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  • Timing performance of small cell 3D silicon detectors

    Kramberger, G.   Cindro, V.   Flores, D.   Hidalgo, S.   Hiti, B.   Manna, M.   Mandić, I.   Mikuž, M.   Quirion, D.   Pellegrini, G.   Zavrtanik, M.  

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    A process for producing high grade blast furnace feed from poor grade iron ore ultra fines consists of processing ultra fines by selective dispersion to separate gangue materials from settled material iron and processing settled material of iron by re-dispersing with non-selective dispersant The dispersed settled material is then processed by selective flocculation with modified starch to separate concentrate iron for blast furnace feed from tailings leaving the gangue minerals in the dispersed phase. The process of separation between iron bearing minerals and the gangue minerals is carried out on the basis of surface charge conditions at a particular pH during re-dispersing with non-selective dispersant and segregating the finer particles by hydro-cyclone process for better flocculation to produce the final product that contains 68% Fe, 1% alumina and 1% silica.
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  • Electrochemical cleaning of soil contaminated with a dichromate lixiviant

    Manna, M.   Sanjay, K.   Shekhar, R.  

    Experiments are conducted on kaolin contaminated with a lixiviant obtained from a sodium dichromate plant residue to demonstrate the efficacy of electrochemical cleaning. After 120 h, only 36%chromium is removed from the soil. Chromium removal is high in the first 20 h, after which it falls drastically. Acid–base neutralization near the cathode appears to be the rate controlling mechanism. Unremediated chromium in kaolin are either present as Cr(VI) in the pore fluid or as strongly adsorbed species because of acidic conditions in kaolin.
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  • FWM resonances in dispersion slope-matched and nonzero-dispersion fiber maps

    Manna, M.   Golovchenko, E.A.  

    We show that four-wave mixing (FWM) resonances can affect performance of selected channels within the dense wavelength-division-multiplexing band. The FWM resonances may cause a Q-factor penalty in excess of 1 dB. We develop an analytical model to predict the spectral location and the intensity of the resonances. Dispersion slope-matched maps and manufacturing variations help to suppress the resonances
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  • Scaling properties of turbulent pipe flow at low Reynolds number

    Manna, M.   Vacca, A.  

    Direct numerical simulation of an equilibrium turbulent pipe flow at a Reynolds number of 2500, based on bulk velocity and pipe diameter, has been carried out with a grid of about 7.4×105 points and a fully resolved wall layer. The simulation fills the existing gap in the availability of accurate turbulence data in the low Reynolds number range, so that the sensitivity of the main statistical quantities to the Reynolds number effects could be completed. The systematic dependence of the turbulent stress tensor components upon Re in the near wall region, when the normalization is based upon the wall shear stress and kinematic viscosity, is confirmed. Normalization based on the Kolmogorov velocity and length scales as suggested by Antonia and Kim in the context of plane channel flow, proves effective also for pipe flow at lower Re. The high values attained by the fourth-order moments of the radial and azimuthal velocities are shown to be of truly physical nature and to be related with rare and energetic events characterizing the whole wall layer. Vorticity dynamics analysis suggests that the origin of the high flatness factors is associated with the interaction of counter-rotating streamwise vortices with the wall. Analysis of the transport equations of the turbulent kinetic energy shows that the production, turbulent dissipation and viscous diffusion rates, the leading terms of the budget, increase considerably with Re for y+<20.
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  • Modeling of penalties on chains of optical amplifiers with equalizing filters

    Manna, M.   Rocca, C.  

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  • Improving the aero-thermal characteristics of turbomachinery cascades

    Manna, M.   Tuccillo, R.  

    The paper presents the application of an optimization procedure to the aero-thermal design of high performance turbomachinery cascades. The blade profiles are parameterized with third-order Bezier polynomials for the pressure and suction sides, and quadratic functions for the leading and trailing edges, according to the composite curve approach. Evidence is given that fairly complicated blade shapes are well approximated by the present parameterization. The method is applied to an existing nozzle guide vane for which extensive and detailed experimental data are available, with the objective of decreasing in an integral sense the thermal load, maintaining or increasing the blade efficiency and the aerodynamic load. The results demonstrate that, despite the excellence of the initial design, there is room for improvements
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  • Finite element method applied to stress simulation of high power 980nm pump lasers

    Manna, M.   Magistrali, F.   Maini, M.   Reichenbach, D.  

    A three dimensional analysis on stress and strain in the central and in the mirror area of a InGaAs-GaAs ridge laser diode structure is presented. The analysis is based on a finite element method model, which couples thermal behaviour of laser to its mechanical structure. The impact of process parameters on reliability of device is discussed, and results are given for process and operation induced stress.
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  • Characterisation of industrially produced galvannealed coating by open circuit potential (OCP) measurement technique

    Manna, M.  

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  • Pulsating pipe flow with large-amplitude oscillations in the very high frequency regime. Part?2. Phase-averaged analysis

    Manna, M.   Vacca, A.   Verzicco, R.  

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  • An Efficient Method for the Solution of the Incompressible Navier–Stokes Equations in Cylindrical Geometries

    Manna, M.   Vacca, A.  

    The article presents a fast pseudo-spectral Navier–Stokes solver for cylindrical geometries, which is shown to possess exponential rate of decay of the error. The formulation overcomes the issues related to the axis singularity, by employing in the radial direction a special set of collocation points together with standard Chebyshev polynomials. A multi-domain technique with patching interfaces yields significant improvements in the conditioning of the algebraic problems arising from the discretization procedure and allows for an enhanced near wall resolution of wall bounded shear flows. The elliptic kernel enjoys the efficiency of an analytic expansion of the harmonic extension. The method is tested by computing the formation of Taylor vortices in a rotating Couette flow for both axisymmetric and non-axisymmetric configurations. A direct numerical simulation of a turbulent pipe flow at moderate Reynolds number demonstrates the effectiveness of the method in as much as the axis singularity is concerned. Results compare well with reference experimental and numerical data.
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  • Effect of prior electro or electroless Ni plating layer in galvanizing and galvannealing behavior of high strength steel sheet

    Manna, M.   Dutta, M.  

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  • Interactions of local climatic, biotic and hydrogeochemical processes facilitate phosphorus dynamics along an Everglades forest-marsh gradient

    Troxler, T. G.   Coronado-Molina, C.   Rondeau, D. N.   Krupa, S.   Newman, S.   Manna, M.   Price, R. M.   Sklar, F. H.  

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  • ?gonvittnen: August Strindberg, Ungdom och manna?rby Stellan Ahlstr?m

    Review by: Walter Johnson  

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  • August Strindberg: Ungdom och manna?rby Stellan Ahlstr?m

    Review by: Harry Bergholz  

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  • Sezione V penale; sentenza 24 febbraio 1970; Pres. Passanisi, Est. Manna, P. M. Lenzi (concl. conf.); ric. Dolfin

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