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  • Procalcitonin to guide antibiotic stewardship in intensive care

    Romolo M Dorizzi   Anna Maria Azzini   Piersandro Sette  

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  • On the Shoulders of Giants: A 1500-Year-Old Aphorism

    Romolo M. Dorizzi   Piersandro Sette   Anna Maria Azzini  

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  • La breve storia del laringoscopio: dal teatro lirico al teatro operatorio

    Piersandro Sette   Romolo M. Dorizzi…  

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  • First: patient safety, second: patient safety

    Piersandro Sette   Romolo M. Dorizzi   Anna Maria Azzini  

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  • Complex Alpine Extrication: Case Report of Mountain and Speleological Rescue Cooperation

    Piersandro Sette   Mauro Carlini   Damiano Berti   Igor Rucci   Francesco Marchiori   Fausto Toffali   Alberto Schonsberg   Giorgio Ricci   Stefano Tardivo  

    Mountain sporting activities are an increasingly popular practice that exposes mountaineers to a high risk of adverse events. This report describes a unique case of recovery in an austere environment that involved explosives. In June 2012, a 52-year-old man ascended a cliff tower in the Eastern Alps, Italy. A landslide occurred, and a boulder crushed the climber against a large stone located farther down the cliff, causing compression of the lower limbs and the pelvis with consequent severe musculoskeletal trauma. The National Alpine and Cave Rescue Unit (NACRU) arrived and proceeded with stabilization of the injured climber, which took 6 hours and involved a difficult extrication supported by the Cave Rescue division of NACRU. Unfortunately, during transport to the trauma center of Borgo Trento, Verona, the patient exhibited signs of progressive traumatic shock because of crush syndrome, hypovolemia, and acidosis, which led to cardiac arrest and death. Based on an extensive literature review, this report was determined to be the only one of a mountain rescue using explosives for the extrication of a victim in the Northeast Italian Alps. This case describes how a rescue in austere environments can represent a high-risk situation, and it shows how improvisation and cooperation between rescue teams are crucial for a successful recovery.
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  • Only practice and praxis can limit the unavoidable errors of the practice

    Piersandro Sette   Romolo Dorizzi   Anna M. Azzini   Giuseppe Castellano  

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