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  • Structural and thermoelectric properties of hydrothermal-processed Ag-doped Fe 2 O 3

    Park, K.   Hong, H.Y.   Jung, G.W.   Kim, D.H.   Hakeem, D.A.   Iqbal, A.  

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  • Screwed micro fluidic connections fabricated by ultrasonic hot embossing and welding

    Lee, H.-J.   Sackmann, J.   Park, K.   Schomburg, W. K.  

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  • P16.10 An Unusual cyst wall enhancement in a patient with cerebellar hemangioblastoma

    Hwang, J.   Park, K.  

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  • Direct Observation of Proton-Neutron Short-Range Correlation Dominance in Heavy Nuclei

    Duer, M.   Schmidt, A.   Pybus, J. R.   Segarra, E. P.   Denniston, A. W.   Weiss, R.   Hen, O.   Piasetzky, E.   Weinstein, L. B.   Barnea, N.   Korover, I.   Cohen, E. O.   Hakobyan, H.   Adhikari, S.   Angelini, Giovanni   Battaglieri, M.   Beck, A.   Bedlinskiy, I.   Biselli, A. S.   Boiarinov, S.   Brooks, W.   Burkert, V. D.   Cao, F.   Carman, D. S.   Celentano, A.   Chetry, T.   Ciullo, G.   Clark, L.   Cole, P. L.   Contalbrigo, M.   Cortes, O.   Crede, V.   Cruz Torres, R.   D’Angelo, A.   Dashyan, N.   De Sanctis, E.   De Vita, R.   Deur, A.   Diehl, S.   Djalali, C.   Dupre, R.   Duran, Burcu   Egiyan, H.   El Alaoui, A.   El Fassi, L.   Eugenio, P.   Filippi, A.   Forest, T. A.   Gilfoyle, G. P.   Giovanetti, K. L.   Girod, F. X.   Golovatch, E.   Gothe, R. W.   Griffioen, K. A.   Guo, L.   Hafidi, K.   Hanretty, C.   Harrison, N.   Hattawy, M.   Hauenstein, F.   Hayward, T. B.   Heddle, D.   Hicks, K.   Holtrop, M.   Ilieva, Y.   Ireland, D. G.   Ishkhanov, B. S.   Isupov, E. L.   Jo, H. S.   Joo, K.   Kabir, M. L.   Keller, D.   Khachatryan, M.   Khanal, A.   Khandaker, M.   Kim, W.   Klein, F. J.   Kubarovsky, V.   Kuhn, S. E.   Lanza, L.   Laskaris, G.   Lenisa, P.   Livingston, K.   MacGregor, I. J. D.   Marchand, D.   Markov, N.   McKinnon, B.   Mey-Tal Beck, S.   Mirazita, M.   Mokeev, V.   Montgomery, R. A.   Movsisyan, A.   Munoz Camacho, C.   Mustapha, B.   Nadel-Turonski, P.   Niccolai, S.   Niculescu, G.   Osipenko, M.   Ostrovidov, A. I.   Paolone, M.   Paremuzyan, R.   Park, K.   Pasyuk, E.   Patsyuk, M.   Phelps, W.   Pogorelko, O.   Prok, Y.   Protopopescu, D.   Ripani, M.   Rizzo, A.   Rosner, G.   Rossi, P.   Sabatié, F.   Schmookler, B. A.   Schumacher, R. A.   Sharabian, Y.   Skorodumina, Iu.   Sokhan, D.   Sparveris, N.   Stepanyan, S.   Strauch, S.   Taiuti, M.   Tan, J. A.   Tyler, N.   Ungaro, M.   Voskanyan, H.   Voutier, E.   Wang, R.   Wei, X.   Wood, M. H.   Zachariou, N.   Zhang, J.   Zhao, Z. W.   Zheng, X.  

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  • Trends in Dietary Supplement Use in a Cohort of Postmenopausal Women From Iowa

    Park, K.   Harnack, L.   Jacobs, D. R.  

    Although it is widely known that use of dietary supplements is common in the United States, little is known about use patterns among older Americans. The authors examined trends in dietary supplement use and its contribution to total nutrient intake in the Iowa Women's Health Study cohort in 1986 (baseline) and 2004 (follow-up). The proportion of women who reported using dietary supplements increased substantially between baseline (66%) and follow-up (85%). Moreover, a substantial proportion of women reported using multiple dietary supplements, with 27% using 4 or more products in 2004. Dietary supplements contributed substantially to total intake of many nutrients at baseline, and their contribution became relatively greater at follow-up for most nutrients examined. For most nutrients, no decline in intake was observed, as might have been expected in an aging cohort. Rather, intake of many nutrients increased, primarily because of the rising use of dietary supplements. Use of dietary supplements by older individuals is of particular importance because of the potential benefits of maintaining nutrient intake levels despite potentially declining food intake. However, possible risks from obtaining a large proportion of purified nutrients from dietary supplements rather than deriving them from foods should be studied.
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  • Improved photoluminescence properties of BaAl2Si2O8:Eu3+,Tb3+ phosphors by doping Tb3+

    Park, K.   Hakeem, D.A.  

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  • 286 Assessment of hair surface roughness by objective analysis

    Park, K.   Kim, H.   Oh, B.   Lee, E.   Ha, J.  

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  • Natural Phthalate Derivatives from the Bacterium Burkholderia cepacia K87

    Sultan, M. Z.   Moon, S. -S.   Park, K.  

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  • , by Cheung, Y. L., Ben Said, S., & Park, K. (Eds.).

    Dingding Jia  

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  • Deep exclusive π+electroproduction off the proton at CLAS

    Park, K.   Guidal, M.   Gothe, R. W.   Laget, J. M.   Gar?on, M.   Adhikari, K. P.   Aghasyan, M.   Amaryan, M. J.   Anghinolfi, M.   Avakian, H.   Baghdasaryan, H.   Ball, J.   Baltzell, N. A.   Battaglieri, M.   Bedlinsky, I.   Bennett, R. P.   Biselli, A. S.   Bookwalter, C.   Boiarinov, S.   Briscoe, W. J.   Brooks, W. K.   Burkert, V. D.   Carman, D. S.   Celentano, A.   Chandavar, S.   Charles, G.   Contalbrigo, M.   Crede, V.   D’Angelo, A.   Daniel, A.   Dashyan, N.   Vita, R.   Sanctis, E.   Deur, A.   Djalali, C.   Dodge, G. E.   Doughty, D.   Dupre, R.   Egiyan, H.   Alaoui, A.   Fassi, L.   Eugenio, P.   Fedotov, G.   Fegan, S.   Fleming, J. A.   Forest, T. A.   Fradi, A.   Gevorgyan, N.   Gilfoyle, G. P.   Giovanetti, K. L.   Girod, F. X.   Gohn, W.   Golovatch, E.   Graham, L.   Griffioen, K. A.   Guegan, B.   Guo, L.   Hafidi, K.   Hakobyan, H.   Hanretty, C.   Heddle, D.   Hicks, K.   Ho, D.   Holtrop, M.   Ilieva, Y.   Ireland, D. G.   Ishkhanov, B. S.   Jenkins, D.   Jo, H. S.   Keller, D.   Khandaker, M.   Khetarpal, P.   Kim, A.   Kim, W.   Klein, F. J.   Koirala, S.   Kubarovsky, A.   Kubarovsky, V.   Kuhn, S. E.   Kuleshov, S. V.   Livingston, K.   Lu, H. Y.   MacGregor, I. J. D.   Mao, Y.   Markov, N.   Martinez, D.   Mayer, M.   McKinnon, B.   Meyer, C. A.   Mineeva, T.   Mirazita, M.   Mokeev, V.   Moutarde, H.   Munevar, E.   Munoz Camacho, C.   Nadel-Turonski, P.   Nepali, C. S.   Niccolai, S.   Niculescu, G.   Niculescu, I.   Osipenko, M.   Ostrovidov, A. I.   Pappalardo, L. L.   Paremuzyan, R.   Park, S.   Pasyuk, E.   Anefalos Pereira, S.   Phelps, E.   Pisano, S.   Pogorelko, O.   Pozdniakov, S.   Price, J. W.   Procureur, S.   Protopopescu, D.   Puckett, A. J. R.   Raue, B. A.   Ricco, G.   Rimal, D.   Ripani, M.   Rosner, G.   Rossi, P.   Sabatié, F.   Saini, M. S.   Salgado, C.   Schott, D.   Schumacher, R. A.   Seder, E.   Seraydaryan, H.   Sharabian, Y. G.   Smith, E. S.   Smith, G. D.   Sober, D. I.   Sokhan, D.   Stepanyan, S. S.   Stoler, P.   Strakovsky, I. I.   Strauch, S.   Taiuti, M.   Tang, W.   Taylor, C. E.   Tian, Ye   Tkachenko, S.   Trivedi, A.   Ungaro, M.  

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  • 4D Monte Carlo Dosimetry and its Validation With Measurements

    Park, K.   Huang, T.   Forster, K.   Stevens, C.   Zhang, G.  

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  • A Study on the Thermal Stabilities of the NiGe and Ni[sub 1?x]Ta[sub x]Ge Systems

    Park, K.   Lee, B. H.   Lee, D.   Ko, D.-H.   Kwak, K. H.   Yang, C.-W.   Kim, H.  

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  • Effect of Surface-activated PLLA Scaffold on Apatite Formation in Simulated Body Fluid

    Park, K.   Hyun Jung Jung,    Kim, J.-J.   Dong Keun Han,  

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    Kim, Y.   Lee, H.   Park, B.   Park, K.  

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  • A Novel Role of a Lipid Species, Sphingosine-1-Phosphate, in Epithelial Innate Immunity

    Park, K.   Elias, P. M.   Shin, K.-O.   Lee, Y.-M.   Hupe, M.   Borkowski, A. W.   Gallo, R. L.   Saba, J.   Holleran, W. M.   Uchida, Y.  

    A variety of external perturbations can induce endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress, followed by stimulation of epithelial cells to produce an innate immune element, the cathelicidin antimicrobial peptide (CAMP). ER stress also increases production of the proapoptotic lipid ceramide and its antiapoptotic metabolite, sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P). We demonstrate here that S1P mediates ER stress-induced CAMP generation. Cellular ceramide and S1P levels rose in parallel with CAMP levels following addition of either exogenous cell-permeating ceramide (C2Cer), which increases S1P production, or thapsigargin (an ER stressor), applied to cultured human skin keratinocytes or topically to mouse skin. Knockdown of S1P lyase, which catabolizes S1P, enhanced ER stress-induced CAMP production in cultured cells and mouse skin. These and additional inhibitor studies show that S1P is responsible for ER stress-induced upregulation of CAMP expression. Increased CAMP expression is likely mediated via S1P-dependent NF-kappa B-C/EBP alpha activation. Finally, lysates of both ER-stressed and S1P-stimulated cells blocked growth of virulent Staphylococcus aureus in vitro, and topical C2Cer and LL-37 inhibited invasion of Staphylococcus aureus into murine skin. These studies suggest that S1P generation resulting in increased CAMP production comprises a novel regulatory mechanism of epithelial innate immune responses to external perturbations, pointing to a new therapeutic approach to enhance antimicrobial defense.
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  • Does Health Status Influence Intention Regarding Screening Mammography?

    Park, K.   Park, J.-H.   Park, J.-H.   Kim, H. J.   Park, B. Y.  

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