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  • Cryptanalysis of HuangChang partially blind signature scheme

    Fangguo Zhang   Xiaofeng Chen  

    Partially blind signature is an extension of blind signature that allows a signer to sign a partially blinded message that include pre-agreed information such as expiry date or collateral conditions in the resulting signatures. It is more useful than blind signature in many applications, such as electronic cash (e-cash) system. Recently, Huang and Chang proposed a new design of efficient partially blind signature scheme. However, in this paper, we show that Huang-Chang partially blind signature scheme is not secure, this scheme does not meet the basic property of a partially blind signature, partial blindness: a malicious user (requester) can prepare a special public information a' and then remove the original information a from the signer's signature to obtain a signature with this special information. [All rights reserved Elsevier]
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  • From Confucius to Kublai Khan: Music and Poetics Through the Centuriesby Lulu Huang Chang

    Review by: David Waterhouse  

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  • Lung Function Decline after 24 Weeks of Moxa Smoke Exposure in Rats

    He, Rui   Han, Li   Liu, Ping   Hu, Hai   Yang, Jia   Cai, Hong   Huang, Chang   Wang, Lei   Liu, Juntian   Huang, Jian   Ha, Lue   Liu, Yaomeng   Wu, Jihong   Zhu, Maoxiang   Zhao, Baixiao  

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  • An evaluation of Suomi NPP-VIIRS data for surface water detection

    Huang, Chang   Chen, Yun   Wu, Jianping   Li, Linyi   Liu, Rui  

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  • SENP6-mediated M18BP1 deSUMOylation regulates CENP-A centromeric localization

    Fu, Hang   Liu, Nan   Dong, Qiang   Ma, Chunxiao   Yang, Jing   Xiong, Jun   Zhang, Zhuqiang   Qi, Xiangbing   Huang, Chang   Zhu, Bing  

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  • H3.3-H4 Tetramer Splitting Events Feature Cell-Type Specific Enhancers

    Huang, Chang   Zhang, Zhuqiang   Xu, Mo   Li, Yingfeng   Li, Zhen   Ma, Yanting   Cai, Tao   Zhu, Bing   Ren, Bing  

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  • Detecting, extracting and monitoring surface water from space using optical sensors - a review

    Huang, Chang   Chen, Yun   Zhang, Shiqiang   Wu, Jianping  

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    A smart home device control method, apparatus and device, and a non-volatile computer storage medium. The method comprises: acquiring input information input by a user based on a natural dialogue mode interface (S101); obtaining a control instruction for a smart home device according to the input information (S102); and sending the control instruction to the smart home device, so as to enable the smart home device to execute an operation according to the control instruction (S103). Due to the fact that a natural dialogue mode interface is adopted as the mode of interaction with a user, there is no need to display all controllable controls, of the smart home device provided by an application on a screen of a terminal. Therefore, the problem of increased data interaction between an application and a processing engine used by the application due to the limited display area of the terminal in the prior art can be avoided, and accordingly the processing burden of the processing engine is reduced.
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  • Structural Insights into Stimulation of Ash1L's H3K36 Methyltransferase Activity through Mrg15 Binding

    Hou, Peini   Huang, Chang   Liu, Chao-Pei   Yang, Na   Yu, Tianshu   Yin, Yuxin   Zhu, Bing   Xu, Rui-Ming  

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    A method for data management is provided. The method comprises : storing the plurality of items in a contiguous space within the memory, executing an instruction containing an address and a size that together identify the contiguous space to transmit the plurality of items from the main memory to a random-access memory (RAM) on a chip, and the chip includes a computing unit comprising a plurality of multipliers; and instructing the computing unit on the chip to: retrieve multiple of the plurality of items from the RAM; and perform a plurality of parallel operations using the plurality of multipliers with the multiple items to yield output data.
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  • atoms to the recoil-temperature limit

    Huang, Chang   Kuan, Pei-Chen   Lan, Shau-Yu  

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  • Preparation of CeO2 micro/nanostructure and their photocatalytic properties in glow discharge electrolysis

    Huang, Chang   Wu, Xiaoqing   Ren, Wei   Shi, Peng  

    Abstract It is well known that CeO2 is a key commercial catalyst with a correlation to morphology and size, and the glow discharge electrolysis (GDE) is an advanced oxidation process to treat wastewater. In this article, CeO2 nanodots and shuttle-shaped rods were prepared by the sol–gel method and the homogeneous precipitation method, respectively. The average diameter of the nanodots is about 10 nm, while the diameters and the lengths of the rods are 500 nm and 1–5 μm. The effect of CeO2 sample on decoloration rate of methyl orange (MO) was investigated in the GDE system. Experimental results indicated that the decoloration rates of MO were increased after adding two kinds of CeO2 photocatalysts. Furthermore, the decoloration rates of MO catalyzed by shuttle-shaped CeO2 rods were higher than that catalyzed by CeO2 nanodots. It is demonstrated that UV-light generated in the process of GDE can activate CeO2 photocatalyst, and the morphology and size of CeO2 have influence on its catalytic performance. This method can be considered in the treatment of dye wastewater.
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  • Impact of power station capacities and sizes of solar field on the performance of solar aided power generation

    Huang, Chang   Hou, Hongjuan   Hu, Eric   Liang, Mingyu   Yang, Yongping  

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  • Distribution characteristics of seepage field and prediction of water inflow before and after tunnel construction

    Cao, Ruilang   Pang, Shijie   Huang, Chang   Chen, Chen   Wang, Yansong  

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    An object checking apparatus and method. The object checking apparatus includes one or more strengthen classifiers, every strengthen classifier includes one or more weak classifiers, every weak classifier includes a feature extraction unit and a function mapping unit, the feature extraction unit extracts the characteristic quantity of the image, the function mapping unit confirms the weak classify of the image according to the characteristic quantity extracted by the feature extraction unit. the feature extraction unit includes: a feature point extraction unit, extracting the predeterminate feature point pair combination from the image; a pixel value obtaining unit, obtaining the pixel value of every feature piont in the feature point pair combination; a feature piont comparing unit, comparing two feature pionts in every feature piont pair to obtain the logical value according to the pixel value obtained at the pixel value obtaining unit; and a feature quantity obtaining unit, confirming the feature quantity of the image according to the logical value.
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  • Floodplain sediments on the divide between Huang He and Chang Jiang, Gansu Province, NW China

    Hans-Joachim Pachur   Bernd Wünnemann   Linyuan Zhang   Hucai Zhang   Yuzheng Ma  

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