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  • On a New Rotation Tour Network Model for Aircraft Maintenance Routing Problem

    Liang, Zhe   Chaovalitwongse, Wanpracha Art   Huang, Huei Chuen   Johnson, Ellis L.  

    The airline industry currently has a $40-billion plus market and is expected to grow rapidly with the population growth and growth in the overall economy. Everyday, thousands of aircrafts undergo maintenance, repair, and overhaul. The aircraft maintenance problem is one of the important logistic problems in the airline industry. It is aimed at scheduling the aircrafts' routing so that enough maintenance opportunities are provided to every aircraft in the fleet. In this paper, we present a new compact network representation of the aircraft maintenance routing problem (AMR) and propose a new mixed-integer linear programming formulation to solve the problem. The quality of this model was assessed on four real test instances from a major U. S. carrier, and compared with the flight string model proposed in the literature. The computational results show that the proposed model is able to obtain the optimal solutions to all test instances in reasonable time. This study suggests that this model can be applied to integrated problems of the AMR and other planning problems such as the fleet assignment problem and crew pairing problem.
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    A method and apparatus for hiding an application icon, which relate to the technical field of computers. The method comprises: detecting a hiding operation on a first application icon performed by means of a second application icon on a desktop screen (101), the second application icon being an icon of any application that has been installed; and hiding the first application icon on the desktop screen (102). The method resolves the problem of poor privacy existing in the application icon hiding function. Another application icon used for hiding an application icon can be randomly selected by a user; accordingly, even though another person masters an operation for triggering display of the hidden application icon, the person cannot easily trigger display of the hidden application icon because the person does not know where the hidden application is specifically hidden, so as to improve the privacy of the function.
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  • DNA N 6 -Adenine Methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana

    Liang, Zhe   Shen, Lisha   Cui, Xuean   Bao, Shengjie   Geng, Yuke   Yu, Guoliang   Liang, Fan   Xie, Shang   Lu, Tiegang   Gu, Xiaofeng   Yu, Hao  

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  • DNA N6-adenine methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana

    Liang, Zhe   Shen, Lisha   Cui, Xuean   Bao, Shengjie   Geng, Yuke   Yu, Guoliang   Liang, Fan   Lu, Tiegang   Gu, Xiaofeng   Yu, Hao  

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  • Cell Selection Algorithm Based on Coordinated Beamforming

    Liang, Zhe   Li, Yi Bing   Ye, Fang  

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  • Robust weekly aircraft maintenance routing problem and the extension to the tail assignment problem

    Liang, Zhe   Feng, Yuan   Zhang, Xiaoning   Wu, Tao   Chaovalitwongse, Wanpracha Art  

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    The present invention belongs to the technical field of touch controls. Provided are a terminal, a touch response method, and a device. The terminal comprises: a screen cover plate (11); a touch sensor (12); a pressure sensor (13); and a processing chip (14). The screen cover plate (11) comprises a display region portion and a button region portion. The button region portion has a touch button position (15) formed therein. The touch sensor (12) is provided below the touch button position (15). The pressure sensor (13) is provided below the touch button position (15). The processing chip (14) is respectively and electrically connected to the touch sensor (12) and to the pressure sensor (13). The present invention addresses the issue in the prior art in which a three-button design occupies a large area of a frontal space, and also addresses the issue of a separated distribution of three buttons hindering a single-hand operation of a user. The invention only needs a single button to realize a variety of different functions, thereby achieving the technical effects of reducing the number of buttons, saving the frontal space of the terminal, reducing the complexity of an appearance and hardware structure of a device, and facilitating the single-hand operation of the user.
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  • Experimental study of combustion behavior during continuous hydrogen injection with an operating igniter

    Liang, Zhe   Clouthier, Tony   Thomas, Bryan  

    Highlights • Combustion during continuous hydrogen release. • Periodical slow burning with a low release rate or weak turbulence. • Fast global burning with stratified hydrogen or strong turbulence. • Initiation of standing flame. Abstract Deliberate hydrogen ignition systems have been widely installed in many water cooled nuclear power plants to mitigate hydrogen risk in a loss-of-coolant accident. Experimental studies were performed at a large scale facility to simulate a post-accident containment scenario, where hydrogen is released into a volume (not closed) with an energized igniter. The test chamber had a volume of 60 m3. The test parameters included hydrogen injection mass flow rate, injection elevation, igniter elevation, and level of turbulence in the chamber. Several dynamic combustion behaviors were observed. Under certain conditions, slow burning occurred periodically or locally without significant pressurization, and the hydrogen concentration could be maintained near the lean hydrogen flammability limit or a steady hydrogen distribution profile could be formed with a maximum hydrogen concentration less than 9 vol.%. Under other conditions, a global fast burn or a burn moving along the hydrogen dispersion pathway was observed and was followed by an immediate initiation of a standing flame. The study provided a better understanding of the dynamic combustion behavior induced by a deliberate igniter during a continuous hydrogen release. The data can be used for validation of combustion models used for hydrogen safety analysis.
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  • Experimental study of effect of ambient flow condition on the performance of a passive autocatalytic recombiner

    Liang, Zhe   Gardner, Lee   Clouthier, Tony   Thomas, Bryan  

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  • Overview of hydrogen combustion experiments performed in a large scale vented vessel at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

    Liang, Zhe   Clouthier, Tony   MacCoy, Reilly   Chin, Yu-Shan  

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  • Myosin Light Chain Kinase Knockout Improves Gut Barrier Function and Confers a Survival Advantage in Polymicrobial Sepsis

    Lorentz, C. Adam   Liang, Zhe   Meng, Mei   Chen, Ching-Wen   Yoseph, Benyam P.   Breed, Elise R.   Mittal, Rohit   Klingensmith, Nathan J.   Farris, Alton B.   Burd, Eileen M.   Koval, Michael   Ford, Mandy L.   Coopersmith, Craig M.  

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  • A column generation-based heuristic for aircraft recovery problem with airport capacity constraints and maintenance flexibility

    Liang, Zhe   Xiao, Fan   Qian, Xiongwen   Zhou, Lei   Jin, Xianfei   Lu, Xuehua   Karichery, Sureshan  

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  • Calpain-Mediated Positional Information Directs Cell Wall Orientation to Sustain Plant Stem Cell Activity, Growth and Development

    Liang, Zhe   Brown, Roy C.   Fletcher, Jennifer C.   Opsahl-Sorteberg, Hilde-Gunn  

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  • Double-Network Hydrogel with Tunable Mechanical Performance and Biocompatibility for the Fabrication of Stem Cells-Encapsulated Fibers and 3D Assemble

    Liang, Zhe   Liu, Chenguang   Li, Lili   Xu, Peidi   Luo, Guoan   Ding, Mingyu   Liang, Qionglin  

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  • N6-Methyladenine DNA Methylation in Japonica and Indica Rice Genomes and Its Association with Gene Expression, Plant Development, and Stress Responses

    Zhang, Qian   Liang, Zhe   Cui, Xuean   Ji, Changmian   Li, Yun   Zhang, Pingxian   Liu, Jingrong   Riaz, Adeel   Yao, Pu   Liu, Min   Wang, Yunpeng   Lu, Tiegang   Yu, Hao   Yang, Donglei   Zheng, Hongkun   Gu, Xiaofeng  

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  • 954

    Liang, Zhe   Margoles, Lindsay   Lyons, John   Chen, Ching-Wen   Coopersmith, Craig  

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