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  • Optimizing Cs2LiYCl6 for fast neutron spectroscopy

    D'Olympia, N.   Chowdhury, P.   Guess, C. J.   Harrington, T.   Jackson, E. G.   Lakshmi, S.   Lister, C. J.   Glodo, J.   Hawrami, R.   Shah, K.   Shirwadkar, U.  

    Cs2UYCl6 (CLYC) has generated recent interest as a thermal neutron detector due to its excellent n/gamma-ray pulse-shape discrimination and energy resolution. Here, the capabilities of CLYC as a fast neutron detector and spectrometer are reported. A 1 in. x 1 in. CLYC detector was used to measure the response of mono-energetic neutrons over a range of 0.8-2.0 MeV produced via the Li-7(p,n) reaction at the University of Massachusetts Lowell 5.5 MV Van de Graaff accelerator. A broad continuum from the Li-6(n, alpha) reaction was observed, as well as additional peaks below the thermal capture peak. Based on possible reactions in CLYC, the additional peaks are determined to be due to the Cl-35(n,p)S-35 reaction, with a Q-value of +615 keV, and corroborated in simulations using MCNPX. The average resolution of 9% for these peaks makes CLYC a promising candidate for a fast neutron spectrometer. Published by Elsevier B.V.
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  • Gamow-Teller transitions from Ni-56

    Sasano, M.   Perdikakis, G.   Zegers, R. G. T.   Austin, Sam M.   Bazin, D.   Brown, B. A.   Caesar, C.   Cole, A. L.   Deaven, J. M.   Ferrante, N.   Guess, C. J.   Hitt, G. W.   Honma, H.   Meharchand, R.   Montes, F.   Palardy, J.   Prinke, A.   Riley, L. A.   Sakai, H.   Scott, M.   Stolz, A.   Suzuki, T.   Valdez, L.   Yako, K.  

    A new technique to measure (p,n) charge-exchange reactions in inverse kinematics at intermediate energies on unstable isotopes was successfully developed and used to study the Ni-56(p,n) reaction at 110 MeV/u. Gamow-Teller transition strengths from Ni-56 to Cu-56 were obtained and compared with shell-model predictions in the pf-shell using the KB3G and GXPF1A interactions. The calculations with the GXPF1A interaction reproduce the experimental GT strength distribution much better than the calculations that employed the KB3G interaction, indicating deficiencies in the spin-orbit and proton-neutron residual potentials for the latter. The results are important for improving the description of electron-capture rates on nuclei in the iron region, which are important for modeling the late evolution of core-collapse and thermonuclear supernovae.
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  • The Ga-71(He-3, t) reaction and the low-energy neutrino response

    Frekers, D.   Ejiri, H.   Akimune, H.   Adachi, T.   Bilgier, B.   Brown, B. A.   Cleveland, B. T.   Fujita, H.   Fujita, Y.   Fujiwara, M.   Ganioglu, E.   Gavrin, V. N.   Grewe, E. -W.   Guess, C. J.   Harakeh, M. N.   Hatanaka, K.   Hodak, R.   Holl, M.   Iwamoto, C.   Khai, N. T.   Kozer, H. C.   Lennarz, A.   Okamoto, A.   Okamura, H.   Povinec, P. P.   Puppe, P.   Simkovic, F.   Susoy, G.   Suzuki, T.   Tamii, A.   Thies, J. H.   Van de Walle, J.   Zegers, R. G. T.  

    A Ga-71(He-3,t)Ge-71 charge-exchange experiment was performed to extract with high precision the Gamow-Teller (GT) transition strengths to the three lowest-lying states in Ge-71, i.e., the ground state (1/2(-)), the 175 keV (5/2(-)) and the 500 key (3/2(-)) excited states. These are the relevant states, which are populated via a charged-current reaction induced by neutrinos from reactor-produced Cr-51 and Ar-37 sources. A precise measurement of the GT transition strengths is an important input into the calibration of the SAGE and GALLEX solar neutrino detectors and addresses a long-standing discrepancy between the measured and evaluated capture rates from the Cr-51 and Ar-37 neutrino calibration sources, which has recently spawned new ideas about unconventional neutrino properties. (C) 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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  • beta and Isomeric Decay of Nuclei in the (100)Sn Region RID F-7481-2011

    Becerril, A. D.   Amthor, A. M.   Baumann, T.   Bazin, D.   Berryman, J. S.   Crawford, H.   Estrade, A.   Gade, A.   Ginter, T.   Guess, C. J.   Hausmann, M.   Hitt, G. W.   Lorusso, G.   Mantica, P. F.   Matos, M.   Meharchand, R.   Minamisono, K.   Montes, F.   Pereira, J.   Perdikakis, G.   Portillo, M.   Schatz, H.   Smith, K.   Stoker, J.   Zegers, R. T. G.  

    The decay properties of rp-process nuclei in the vicinity of (100)Sn have been studied at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL). The measured beta-decay half-life for (100)Sn is 0.55(-0.31)(+0.70) s, in agreement with a previous measurement. In (98)In, the beta-decay of the ground state plus that of a long lived isomer were observed with half-lives of 47(13) ms and 0.66(40) s respectively. The half-life of (96)Cd, measured for the first time, is 1.03(-0.21)(+0.24), s; however, the existence of a predicted isomeric state in this nucleus could not be confirmed. Additionally, a gamma cascade de-exciting a pis-isomer in the odd-odd nucleus (96)Ag was observed. The implications of the measured half-life of (96)Cd on the calculated rp-process final abundances are discussed.
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  • decay of

    Guess, C. J.   Adachi, T.   Akimune, H.   Algora, A.   Austin, Sam M.   Bazin, D.   Brown, B. A.   Caesar, C.   Deaven, J. M.   Ejiri, H.   Estevez, E.   Fang, D.   Faessler, A.   Frekers, D.   Fujita, H.   Fujita, Y.   Fujiwara, M.   Grinyer, G. F.   Harakeh, M. N.   Hatanaka, K.   Herlitzius, C.   Hirota, K.   Hitt, G. W.   Ishikawa, D.   Matsubara, H.   Meharchand, R.   Molina, F.   Okamura, H.   Ong, H. J.   Perdikakis, G.   Rodin, V.   Rubio, B.   Shimbara, Y.   Süsoy, G.   Suzuki, T.   Tamii, A.   Thies, J. H.   Tur, C.   Verhanovitz, N.   Yosoi, M.   Yurkon, J.   Zegers, R. G. T.   Zenihiro, J.  

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  • MeV

    Guess, C. J.   Zegers, R. G. T.   Brown, B. A.   Austin, Sam M.   Bazin, D.   Caesar, C.   Deaven, J. M.   Grinyer, G. F.   Herlitzius, C.   Hitt, G. W.   Noji, S.   Meharchand, R.   Perdikakis, G.   Sakai, H.   Shimbara, Y.   Tur, C.  

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  • LENDA: A Low Energy Neutron Detector Array for Studies of (p, n) Reactions With Radioactive Beams RID F-7481-2011

    Perdikakis, G.   Austin, Sam M.   Bazin, D.   Caesar, C.   Deaven, J. M.   Guess, C. J.   Hitt, G. W.   Meharchand, R. T.   Nguyen, D. T.   Shimbara, Y.   Thorne, K.   Zegers, R. G. T.  

    Charge-exchange reactions at intermediate energies have been used extensively in nuclear structure studies as a sensitive probe of the spin-isospin response of nuclei. Experimental investigations have been mostly limited to stable targets. There are, however, compelling scientific arguments to extend these studies to unstable nuclei. The Low Energy Neutron Detection Array (LENDA) is designed to facilitate the study of (p, n) charge exchange reactions in inverse kinematics using unstable beams. The array, which is designed to measure neutron energies and angles with high detection efficiencies, is currently under development at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL). The final array will consist of 24 plastic scintillator bars each with dimensions of 300 x 45 x 25 nun. The neutron energy will be determined by the time-of-flight technique, while the position of interaction will be deduced using the timing and energy information from photomultipliers attached to both ends of each bar. A prototype of the final array has been constructed and characterized in a simple test setup. Results of test measurements and simulations have demonstrated a neutron energy threshold of <130 keV and overall time (position) resolution of <= 1 ns (similar to 4 cm).
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  • Lo?c J. Charbonnière

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  • A Tribute to J. C. Sprott

    Nazarimehr, Fahimeh   Jafari, Sajad   Chen, Guanrong   Kapitaniak, Tomasz   Kuznetsov, Nikolay V.   Leonov, Gennady A.   Li, Chunbiao   Wei, Zhouchao  

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  • David J. C. MacKay (1967–2016)

    Wright, Ken  

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  • David J. C. MacKay (1967–2016)

    Wright   Ken  

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  • The Storm Runner by J. C. Cervantes

    Jacques, Wesley  

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  • Placebo Junkies by J. C. Carleson

    Coats, Karen  

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  • The Wish Granter by C. J Redwine

    Spisak, April  

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  • J. J. C Smart (1920-2012): Remembering Jack

    Monima Chadha   Purushottama Bilimoria   John Bigelow  

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  • J. J. C Smart (1920-2012): Remembering Jack

    Monima Chadha, Purushottama Bilimoria, John Bigelow  

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