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    A clock and data recovery (CDR) circuit produces an in-phase clock, a quadrature clock offset by 90 degrees from the in-phase clock, and an auxiliary clock offset from the in-phase clock by a fraction of 90 degrees. A data sampler cyclically samples a data signal to form sets of samples according to the in-phase, quadrature, and auxiliary clocks, each set comprising an in-phase sample, a quadrature sample, and an auxiliary sample. A CDR logic circuit processes the samples to form a timing word for each set.
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    A filter assembly includes a conditioning device that conditions a flow of air upstream of a mass air flow sensor. The filter assembly includes a support frame. The filter assembly further includes a filter media coupled to the support frame, the filter media having a dirty side configured to receive a stream of air and a clean side configured to output a stream of air that has been filtered through the filter media. The filter assembly includes a conditioning device coupled to the support frame, the conditioning device positioned in a downstream direction from the clean side of the filter media with respect to the stream of air, the conditioning device offset from the clean side of the filter media by a separation distance.
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    In one embodiment, a receiver comprises a latch configured to receive a data signal and to latch symbols of the received data signal, and a decision feedback equalizer. The decision feedback equalizer comprises a first feedback capacitor having first and second terminals, the first terminal being coupled to a first internal node of the latch. The decision feedback equalizer also comprises a first plurality of switches configured to alternatively couple the second terminal of the first feedback capacitor to a first feedback signal and a ground, the first feedback signal having a first voltage that is a function of a bit decision corresponding to a first previous symbol in the data signal preceding a current symbol in the data signal.
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  • RSV replication is promoted by autophagy-mediated inhibition of apoptosis

    Li, Miao   Li, Jian   Yang, Jianling   Liu, Jianguo   Zhang, Zhengzheng   Song, Xiaotian   Yao, Zhiyan   Ma, Cuiqing   Li, Wenjian   Zeng, Ruihong   Wang, Kai   Wei, Lin  

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  • Optimal design and analysis of CCHP system for a hotel application

    Li, Miao   Qin, Chengwei   Feng, Yiran   Zhou, Maojun   Mu, Hailin   Li, Nan   Ma, Qinyi  

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  • Optical and Thermophoretic Control of Janus Nanopen Injection into Living Cells

    Maier, Christoph M.   Huergo, Maria Ana   Milosevic, Sara   Pernpeintner, Carla   Li, Miao   Singh, Dhruv PRATAP   Walker, Debora   Fischer, Peer   Feldmann, Jochen   Lohmueller, Theobald  

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  • Extraction of the Bridge Temperature Strain Effect Based on EMD and IMF Energy

    Li, Miao   Ren, Wei-xin   Huang, Tian-Ii   Wang, Ning-bo  

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  • A TRIZ-based Trimming method for Patent design around

    Li, Miao   Ming, Xinguo   He, Lina   Zheng, Maokuan   Xu, Zhitao  

    Patent design around is an effective way to walk around competitive patents and avoid patent infringement. This paper proposes a TRIZ-based Trimming method for Patent design around. The 4 stages of Patent design around include design around target definition, design around problem identification, problem solving, and solution evaluation. In the 4 stages, Technical Features (TF) are identified to define design around target based on patent claim decomposition. In order to avoid literal infringement and doctrine of equivalents, the design around problem identification process of Trimming one or more patent Technical Features is developed. Then, the problem solving tools based on Modern TRIZ tools (such as Physical Contradiction resolution, and Function-Oriented Search) are introduced to solve the design around problem. Two Trimming scenarios of Core Ejector System is investigated to illustrate the method. The project successfully circumvents target patent and generates several new granted patents in China. (C) 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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  • Inverses of generators of integrated fractional resolvent operator functions

    Li, Miao   Pastor, Javier   Piskarev, Sergey  

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  • Parental Expectations and Child Screen and Academic Sedentary Behaviors in China

    Li, Miao   Xue, Hong   Wang, Weidong   Wang, Youfa  

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  • Fused-ring acceptor with a spiro-bridged ladder-type core for organic solar cells

    Ming, Shouli   Liu, Yahui   Feng, Shiyu   Jiang, Pengcheng   Zhang, Cai'e   Li, Miao   Song, Jinsheng   Bo, Zhishan  

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  • Clinical Characteristics and Outcome of Children With Relapsed Medulloblastoma

    Du, Shuxu   Yang, Shuli   Zhao, Xia   Xiao, Jiang   Ren, Siqi   Li, Shuting   Zhang, Jin   Wang, Yuan   Gong, Xiaojun   Li, Miao   Sun, Yanling   Wu, Wanshui   Sun, Liming  

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  • Organic Rectifying Diode and Circuit for Wireless Power Harvesting at 13.56 MHz

    Li, Miao   Heljo, Petri S.   Lupo, Donald  

    Organic rectifying diodes and their circuits have unique characteristics and their optimization can differ strongly from conventional inorganic equivalents. In this paper, we investigate the effect of organic diodes on the performance of a rectenna circuit consisting of a loop antenna and a rectifying circuit with an operating frequency of 13.56 MHz. The geometric capacitance of the diodes has a major impact on the resonant frequency and the coupling ac voltage of the loop antenna, and consequently the output dc voltage of the circuit. Therefore, appropriate design considerations that take the special properties of organic devices into account should apply to organic diodes and circuits.
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  • Ultrastructural changes in rat airway epithelium in asthmatic airway remodeling

    Li, Miao   Shang, Yun-Xiao  

    Objectives: To explore asthmatic rat airway epithelial cells mitochondrial ultrastructure changes. Methods: Six female Wistar rats of the same weight (60-80 g) were randomly divided into two groups: the asthmatic group and the control group. According to the OVA inhaled method, the asthmatic airway remodeling rat model was established. Epithelial tissue of the rat trachea was taken from the two groups for transmission electron microscopy (TEM); we counted the number of mitochondria and observed the airway ciliated epithelium, intercellular collagen deposition in the two rat groups and mitochondrial ultrastructure change. Results: Airway multilayer ciliated epithelium develops, with cilia fallen off; goblet cells increased and irregular, mitochondrial basement membrane density is decreased, mitochondrial crista is reduced, and the nucleus has more incisures and irregular shape in asthmatic rats; airway epithelial cell matrix collagen deposition increased; and lamellar body and mitochondrial cavity formation. Conclusions: In the asthmatic rat airway, epithelial cells undergo apoptosis and the numbers of mitochondria increased compared with the ones in normal rat airway but lose normal structure. (C) 2014 Elsevier GmbH. All rights reserved.
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  • Tracking Error Modeling of the Theodolite Based on GRNN Method

    Li, Miao   Gao, Hui Bin  

    To meet the requirement of high tracking accuracy as well as develop more reasonable evaluation method, in this paper, the General Regression Neural Network (GRNN) has been applied to build the tracking error model of the theodolite. First, we analyze the nonlinear factors in the theodolite. Second, we discuss the principle of GRNN, including its structure, the function as well as its priors. Third, we build the tracking error model based on GRNN and verify the model through the different parameters. The result indicated that the network model based on GRNN has high accuracy and good generalization ability. It could instead the real system to a certain extent. The research in this paper has important value to the engineering practice.
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  • High efficient delivery of siRNA into tumor cells by positively charged carbon dots

    Wang, Jie   Liu, Songyan   Chang, Ying   Fang, Le   Han, Kai   Li, Miao  

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