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  • Evaluating optimal sites for combined-cycle power plants using GIS:comparison of two aggregation methods in Iran

    Karimi, Hazhir   Soffianian, Alireza   Seifi, Sadri   Pourmanafi, Saeid   Ramin, Hadi  

    This study aims to use an integration of GIS and multi-criteria evaluation for combined-cycle power plant site selection and compares two aggregation methods for Iran. The information layers of the criteria are prepared in the GIS environment and then the layers standardised using fuzzy functions in IDRISI. All layers are combined using two conventional methods of fuzzy logic and weighted linear combination; from this information, the suitability maps were created. Results show that only 2.0% of the region under study is scored high-suitable using the fuzzy logic, while 21% of the area is considered as highly suitable when the weighted linear combination is used. Despite this significant difference, both approaches recommend the ideal place in the north and northwest of the study area. In conclusion, integrating GIS and multi-criteria evaluation is a comprehensive approach that improves and strengthens the suitability of site selection studies.
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