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  • Simulation Study of Swarm Intelligence Based on Life Evolution Behavior

    Liu Yanmin   Bi Ying   Sui Changling   Luo Yuanfeng   Zhang Zhuanzhou   Liu Rui  

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  • Interlayer Friction and Superlubricity in Single-Crystalline Contact Enabled by Two-Dimensional Flake-Wrapped Atomic Force Microscope Tips

    Liu Yanmin   Song Aisheng   Xu Zhi   Zong Ruilong   Zhang Jie   Yang Wenyan   Wang Rong   Hu Yuanzhong   Luo Jianbin   Ma Tianbao  

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  • A method for reciprocating motion detection in porn video based on motion features

    Qu Zhiyi   Liu Yanmin   Liu Ying   Jiu Kang   Chen Yong  

    This paper presents a new algorithm for detecting the human's reciprocating motion in pornographic videos. First, the motion vector is extracted from mpeg video stream and pretreated so that the motion features are extracted by analyzing the motion rule of the objectionable videos. Then the whole videos are detected through setting a threshold. Experimental results demonstrate that the correct recognition rate of this algorithm is up to 80%, so it is fit for the most of video detection environments.
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  • Synthesis of Branched Chains with Actuation Redundancy for Eliminating Interior Singularities of 3T1R Parallel Mechanisms

    Li Shihua   Liu Yanmin   Cui Hongliu   Niu Yunzhan   Zhao Yanzhi  

    Although it is common to eliminate the singularity of parallel mechanism by adding the branched chain with actuation redundancy, there is no theory and method for the configuration synthesis of the branched chain with actuation redundancy in parallel mechanism. Branched chains with actuation redundancy are synthesized for eliminating interior singularity of 3-translational and 1-rotational(3T1R) parallel mechanisms. Guided by the discriminance method of hybrid screw group according to Grassmann line geometry, all the possibilities are listed for the occurrence of interior singularities in 3T1R parallel mechanism. Based on the linear relevance of screw system and the principles of eliminating parallel mechanism singularity with actuation redundancy, different types of branched chains with actuation redundancy are synthesized systematically to indicate the layout and the number of the branched chainsinterior with actuation redundancy. A general method is proposed for the configuration synthesis of the branched chains with actuation redundancy of the redundant parallel mechanism, and it builds a solid foundation for the subsequent performance optimization of the redundant actuation parallel mechanism.
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