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  • Coordimétrie de Hess Weiss

    Torossian   Marion  

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  • GeV Detection of HESS J0632+057

    Li, Jian   Torres, Diego F.   Cheng, K.-S.   Wilhelmi, Emma de O?a   Kretschmar, Peter   Hou, Xian   Takata, Jumpei  

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  • HESS J1640-465: A Gamma-Ray Emitting Pulsar Wind Nebula?

    Xin, Yu-Liang; Liao, Neng-Hui; Guo, Xiao-Lei; Yuan, Qiang; Liu, Si-Ming; Fan, Yi-Zhong; Wei, Da-Ming  

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  • The Evelyn Hess Memorial Lecture

    Alarcón   Graciela S.  

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  • Multi-wavelength Study of HESS J1741-302

    Jeremy Hare   Blagoy Rangelov   Eda Sonbas   Oleg Kargaltsev   Igor Volkov  

    We present the results of two Chandra X-ray Observatory (CXO) observations of TeV γ-ray source HESS J1741–302. We investigate whether there is any connection between HESS J1741−302 and the sources seen at lower energies. One of the brightest X-ray sources in the HESS J1741–302 field, CXOU J174112.1−302908, appears to be associated with a low-mass star (possibly representing a quiescent low-mass X-ray binary or cataclysmic variable (CV)), hence, it is unlikely to be a source of TeV γ-rays. In the same field we have potentially detected X-rays from WR 98a, which is likely to be a colliding wind binary with massive stars. No TeV emission has been reported so far from such systems although predictions have been made. Finally, we found that the previously reported Suzaku source, Suzaku J1740.5–3014 (which is not covered by the CXO observations), appears to be a hard X-ray source detected by INTERGAL ISGRI, which supports the magnetized CV classification but makes its association with the TeV emission unlikely. The young pulsar PSR B1737–30, so far undetected in X-rays and projected on the sky near the CV, may be the contributor of relativistic particles responsible for the TeV emission.
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  • George Hess: A scientific appreciation

    Scheraga   Harold A.  

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  • Current limiting circuit for low-cost HESS

    Shin, Chul-Jun   Yoo, Kwang-Min   Kim, Dong-Rak   Lee, Jun-Young  

    A current limiter for the low-cost hybrid energy storage system (HESS) to guarantee battery lifetime is presented. It controls the maximum battery current and makes the battery backup system responsible for the remaining load. The proposed current limiter is a controllable variable resistor which can be implemented with a bidirectional semiconductor switch, a resistor, and a filter. Its feasibility has been verified with a 25 A limiter.
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  • HESS Opinions: Linking Darcy's equation to the linear reservoir

    Savenije Hubert H. G.  

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  • Modelling the GeV emission of HESS J0632+057

    Yi, Shu-Xu   Cheng, K. S.  

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  • HESS J1741?302: a hidden accelerator in the Galactic plane

    Abdalla H.   Abramowski A.   Aharonian F.   Benkhali F. Ait   Angüner E. O.   Arakawa M.   Armand C.   Arrieta M.   Backes M.   Balzer A.   Barnard M.   Becherini Y.   Tjus J. Becker   Berge D.   Bernhard S.   Bernl?hr K.   Blackwell R.   B?ttcher M.   Boisson C.   Bolmont J.   Bonnefoy S.   Bordas P.   Bregeon J.   Brun F.   Brun P.   Bryan M.   Büchele M.   Bulik T.   Capasso M.   Caroff S.   Carosi A.   Casanova S.   Cerruti M.   Chakraborty N.   G. Chaves R. C.   Chen A.   Chevalier J.   Colafrancesco S.   Condon B.   Conrad J.   Davids I. D.   Decock J.   Deil C.   Devin J.   deWilt P.   Dirson L.   Djannati-Ata? A.   Donath A.   Drury L.O’C.   Dyks J.   Edwards T.   Egberts K.   Emery G.   Ernenwein J.-P.   Eschbach S.   Farnier C.   Fegan S.   Fernandes M. V.   Fiasson A.   Fontaine G.   Funk S.   Fü?ling M.   Gabici S.   Gallant Y. A.   Garrigoux T.   Gaté F.   Giavitto G.   Glawion D.   Glicenstein J. F.   Gottschall D.   Grondin M.-H.   Hahn J.   Haupt M.   Hawkes J.   Heinzelmann G.   Henri G.   Hermann G.   Hinton J. A.   Hofmann W.   Hoischen C.   Holch T. L.   Holler M.   Horns D.   Ivascenko A.   Iwasaki H.   Jacholkowska A.   Jamrozy M.   Jankowsky D.   Jankowsky F.   Jingo M.   Jouvin L.   Jung-Richardt I.   Kastendieck M. A.   Katarzyński K.   Katsuragawa M.   Katz U.   Kerszberg D.   Khangulyan D.   Khélifi B.   King J.   Klepser S.   Klochkov D.   Klu?niak W.   Komin Nu.   Kosack K.   Krakau S.   Kraus M.   Krüger P. P.   Laffon H.   Lamanna G.   Lau J.   Lefaucheur J.   Lemière A.   Lemoine-Goumard M.   Lenain J.-P.   Leser E.   Lohse T.   Lorentz M.   Liu R.   López-Coto R.   Lypova I.   Malyshev D.   Marandon V.   Marcowith A.   Mariaud C.   Marx R.   Maurin G.   Maxted N.   Mayer M.   Meintjes P. J.   Meyer M.   W. Mitchell A. M.   Moderski R.   Mohamed M.   Mohrmann L.   Mor? K.   Moulin E.   Murach T.   Nakashima S.   Naurois M. de   Ndiyavala H.   Niederwanger F.   Niemiec J.   Oakes L.   O’Brien P.   Odaka H.   Ohm S.   Ostrowski M.   Oy  

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  • Zusatzmaterial Hess et al.

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  • Opening of Hess Deep Rift at the Galapagos Triple Junction

    Smith, Deborah K.   Schouten, Hans  

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  • HESS J1943+213: An Extreme Blazar Shining through the Galactic Plane

    Archer, A.   Benbow, W.   Bird, R.   Brose, R.   Buchovecky, M.   Bugaev, V.   Cui, W.   Daniel, M. K.   Falcone, A.   Feng, Q.   Finley, J. P.   Flinders, A.   Fortson, L.   Furniss, A.   Gillanders, G. H.   Hütten, M.   Hanna, D.   Hervet, O.   Holder, J.   Hughes, G.   Humensky, T. B.   Johnson, C. A.   Kaaret, P.   Kar, P.   Kelley-Hoskins, N.   Kieda, D.   Krause, M.   Krennrich, F.   Kumar, S.   Lang, M. J.   Lin, T. T. Y.   McArthur, S.   Moriarty, P.   Mukherjee, R.   Nieto, D.   O’Brien, S.   Ong, R. A.   Otte, A. N.   Park, N.   Petrashyk, A.   Pohl, M.   Popkow, A.   Pueschel, E.   Quinn, J.   Ragan, K.   Reynolds, P. T.   Richards, G. T.   Roache, E.   Rulten, C.   Sadeh, I.   Sembroski, G. H.   Shahinyan, K.   Tyler, J.   Wakely, S. P.   Weiner, O. M.   Weinstein, A.   Wells, R. M.   Wilcox, P.   Wilhelm, A.   Williams, D. A.   Brisken, W. F.   Pontrelli, P.  

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  • The Hess–Appelrot case and quantization of the rotation number

    Ivan A. Bizyaev   Alexey V. Borisov   Ivan S. Mamaev  

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  • Civil War Logistics: A Study of Military Transportation by Earl J. Hess

    Bohannon, Keith S.  

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  • HESS Opinions: A planetary boundary on freshwater use is misleading

    Heistermann, Maik  

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