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    Disclosed in the present invention is a control system for enhancing frequency support of a wind turbine generator, and the system comprises a rotor, a gearbox, a power generator, and a current transformer. The system further comprises a supercapacitor energy storage device comprising a DC-DC converter and a supercapacitor. The current transformer comprises a direct current busbar, and the supercapacitor is electrically connected to the direct current busbar via the DC-DC converter. The supercapacitor can perform, according to an operating state of the wind turbine generator, ordered charging or discharging operation to maintain an operating condition of itself, thus providing superior reliability.
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    Disclosed is a method for testing dynamic model parameters of a wind power plant. The method comprises: under the conditions that a wind power plant unit and a reactive power compensation device operate steadily, a wind speed is stable and is between a cut-in wind speed and a rated wind speed, and the wind power plant force output is smaller than a rated force output, a wind speed transient disturbance test, a wind power plant tripping/input unit disturbance test, a wind power plant power variation test, a wind power plant reactive power compensation device disturbance test, a near-wind farm water and fire power plant tripping machine disturbance test and a manual uniphase grounded short circuit test at the wind power plant outgoing line part are completed, and an operation curve of the wind power plant under each condition is recorded, so as to complete parameter test. The advantage of providing accurate measurement data for power system stability analysis and power grid production scheduling is realized.
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  • Anxiolytic effects of Formononetin in an inflammatory pain mouse model

    Wang, Xin-shang   Guan, Shao-yu   Liu, An   Yue, Jiao   Hu, Li-ning   Zhang, Kun   Yang, Liu-kun   Lu, Liang   Tian, Zhen   Zhao, Ming-gao   Liu, Shui-bing  

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  • Effects of CPEB1 in the anterior cingulate cortex on visceral pain in mice

    Wang, Xin-shang   Yue, Jiao   Hu, Li-ning   Tian, Zhen   Yang, Liu-kun   Lu, Liang   Zhao, Ming-gao   Liu, Shui-bing  

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    Compositions and methods for inducing PD-L1 internalization are disclosed. The methods include reducing the amount of cell surface PD-L1 by contacting a cell expressing PD-L1 with a compound that binds to cell surface PD-L1 and induces PD-L1 internalization. Compounds that induce PD-L1 internalization can be used to enhance, stimulate and/or increase an immune response and treat a PD-1 -related disease or condition.
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  • High power acceleration of an HSC type injector for cancer therapy

    Lu, Liang   Hattori, Toshiyuki   Zhao, Huan-Yu   Kawasaki, Katsunori   Sun, Lie-Peng   Jin, Qian-Yu   Zhang, Jun-Jie   Sun, Liang-Ting   He, Yuan   Zhao, Hong-Wei  

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  • Simulation of Prestressed Steel Fiber Concrete Beams Subjected to Shear

    Lu, Liang   Tadepalli, P. R.   Mo, Y. L.   Hsu, T. T. C.  

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  • A Novel Low-Profile Dual-Circularly-Polarized Dielectric Resonator Antenna

    Lu, Liang   Jiao, Yong-Chang   Liang, Weilong   Zhang, Huan  

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  • Mechanism of Action of Thalassospiramides, A New Class of Calpain Inhibitors

    Lu, Liang   Meehan, Michael J.   Gu, Shuo   Chen, Zhilong   Zhang, Weipeng   Zhang, Gen   Liu, Lingli   Huang, Xuhui   Dorrestein, Pieter C.   Xu, Ying   Moore, Bradley S.   Qian, Pei-Yuan  

    Thalassospiramides comprise a large family of lipopeptide natural products produced by Thalassospira and Tistrella marine bacteria. Here we provide further evidence of their nanomolar inhibitory activity against the human calpain 1 protease. Analysis of structure-activity relationship data supported our hypothesis that the rigid 12-membered ring containing an alpha,beta-unsaturated carbonyl moiety is the pharmacologically active functional group, in contrast to classic electrophilic "warheads" in known calpain inhibitors. Using a combination of chemical modifications, mass spectrometric techniques, site-directed mutagenesis, and molecular modeling, we show the covalent binding of thalassospiramide's alpha,beta-unsaturated carbonyl moiety to the thiol group of calpain's catalytic Cys115 residue by a Michael 1,4-addition reaction. As nanomolar calpain inhibitors with promising selectivity and low toxicity from natural sources are rare, we consider thalassospiramides as promising drug leads.
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  • Small-footprint Highway Deep Neural Networks for Speech Recognition

    Lu, Liang   Renals, Steve  

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  • Novel Image Color Difference Metric with Chromatic Adaptation Transform

    Lu, Liang   Yu, Ming Wei   Wu, Guang Yuan   Zhu, Ming  

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  • Functional constraints on adaptive evolution of protein ubiquitination sites

    Lu, Liang   Li, Yang   Liu, Zhongyang   Liang, Fengji   Guo, Feifei   Yang, Shuai   Wang, Dan   He, Yangzhige   Xiong, Jianghui   Li, Dong   He, Fuchu  

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  • Black carp STING functions importantly in innate immune defense against RNA virus

    Lu, Liang   Wang, Xu   Wu, Sizhong   Song, Xuejiao   Zou, Ziqi   Xie, Xinchi   Xiao, Jun   Chen, Song   Feng, Hao  

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  • Shock Absorber Design and Analysis of a Catapult-Spherical Reconnaissance Robot

    Lu, Liang   Chu, Ming  

    Aim at the shock absorber general weak of spherical robot, design of a new shock absorber structure of the spherical detection robot, the robot have two shock absorption system include rubber with metal bonding reticulated spherical shell and telescopic shock absorber spring, at same time contact the internal parts with soft material. All these measures are to protect the internal parts in robot dropping or throwing process from bigger impact. Derivation it with kinematics and dynamics formula, simulate and experiment proved shock absorber mechanism has a good shock absorber performance. This design can effectively protect the internal parts of the spherical robot.
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  • Cross-Lingual Subspace Gaussian Mixture Models for Low-Resource Speech Recognition

    Lu, Liang   Ghoshal, Arnab   Renals, Steve  

    This paper studies cross-lingual acoustic modeling in the context of subspace Gaussian mixture models (SGMMs). SGMMs factorize the acoustic model parameters into a set that is globally shared between all the states of a hidden Markov model (HMM) and another that is specific to the HMM states. We demonstrate that the SGMM global parameters are transferable between languages, particularly when the parameters are trained multilingually. As a result, acoustic models may be trained using limited amounts of transcribed audio by borrowing the SGMM global parameters from one or more source languages, and only training the state-specific parameters on the target language audio. Model regularization using l(1)-norm penalty is shown to be particularly effective at avoiding overtraining and leading to lower word error rates. We investigate maximum a posteriori (MAP) adaptation of subspace parameters in order to reduce the mismatch between the SGMM global parameters of the source and target languages. In addition, monolingual and cross-lingual speaker adaptive training is used to reduce the model variance introduced by speakers. We have systematically evaluated these techniques by experiments on the GlobalPhone corpus.
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  • Design of Low-Sidelobe Circularly-Polarized Loop Linear Array Fed by the Slotted SIW

    Lu, Liang   Jiao, Yong-Chang   Weng, Zi-Bin   Zhang, Huan   Cui, Chao-Yi  

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