while pressure cooked green gram had the lowest protein content (20.0 +/- 0.6%). Pressure cooked chick pea was having higher insoluble dietary content (14.8 +/- 1.3%) compared to other beans. Soybean curry elicited the highest protein (36.6%) and fat content (8.2%) among all the tested varieties. Pittu (puttu) and roti varieties made with wheat flour and finger millet flour resulted considerably higher levels of digestible fiber compared to roti made with whole wheat flour. It can be concluded that typical Sri Lankan diets are rich in fibre and protein, while they provide excellent macronutrient profiles due to the proper complementary mixing of food ingredients.
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  • La Atlantártida. Un espacio geopolíticoby A. Fernando Milia; Wulf Siewert; B. Quagliotti de Bellis; Do Couto Golbery E. Silva; B. J. Guglialmelli; J. C. Moneta; O. A. Casellas; A. V. Palermo; N. B. Rodríguez; H. N. Fourcade; A. J. Fraga

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