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  • Introduction to the special topic “Stem cells and regenerative medicine”

    Chen, ZhiGuo   Zhang, Yu  

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    A gas detection early warning method, device and system and a computer storage medium. The method comprises: acquiring, by a gas detection early warning device, N concentration change speeds of a target gas within a pre-set first time period (S101), N being a positive integer greater than zero; and generating, by the gas detection early warning device, an early warning message when the gas detection early warning device determines that a concentration change of the target gas is abnormal according to the N concentration change speeds and a pre-set concentration change speed threshold value (S102). DRAWING:
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  • Conn's Handbook of Models for Human Aging || Cell Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

    Chen, Zhiguo  

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    A vibration damping assembly for a fixed display device (15), and a display device employing the vibration damping assembly; the vibration damping assembly comprises a support (14), a screw (11), a screw sleeve (12) and an I-shaped rubber gasket (13); the I-shaped rubber gasket (13) is columnar, and is provided with an axial through hole (131) therein; the support (14) or the display device (15) has a hole to install the I-shaped rubber gasket (13); the screw sleeve (12) is disposed in the axial through hole (131) of the I-shaped rubber gasket (13); and the screw (11) passes through the screw sleeve (12) to fix the display device (15) on the support (14).
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  • A New High-Speed Foreign Fiber Detection System with Machine Vision

    Chen, Zhiguo   Xu, Wenbo   Leng, Wenhao   Fu, Yi  

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  • Differential roles of TNFR1 and TNFR2 signaling in adult hippocampal neurogenesis

    Chen, Zhiguo   Palmer, Theo D.  

    Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFα) is a potent inhibitor of neurogenesis in vitro but here we show that TNFα signaling has both positive and negative effects on neurogenesis in vivo and is required to moderate the negative impact of cranial irradiation on hippocampal neurogenesis. In vitro, basal levels of TNFα signaling through TNFR2 are required for normal neural progenitor cell proliferation while basal signaling through TNFR1 impairs neural progenitor proliferation. TNFR1 also mediates further reductions in proliferation and elevated cell death following exposure to recombinant TNFα. In vivo, TNFR1??/sup> and TNFα??/sup> animals have elevated baseline neurogenesis in the hippocampus, whereas absence of TNFR2 decreases baseline neurogenesis. TNFα is also implicated in defects in neurogenesis that follow radiation injury but we find that loss of TNFR1 has no protective effects on neurogenesis and loss of TNFα or TNFR2 worsened the effects of radiation injury on neurogenesis. We conclude that the immunomodulatory signaling of TNFα mediated by TNFR2 is more significant to radiation injury outcome than the proinflammatory signaling mediated through TNFR1.
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  • Sensor Scheduling with Intelligent Optimization Algorithm Based on Quantum Theory

    Chen, Zhiguo   Fu, Yi   Xu, Wenbo  

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    Disclosed are an Internet of Things (IoT) alarm suppression method and system, the method comprising: Step A: upon receipt of alarm information reported by a device in an IoT, determining whether the device reporting the alarm information is a device on a preset critical path; if so, then executing step B; Step B: determining whether historical alarm information identical with a protocol corresponding to the alarm information has been reported in the reporting device; if not, then executing step C; Step C: broadcasting the alarm information to a device in the broadcast group. Further disclosed is an IoT alarm suppression system. The present invention avoids isolating reported alarms from each other, and provides a hierarchical relation of an abundance of nodes. If one of the critical nodes of a critical path malfunctions, alarms reported by other associated nodes on the critical path can be promptly suppressed, so as to greatly reduce pressure on the alarm server, reduce the risk of an alarm storm, enable high-efficiency collection, and process the alarm promptly.
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    Provided are a data collection optimization method and system, and a server, which relate to the field of data processing, and solve the problem that some data in a network management system are lost and are unable to be collected. The data collection optimization method is applied to a server, and comprises: acquiring first mine Internet of Things data within a first time period; judging whether the first mine Internet of Things data misses data to obtain a missing degree; when the missing degree reaches a preset value, acquiring preset fitting data in the server; and filling the missing first mine Internet of Things data through the preset fitting data to obtain a database table, and optimizing subsequent missing mine Internet of Things data according to the database table. In this way, the missing data can be filled, so that the data quality is substantially improved.
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  • Cells of Origin in the Embryonic Nerve Roots for NF1-Associated Plexiform Neurofibroma

    Chen, Zhiguo   Liu, Chiachi   Patel, Amish?J.   Liao, Chung-Ping   Wang, Yong   Le, Lu?Q.  

    Neurofibromatosis type 1 is a tumor-predisposing genetic disorder. Plexiform neurofibromas are common NF1 tumors carrying a risk of malignant transformation, which is typically fatal. Little is known about mechanisms mediating initiation and identity of specific cell type that gives rise to neurofibromas. Using cell-lineage tracing, we identify a population of GAP43(+) PLP+ precursors in embryonic nerve roots as the cells of origin for these tumors and report a non-germline neurofibroma model for preclinical drug screening to identify effective therapies. The identity of the tumor cell of origin and facility for isolation and expansion provides fertile ground for continued analysis to define factors critical for neurofibromagenesis. It also provides unique approaches to develop therapies to prevent neurofibroma formation in NF1 patients.
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    A system for realizing multiple numbers for one telephone service comprises mobile switch centers, gateway mobile switch center, and further comprises user home location register of multiple numbers for one telephone service for storing corresponding relation between the information of mobile switch centers in multiple service areas in which the user has registered and mobile numbers of the service areas. Further a method for realizing multiple numbers for one telephone service includes: user home location register of multiple numbers for one telephone service receives request message from mobile switch center or gateway mobile switch center; obtains mobile switch center information of a service area where the user is currently located and a mobile number that the user registers in the service area where the user is currently located based on the corresponding relation between the information of mobile switch centers in multiple service areas in which the user has registered and mobile numbers of the service areas; transmits the mobile number to the mobile switch center of the service area where the user is currently located.
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  • Research on Pavement Performance of Volcanic Ash Mixture as Road Base and Mechanism

    Chen, Zhiguo   Wang, Zheren  

    In order to solve the lack of raw materials used as traditional road base in the area with abundant volcanic ash, the volcanic ash can be used as road base aggregate and binder considering the granule constitution and chemical components. The tests including strength, contraction shrinkage, anti-freezing and fatigue resistance were carried out for volcanic ash base mixture with different proportions and different ages. The control parameters were determined by comparing with pavement performance of lime fly-ash macadam and cement stabilized grit. At the same time X-ray diffractions of volcanic ash base with different ages were also conducted, and the reaction mechanism was analyzed according to test results. The results of pavement performance and reaction mechanism show that the volcanic ash is a kind of potential base material.
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  • Policies on end-of-life passenger cars in China: Dynamic modeling and cost-benefit analysis

    Chen, Zhiguo   Chen, Dingjiang   Wang, Tao   Hu, Shanying  

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    A roadside parking management method, device and system, the roadside parking management method comprising: acquiring a use situation of roadside parking spaces by means of a radar arranged at a roadside, the use situation comprising occupancy status, vacancy status, and beginning and ending time of occupancy; managing roadside parking spaces according to the use situation.
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  • Bichirs employ similar genetic pathways for limb regeneration as are used in lungfish and salamanders

    Lu, Suxiang   Yang, Liandong   Jiang, Haifeng   Chen, Juan   Yu, Guangqing   Chen, Zhiguo   Xia, Xichao   He, Shunping  

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  • Expression of G Protein-coupled Receptor 56 Is an Unfavorable Prognostic Factor in Osteosarcoma Patients

    Chen, Zhiguo   Gao, Pengji   Li, Zongpeng  

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