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    A mobile Web caching optimization method based on HTML5 application caching. The method comprises: 1) a server side regularly crawling resource information contained in a set mobile Web application; 2) mapping as a same resource resources having same content but corresponding to different URLs; 3) selecting a group of stable resources, allocating the resources into a cached-resource list, and generating a resource mapping file; 4) setting a JavaScript runtime library, and adding an invoking instruction of the runtime library into each target page; and 5) generating an agent page for each target page, and parsing a URL of the target page into a corresponding agent page, then, when a target page is accessed, querying the resource mapping file according to the requested resource, reading a matching cached-resource from the cached-resource list according to the query result, and loading the matching cached-resource to the agent page. The method reduces mobile Web application access time and data flow, thereby improving user experience of a mobile device.
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    A 3D canvas web page element rendering method and apparatus and an electronic device, and a 2D canvas web page element rendering method and apparatus and an electronic device. The 3D canvas web page element rendering method comprises: intercepting a WebGL drawing instruction with respect to a 3D canvas web page element (S101); transmitting instruction information carried by the WebGL drawing instruction to a system framework layer (S103); according to the instruction information, generating an OpenGL drawing instruction corresponding to the WebGL drawing instruction (S105); and drawing the OpenGL drawing instruction onto an OpenGL rendering window of the system, and forming a rendering result of the 3D canvas web page element (S107). The method can prevent the use of a system Webview to render and draw a 3D canvas web page element, thereby achieving the effect of improving the compatibility and coverage ratio supported by 3D Canvas.
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    The present invention relates to an extensible heterogeneous cloud platform adaptation method and a system thereof. The method comprises: 1) establishing a unified resource model for all heterogeneous cloud platforms; 2) abstracting resource models from the architecture of all the heterogeneous cloud platforms, and mapping same to the unified resource model; 3) implementing adapters according to the unified resource model, and connecting all the heterogeneous cloud platforms by using the adapters; 4) connecting the adapters of all the heterogeneous cloud platforms, and adding same into an adapter management list of a controller; and 5) operating resources of all the heterogeneous cloud platforms by using the controller, and performing unified management on all the heterogeneous cloud platforms. The system comprises a resource management and operation layer, an application model layer and a user interface layer at the upper layer, and a cloud resource adaptation layer and an abstract cloud resource pool at the lower layer. The present invention can solve the heterogeneity problem of various cloud platforms, achieve unified management of a plurality of cloud platforms, and provide convenience for practical production deployment.
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  • First principles study on B/P pair and Al/N pair doping carbon nanotubes

    Huang, Gang   Wang, Yue   Yao, Xinhua   Shao, QingYi  

    Calculations have been made for zigzag carbon nanotubes containing substitutional B/P pair and Al/N pair using density functional theory. We study seven possible models for B/P pair and Al/N pair doping into nanotubes. And all doped models are semiconductors. Moreover, we study the law of band gaps and analysis the reason in terms of the symmetry of structures. Our results indicate that the structures will get same destruction when the impurities atoms pair exists in similar profile and atmosphere. The same destruction leads to same band gaps. (C) 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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    A jib vibration suppression method, a jib vibration suppression system and a jib-type engineering machine having the jib vibration suppression system. The jib vibration suppression method comprises the following steps of: step A, detecting the amplitude A and frequency f of vibration at an end of a tail section of a jib in real time; and step B, driving a jib cylinder on at least one section of the jib to operate, so that the end of the tail section of the jib generates a movement component having the amplitude A1 and frequency f1, the amplitude A1 being less than the amplitude A, and the frequency f1 being greater than the frequency f.
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  • Research on Gas Field Product Application Integration Model Base-on GIS

    Huang, Gang   Wu, Xiu Ying   Li, Rui Fang   Yuan, Man  

    Although GIS application integration system has not officially formed, the distributed GIS application integration is the main means to implement the seamless integration between GIS and applications. This paper studied on the current situation of enterprise's GIS application integration, and proposed an Loose Model Application Integration(LMAI) strategy based on meta-driven, defined the concept model and algorithm of application integration in loose coupling mode, designed the system integration framework of meta-model and applications, established the common application integration interface employing the Application-Oriented Component(AOC), developed the application integration system in GIS loose coupling mode underlying the Metadata-driven. Focusing on the GIS actual needs in gas field area, the effective integration and transmission query between GIS and the gas field professional application were implemented.
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  • Model-Based Automated Navigation and Composition of Complex Service Mashups

    Huang, Gang   Ma, Yun   Liu, Xuanzhe   Luo, Yuchong   Lu, Xuan   Blake, M. Brian  

    Service computing promotes a large number of web-delivered services, including web services, APIs and data feeds. Composing data, functionalities and even UI from these web-delivered services into a single web application, usually called service mashup, becomes a popular web development paradigm. The web-delivered services can be modeled as mashup components, while the development of mashup actually yields a set of inter-connected mashup components. The growing popularity of mashup components enriches functionality and user experiences, while the possible connections among components are complex and difficult to mashup developers, who might be non-professional programmers or even end-users, as actions over one component may have potential impacts on another. This paper proposes a novel approach for recommending developers in terms of navigation and completion of mashup components with a large-scale components repository. From data-driven perspective, we model the relationships between mashup components by a generic layered-graph model. Developers are allowed to select some initial components as starting point, while a graph-based algorithm recommends how to navigate to potentially relevant mashup components and complete the relevant mashup application. We experimentally demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of our approach for rapid mashup construction.
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  • Research on Direct Shear Test of Undisturbed Root-soil Composition

    Xiao, Heng-Lin   Huang, Gang   Ma, Qiang   Zhu, Jing   Hong, Rui  

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    The present relates to a shelf ready package (1), and method of manufacturing a shelf ready package (1), which is at least partially sealed using tape (20) which overlaps with at least part of a line of weakness (40) in the outer case, the tape (20) comprising perforations which coincide with at least part of the line of weakness (40) of the outer case.
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  • ShuffleDog: Characterizing and Adapting User-Perceived Latency of Android Apps

    Huang, Gang   Xu, Mengwei   Lin, Felix Xiaozhu   Liu, Yunxin   Ma, Yun   Pushp, Saumay   Liu, Xuanzhe  

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  • Strain Hardening Behavior of Poly(vinyl alcohol)/Borate Hydrogels

    Huang, Gang   Zhang, Huanhuan   Liu, Yulin   Chang, Haijian   Zhang, Hongwei   Song, Hongzan   Xu, Donghua   Shi, Tongfei  

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  • Effects of Surfactants on the Activity of Acid Cellulase Enzyme

    Huang, Gang   Jiang, Rui Hong   Jia, Yong Tang  

    Effects of several surfactants on the activity of acid cellulase enzyme were studied in this paper. The results show that addition of ionic surfactants to the enzyme decrease the enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose sodium, while nonionic surfactants increase the activity of the enzyme. Among the surfactants examined, fatty amine polyoxyethylene ether (AC-1860) was the most effective. In the presence of 0.5 wt % of AC-1860, the activity of acid cellulose enzyme increased by 25.8%. This finding could lead to a reduction in the enzyme requirement for cellulose utilization.
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  • A Transcription Factor Addiction in Leukemia Imposed by the MLL Promoter Sequence

    Lu, Bin   Klingbeil, Olaf   Tarumoto, Yusuke   Somerville, Tim D.D.   Huang, Yu-Han   Wei, Yiliang   Wai, Dorothy C.   Low, Jason K.K.   Milazzo, Joseph P.   Wu, Xiaoli S.   Cao, Zhendong   Yan, Xiaomei   Demerdash, Osama E.   Huang, Gang   Mackay, Joel P.   Kinney, Justin B.   Shi, Junwei   Vakoc, Christopher R.  

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  • Global dynamics of multi-group dengue disease model with latency distributions

    Huang, Gang   Wang, Jinliang   Zu, Jian  

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    The invention relates generally to the field of nanopores and the use thereof in various applications, such as analysis of biopolymer s and macromolecules, typically by making electrical measurements during translocation through a nanopores. Provided is a system comprising a funnel- shaped proteinaceous nanopore comprising an a-helical pore-forming toxin that is a member from the actinoporin protein family, more in particular Fragaceatoxin C (FraC), a mutant FraC, a FraC paralog, or a FraC homolog.
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  • DelayDroid: an instrumented approach to reducing tail-time energy of Android apps

    Huang, Gang   Cai, Huaqian   Swiech, Maciej   Zhang, Ying   Liu, Xuanzhe   Dinda, Peter  

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