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  • 《紅豆樹館詩話》初探 / A Preliminary Investigation of the \"Red Bean Tree House Causerie on Poems\"

    鄧昭祺 and Tang Chiu Kay  

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  • 鈥淕old corrosion” red stains on a gold Austrian Ducat

    G. Gusmano   R. Montanari   S. Kaciulis   G. Montesperelli and R. Denk  

    Stains of different colours have been observed on historic and modern gold coins in several countries. An Austrian Ducat at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna has developed some red spots on its surface over the years. The same defects have also been observed in modern coins of higher gold purity. The spots have been examined by OM, SEM, EDS, XPS and AES.Optical microscopy showed that red defects exhibit in fact a nuance of colours. The surface analysis put in evidence the presence in the stains, in addition to gold, of silver and sulphur. The values of the modified Auger parameter of silver correspond to those of Ag2S; thus, it can be assumed that the stains are composed of silver sulphide (Ag2S).
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  • Anesthesia machine as a cause of intraoperative 鈥渃ode red”in the labor and delivery suite

    Krzysztof M. Kuczkowski  

    Fire is a rare but potentially disastrous operating room misadventure. I herein describe the first reported case of a fire in the labor and delivery suite, which also happens to be the first case of a fire caused by malfunctioning anesthesia machine.
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    Fukuchi, Nobuaki   Tanaka, Seiko   Tamura, Yuto   Naito, Yu   Ohashi, Wataru   Sato, Shinichiro   Kato, Toshiaki   Kino, Shuichi   Mure, Kazuhide  

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  • Dietary Chinese Herbs || Salvia miltiorrhiza Bonge 丹参 (Danshen, Red Sage)

    Liu, Yanze   Wang, Zhimin   Zhang, Junzeng  

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  • Surgical resection of a patient with Good syndrome accompanied by pure red cell aplasia; 赤芽球癆を合併したGood症候群の1切除例;

    Ochi, Kaoru   Fumimoto, Satoshi   Kataoka, Takayuki   Ichihashi, Yoshio   Satoh, Kiyoshi   Hanaoka, Nobuharu  

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    Provided is a red blood cell protective agent that allows for longer-term storage and safer use of a red blood cell-containing solution (e.g., red blood cell concentrate). When red blood cells are stored for a long period of time, phosphatidylserine (PS) is expressed on the surface of the red blood cell membranes. This red blood cell protective agent contains a histidine-rich glycoprotein (HRG) as an active component. HRG suppresses PS expression on red blood cell surfaces, and allows for longer-term storage and safer use of a red blood cell-containing solution.
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    Methods and apparatus are disclosed for detecting one or more species in a sample, wherein laser probe light is frequency swept across at least one infra red absorption spectrum feature of each of the species. A path from the probe light source to a single detector element may be switched between at least one sample absorption cell or volume and one or more reference cells or volumes.
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    A red light-avoiding driving system, comprising a terminal having installed thereon a red light avoidance app and an automobile having mounted a speed control module. The red light-avoiding driving system comprises a GPS module installed in an automobile, the GPS module being used to track an automobile location; a memory installed in the car, said memory being used to store an electronic map and back-end operating data of the red light avoidance app; a terminal communications module, said terminal communications module being capable of acquiring traffic light timing information; a terminal display screen installed in the automobile; the communications module and the memory both being connected to the Internet, and capable of updating the electronic map and traffic light information data in real time. The present system uses general purpose equipment (e.g. a smartphone) rather than custom equipment to realize the goal of avoiding red lights; just by running an appropriate application, a smartphone can realize this goal by itself.
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    The invention relates to polycrystalline ceramics formed exclusively from alumina, chromium oxide and magnesium oxide, yielding opaque red ceramics with a toughness of more than 2.8 MPa.m1/2.
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    [Problem] To provide a novel near-infrared fluorescent probe that accumulates in the cytoplasm. [Solution] A compound represented by general formula (I) or a salt thereof.
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    A light emitting device (LED-Filament) comprises: a light-transmissive substrate; at least one blue LED chip mounted on the light-transmissive substrate, for instance mounted on a face thereof; and a photoluminescence material at least partially covering the at least one blue LED chip. The photoluminescence material comprises narrow-band red phosphor particles that generates light with a peak emission wavelength in a range of 600 nm to 640 nm and a full width at half maximum emission intensity of 50 nm to 60 nm. The light emitting device is characterized by CRI Ra greater than or equal to about 90. The narrow-band red phosphor particles can comprise at least one Group IIA/IIB selenide sulfide-based phosphor material such as for example CaSe1-xSx:Eu (CSS phosphor). The LED-filament can be incorporated in a lamp, with a yellow to green- emitting phosphor that generates light with a peak emission wavelength in a range of 520 nm to 570 nm, to provide light with a color temperature in a range of 1500 K to 4000 K or 1500 K to 6500 K and a General Color Rendering Index (CRI Ra) greater than or equal to about 90 and a CRI R9 greater than or equal to about 50.
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  • Delphinium plant named ‘Red Lark’

    A new and distinct cultivar of Delphinium plant named ‘Red Lark’, characterized by its semi-double, light red-colored flowers, medium green-colored foliage, and moderately vigorous, upright growth habit, is disclosed.
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  • Helichrysum plant named ‘Red Jewel’

    A new and distinct cultivar of Helichrysum plant named ‘Red Jewel’, characterized by its upright and mounding plant habit; moderately vigorous growth habit; freely branching growth habit, bushy growth form; numerous inflorescences positioned above and beyond the foliar plane; inflorescence buds that are dark red purple in color; inflorescences with showy dark red purple-colored involucral bracts; and good postproduction longevity and garden performance.
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    The present invention provides a red paint for ceramic decoration which comprises a glass matrix and, mingled therewith, a red colorant and a protective material. The red colorant comprises gold nanoparticles and silver nanoparticles. The protective material comprises silica nanoparticles.
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    The present invention relates to an endive plant (Cichorium endivia)comprising an anthocyanin activator allele and optionally an anthocyanin enhancer allele, wherein said alleles are as comprised in an endive plant representative seed of which was deposited with the NCIMB under accession number NCIMB 41940, wherein the plant has a reddish colouration of at least the midrib and petiole of the leaves as a result of the presence of said anthocyanin activator allele and optionally anthocyanin enhancer allele.
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