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  • Brilliant GeV gamma-ray flash from inverse Compton scattering in the QED regime

    Gong, Z.   Hu, R. H.   Lu, H. Y.   Yu, J. Q.   Wang, D. H.   Fu, E. G.   Chen, C. E.   He, X. T.   Yan, X. Q.  

    An all-optical scheme is proposed for studying laser plasma based incoherent photon emission from inverse Compton scattering in the quantum electrodynamic regime. A theoretical model is presented to explain the coupling effects among radiation reaction trapping, the self-generated magnetic field and the spiral attractor in phase space, which guarantees the transfer of energy and angular momentum from electromagnetic fields to particles. Taking advantage of a prospective similar to 10(23) W cm(-2) laser facility, 3D particle-in-cell simulations show a gamma-ray flash with unprecedented multi-petawatt power and brightness of 1.7 x 10(23) photons s(-1) mm(-2) mrad(-2)/0.1% bandwidth (at 1 GeV). These results bode well for new research directions in particle physics and laboratory astrophysics exploring laser plasma interactions.
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  • Motivations and Decision-Making Dilemmas of Overseas Liver Transplantation: Taiwan Recipients' Perspectives

    Huang, C. H.   Hu, R. H.   Shih, F. J.   Chen, H. M.   Shih, F. J.  

    Purpose. This study sought to explore the motivation and dilemmas in the decision-making process encountered by Taiwan overseas orthotopic liver transplant (OLT) recipients. Patients and methods. We used an exploratory qualitative research method on a sample of transplant recipients. Face-to-face in-depth interviews were performed with a semi-structured interview guide. Data were evaluated by qualitative content analysis. Results. We interviewed 15 patients including 11 males and 4 females aged between 41 and 68 years (mean = 57.3) including 14 who received OLT in China and one in the United States. The most important motivations were saving lives from end-stage liver disease and avoiding a hopeless sense of their residual lives with the psychological torture of a waiting death. Their decision-making process leading to overseas OLT could be divided into several phases among which the phase of transplant data evaluation and decision was the most critical one. Nevertheless, every stage and phase had its unique contents, factors, and dilemmas. Conclusion. This study demonstrated that patients encountered various dilemmas at different phases in the decision-making process of considering overseas OLT. This information is important for care providers and policy makers in dealing with patients who consider overseas OLT.
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  • The generation of collimated gamma-ray pulse from the interaction between 10 PW laser and a narrow tube target

    Yu, J. Q.   Hu, R. H.   Gong, Z.   Ting, A.   Najmudin, Z.   Wu, D.   Lu, H. Y.   Ma, W. J.   Yan, X. Q.  

    A scheme to radiate a highly collimated gamma-ray pulse is proposed through the interaction between an ultra-intense laser pulse and a narrow tube target. The gamma-ray pulse, with high conversion efficiency, can be generated as a result of electron acceleration in a longitudinal electric field. In a Particle-inCell simulation with a 10-PW laser, 18% of the laser energy is transferred into the forward gamma-ray in a divergence angle less than 3 degrees. It is also found that such a highly collimated gamma-ray pulse can be produced with a large range of tube diameters and laser intensities. This scheme could be realized in experiment with the coming 10-PW class lasers in the near future. Published by AIP Publishing.
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  • Caring For Overseas Liver Transplant Recipients: Taiwan Primary Family Caregivers' Experiences in Mainland China

    Chen, H. M.   Shih, F. Jong   Chang, C. L.   Lai, I. H.   Shih, F. J.   Hu, R. H.  

    Introduction. This study explores the motivations of overseas liver transplant recipient (OLTR) families of Taiwanese OLTR who undergo the procedure in mainland China. We report the waiting time to receive the transplant in mainland China as well as the rational and service. Patients and Methods. This exploratory qualitative method reflects guided face-to-face, semistructured interviews with families members of OLTRs. Data were subjected to content analysis. Results. We interviewed 19 OLTR family members (15 females and 4 males who were between 29 and 71 years of age; mean 55.1 years) regarding 19 patients who had (17 males and 2 females who were between 36 and 71 years of age, mean, 54.6 years). The OLTR underwent transplantation in three cities in mainland China: Tianjin, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. After arrival the average waiting time was 33.1 days. Subjects reported the following reasons to help patients undergo the procedure in mainland China: (1) it is difficult to have the procedure in Taiwan; (2) the desire to extend life; and (3) there is no domestic living donor. Seven reasons for serving as OLTR supportive family members were identified: (1) The role and obligation in the marital relationship; (2) a close bloodline relationship; (3) insufficient manpower; (4) an individual's availability; (5) evasion of responsibility by other family members; (6) compensation for inadequate caring efforts earlier in life; and (7) an unwillingness to disturb other relatives' lives. Finally, the following support for the OLTR was reported: providing company during medical treatment/doctor visits, food preparation, massage, daily assistance, medical care, and psychological support. Conclusions. Taiwanese OLTR family members' perspectives throughout the transplant process may provide better understanding of living experiences and concerns during the stages of overseas liver transplantation.
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  • Stable radiation pressure acceleration of ions by suppressing transverse Rayleigh-Taylor instability with multiple Gaussian pulses

    Zhou, M. L.   Liu, B.   Hu, R. H.   Shou, Y. R.   Lin, C.   Lu, H. Y.   Lu, Y. R.   Gu, Y. Q.   Ma, W. J.   Yan, X. Q.  

    In the case of a thin plasma slab accelerated by the radiation pressure of an ultra-intense laser pulse, the development of Rayleigh-Taylor instability ( RTI) will destroy the acceleration structure and terminate the acceleration process much sooner than theoretical limit. In this paper, a new scheme using multiple Gaussian pulses for ion acceleration in a radiation pressure acceleration regime is investigated with particle-in-cell simulation. We found that with multiple Gaussian pulses, the instability could be efficiently suppressed and the divergence of the ion bunch is greatly reduced, resulting in a longer acceleration time and much more collimated ion bunch with higher energy than using a single Gaussian pulse. An analytical model is developed to describe the suppression of RTI at the laser-plasma interface. The model shows that the suppression of RTI is due to the introduction of the long wavelength mode RTI by the multiple Gaussian pulses. Published by AIP Publishing.
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  • Hu Antigen R (HuR) multimerization contributes to glioma disease progression

    Filippova, Natalia; Yang, Xiuhua; Ananthan, Subramaniam; Sorochinsky, Anastasia; Hackney, James R; Gentry, Zachery; Bae, Sejong; King, Peter; Nabors, L. Burt  

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  • Hu Antigen R (HuR) multimerization contributes to glioma disease progression

    Filippova, Natalia   Yang, Xiuhua   Ananthan, Subramaniam   Sorochinsky, Anastasia   Hackney, James R   Gentry, Zachery   Bae, Sejong   King, Peter   Nabors, L. Burt  

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  • Early Authors: R. H. Mole

    Seymour, Colin   Mothersill, Carmel  

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  • Hypersurfaces with\({H_{r+1}}\)= 0 in\({\mathbb{H}^n \times \mathbb{R}}\)

    Elbert, Maria Fernanda; Nelli, Barbara; Santos, Walcy  

    We prove the existence of rotational hypersurfaces in with (r-minimal hupersurfaces) and we classify them. Then we prove some uniqueness theorems for r-minimal hypersurfaces with a given (finite or asymptotic) boundary. In particular, we obtain a Schoen-type theorem for two ended complete hypersurfaces.
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  • Ivor R. H. Kramer, OBE

    Harris   M.  

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  • Linac4 H\r ?\r ion sources

    Lettry, J.   Aguglia, D.   Alessi, J.   Andersson, P.   Bertolo, S.   Briefi, S.   Butterworth, A.   Coutron, Y.   Dallocchio, A.   David, N.   Chaudet, E.   Faircloth, D.   Fantz, U.   Fink, D. A.   Garlasche, M.   Grudiev, A.   Guida, R.   Hansen, J.   Haase, M.   Hatayama, A.   Jones, A.   Koszar, I.   Lallement, J.-B.   Lombardi, A. M.   Machado, C.   Mastrostefano, C.   Mathot, S.   Mattei, S.   Moyret, P.   Nisbet, D.   Nishida, K.   O’Neil, M.   Paoluzzi, M.   Scrivens, R.   Shibata, T.   Steyaert, D.   Thaus, N.   Voulgarakis, G.  

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  • H\r 2\r No

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  • Deconstructing cosmology, by R. H. Sanders

    Ishak   B.  

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  • Deconstructing cosmology, by R. H. Sanders

    Ishak, B.  

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  • STAT3: Down the R(h)oAd

    Renault-Mihara, Francois   Okano, Hideyuki  

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  • Hu Jintao: China\"s Silent Ruler\r by Kerry Brown

    Singh   Gunjan  

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