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  • Homeostasis in lipid metabolism is impaired in Parkinson\"s disease

    Park, K.   Oeda, T.   Umemura, A.   Kohsaka, M.   Tomita, S.   Sugiyama, H.   Sawada, H.  

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  • Serum calcitonin negative a large medullary thyroid carcinoma: a case report

    Park, K.   Yang, S.I.   Lee, J.  

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  • A case of alcoholic pellagra encephalopathy presenting with spinal myoclonus

    Park, K.   Oeda, T.   Sawada, H.  

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  • Thermoelectric transport properties of Ca3Co4?xNixO9+δoxide materials

    Park, K.   Cha, J. S.   Nam, S. W.   Choi, S.-M.   Seo, W.-S.   Lee, S.   Lim, Y. S.  

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  • Transcriptional activation of the IL31 gene by NFAT and STAT6

    Park, K.   Park, J.-H.   Yang, W.-J.   Lee, J.-J.   Song, M.-J.   Kim, H.-P.  

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  • Toenail Selenium and Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes in U.S. Men and Women

    Park, K.   Rimm, E. B.   Siscovick, D. S.   Spiegelman, D.   Manson, J. E.   Morris, J. S.   Hu, F. B.   Mozaffarian, D.  

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  • ?GeV and extraction of nucleon resonance electrocouplings at CLAS

    Park, K.   Aznauryan, I. G.   Burkert, V. D.   Adhikari, K. P.   Amaryan, M. J.   Pereira, S. Anefalos   Avakian, H.   Battaglieri, M.   Badui, R.   Bedlinskiy, I.   Biselli, A. S.   Bono, J.   Briscoe, W. J.   Brooks, W. K.   Carman, D. S.   Celentano, A.   Chandavar, S.   Charles, G.   Colaneri, L.   Cole, P. L.   Contalbrigo, M.   Cortes, O.   Crede, V.   D\"Angelo, A.   Dashyan, N.   De Vita, R.   De Sanctis, E.   Deur, A.   Djalali, C.   Doughty, D.   Dupre, R.   Egiyan, H.   Alaoui, A. El   Elouadrhiri, L.   Fassi, L. El   Eugenio, P.   Fedotov, G.   Fegan, S.   Fersch, R.   Filippi, A.   Fleming, J. A.   Garillon, B.   Gar?on, M.   Gevorgyan, N.   Gilfoyle, G. P.   Giovanetti, K. L.   Girod, F. X.   Joo, H. S.   Goetz, J. T.   Golovatch, E.   Gothe, R. W.   Griffioen, K. A.   Guegan, B.   Guidal, M.   Guo, L.   Hakobyan, H.   Hanretty, C.   Hattawy, M.   Hicks, K.   Holtrop, M.   Hughes, S. M.   Hyde, C. E.   Ilieva, Y.   Ireland, D. G.   Ishkhanov, B. S.   Isupov, E. L.   Jenkins, D.   Jiang, H.   Jo, H. S.   Joo, K.   Joosten, S.   Keller, D.   Khandaker, M.   Kim, A.   Kim, W.   Klein, A.   Klein, F. J.   Kubarovsky, V.   Kuhn, S. E.   Kuleshov, S. V.   Lenisa, P.   Livingston, K.   Lu, H. Y.   MacGregor, I. J. D.   Markov, N.   Martinez, D.   McKinnon, B.   Mokeev, V.   Montgomery, R. A.   Moutarde, H.   Camacho, C. Munoz   Nadel-Turonski, P.   Niccolai, S.   Niculescu, G.   Niculescu, I.   Osipenko, M.   Ostrovidov, A. I.   Paolone, M.   Pasyuk, E.   Peng, P.   Phelps, W.   Phillips, J. J.   Pisano, S.   Pogorelko, O.   Price, J. W.   Procureur, S.   Prok, Y.   Protopopescu, D.   Puckett, A. J. R.   Raue, B. A.   Ripani, M.   Rizzo, A.   Rosner, G.   Rossi, P.   Roy, P.   Sabatié, F.   Salgado, C.   Schott, D.   Schumacher, R. A.   Seder, E.   Sharabian, Y. G.   Simonyan, A.   Skorodumina, Iu.   Smith, E. S.   Smith, G. D.   Sparveris, N.   Stoler, P.   Strakovsky, I. I.   Strauch, S.   Sytnik, V.   Taiuti, M.   Tang, W.   Taylor, C. E.   Tian, Ye   Trivedi, A.   Ungaro, M.   Voskanyan, H.   Voutier, E.   Walford, N. K.   Watts, D. P.   Wei, X.   Weinstein, L. B.   Wood, M. H.   Zachariou, N.  

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  • The role of Compton heating in radiation-regulated accretion on to black holes

    Park, K.   Ricotti, M.   Di Matteo, T.   Reynolds, C. S.  

    We investigate the role of Compton heating in radiation-regulated accretion on to black holes (BHs) from a neutral dense medium using 1D radiation-hydrodynamic simulations. We focus on the relative effects of Compton-heating and photoheating as a function of the spectral slope a, assuming a power-law spectrum in the energy range of 13.6 eV-100 keV. While Compton heating is dominant only close to the BH, it can reduce the accretion rate to 0.1 (l proportional to (m)over dot(2) model)-0.01 per cent (l proportional to (m)over dot model) of the Bondi accretion rate when the BH radiation is hard (alpha similar to 1), where l and (m)over dot are the luminosity and accretion rate normalized by Eddington rates, respectively. The oscillatory behaviour otherwise typically seen in simulations with alpha > 1, become suppressed when alpha similar to 1 only for the l proportional to (m)over dot model. The relative importance of the Compton heating over photoheating decreases and the oscillatory behaviour becomes stronger as the spectrum softens. When the spectrum is soft (alpha > 1.5), photoheating prevails regardless of models making the effect of Compton heating negligible. On the scale of the ionization front, where the gas supply into the Stromgren sphere from large scale is regulated, photoheating dominates. Our simulations show consistent results with the advection-dominated accretion flow (l proportional to (m)over dot(2)) where the accretion is inefficient and the spectrum is hard (alpha similar to 1).
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  • Observation of inflammatory responses in mice orally fed with bacteriophage T7

    Park, K.   Cha, K.E.   Myung, H.  

    Aims: Analysis of inflammatory immune response upon bacteriophage intake in mice. Methods and Results: Bacteriophage therapy is emerging as an effective alternative to conventional antibiotics. However, its safety when applied to humans and animals remains a prime concern. This study investigated the inflammatory responses in mice fed orally with bacteriophages. The mice were fed with either murine norovirus (MNV) or bacteriophage T7 for 10 days and then sacrificed. No behavioural changes related to diet, movement or defecation were observed in either group. The inflammatory cytokine profiling showed an increased level of interleukins 1 alpha (IL-1 alpha), 1 beta (IL-1 beta), 2 (IL-2), 10 (IL-10), 12 (IL-12), 17A (IL-17A), interferon-gamma (IFN-alpha), tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) and granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) in the serum from the mice fed with MNV, whereas only a slight increase in IL-17A was observed in the serum from the mice fed with bacteriophage T7. A histopathological analysis of tissue samples from the stomach, small intestine and colon revealed no significant pathological change. Conclusions: The bacteriophage diet only caused a minimal inflammatory response in the mice. Significance and Impact of the Study: This study provides insights into safety concerns of orally fed bacteriophage therapy.
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  • 200 Association between Hand-grip Strength and Erectile Dysfunction in Older Men

    Park, K.   Chung, H.S.   Shin, M.H.  

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  • Rayleigh-Taylor instability of ionization front around black holes

    Park, K.   Ricotti, M.   Di Matteo, T.   Reynolds, C. S.  

    We examine the role of ionizing radiation emitted from black holes (BHs) in suppressing the growth of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability (RTI) across the ionization front (I-front) that forms when the gas fuelling the BH is neutral. We use radiation-hydrodynamic simulations to show that the RTI is suppressed for non-accelerating fronts on all scales resolved in our simulations. A necessary condition for the stability of the I-front is that the radius of the Stromgren sphere is larger than the Bondi radius. When this condition is violated, the I-front collapses producing an accretion luminosity burst. Transient growth of the RTI occurs only during the accretion burst when the effective acceleration in the frame of reference of the I-front increases significantly due to the rapid expansion of the Stromgren sphere.
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  • Thermoelectric properties of solution-combustion-processed Na(Co1?xNix)2O4

    Park, K.   Choi, J. W.   Lee, G. W.   Kim, S. -J.   Lim, Y. -S.   Choi, S. -M.   Seo, W. -S.   Lim, S. M.  

    We synthesize nano-sized Na(Co1-xNix)(2)O-4 (0 a parts per thousand broken vertical bar x a parts per thousand broken vertical bar 0.12) powders by the solution combustion method using aspartic acid as combustion fuel. The influence of Ni2+ on the thermoelectric properties for the Na(Co1-xNix)(2)O-4 is investigated. When the Ni2+ content is increased, the electrical conductivity (sigma) is lowered mainly because of an increase in the porosity. In addition, the Ni2+ substitution leads to a significant increase in the Seebeck coefficient (alpha) up to x=0.06, and then a decrease with further increasing its content. The power factor (sigma alpha(2)) is thus improved by the Ni2+ substitution. We obtain the highest power factor (5.55x10(-4) Wm(-1)K(-2) at 800 A degrees C) for Na(Co0.94Ni0.06)(2)O-4. This value is over five times higher than that of NaCo2O4 (1.08x10(-4) Wm(-1)K(-2)) at 800 A degrees C.
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  • Identification of a Novel Inhibitor of the Canonical Wnt Pathway

    Park, K.   Lee, K.   Zhang, B.   Zhou, T.   He, X.   Gao, G.   Murray, A. R.   Ma, J.-x.  

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  • Bilateral Extracranial Carotid Artery Aneurysms Treated by Staged Surgical Repair

    Park, K.   Kim, D.-I.  

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  • Tunable photoluminescence properties of nano-sized Zr 1-x O 2 : x Dy 3+ phosphors

    Park, K.   Yoon, S.J.   Pi, J.W.  

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  • Low-Complexity Tone Reservation for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Communication Systems

    Park, K.   Park, I.-C.  

    Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing communication systems have a drawback that some signal values can be much higher than the average signal value. Transmitting such a high signal increases symbol error rate (SER) significantly, as the signal is usually distorted by the nonlinearity of power amplifiers. Most of previous methods presented to reduce the peak-to-average-power ratio are based on iterative computations of the fast Fourier transform (FFT) and inverse FFT associated with large computational complexity. To lower the computational complexity of the tone reservation method, this paper proposes approximate algorithms and their implementation structures. Simulation results show that the SER performance of the proposed structure is similar to that of the conventional one. Compared to the conventional structure, the proposed structure reduces hardware complexity and power consumption by 62.2% and 58.4%, respectively.
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