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  • R E C O L A—REcursive Computation of One-Loop Amplitudes

    Actis, Stefano   Denner, Ansgar   Hofer, Lars   Lang, Jean-Nicolas   Scharf, Andreas   Uccirati, Sandro  

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  • (e,2e) experiments on C(60)

    Bolognesi, P.   Pravica, L.   Berakdar, J.   Pavlyukh, Y.   Camilloni, R.   Cvejanovic, D.   Avaldi, L.  

    The ionization of C(60) in gas phase has been studied by (e,2e) experiments at about 1000 eV in asymmetric kinematics and 0.6 a.u. momentum transfer. The binding energy spectrum has been compared with previous photoemission data and theoretical calculations, while the measured coincidence angular distributions corresponding to the ionization of the HOMO and HOMO-1 have been compared with calculations that account for the ionic symmetry and electronic structure of C(60).
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  • Study on Machining Damage of Helical Milling for C/E Composites

    Xu, Jun; Zhu, Xiang Long; Kang, Ren Ke; Yang, Guo Lin; Guo, Dong Ming; Dong, Zhi Gang  

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  • Corrigendum: Total Synthesis of Coralloidolides A, B, C, and E

    Kimbrough, Thomas J.   Roethle, Paul A.   Mayer, Peter   Trauner, Dirk  

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  • New Isolinariins C, D and E, Flavonoid Glycosides from Linaria japonica

    Widyowati, Retno   Sugimoto, Sachiko   Yamano, Yoshi   Sukardiman   Otsuka, Hideaki   Matsunami, Katsuyoshi  

    Three new flavonoid glycosides named isolinariins C, D and E (1-3), two known flavonoid glycosides (4, 5) and three known flavonoids (6-8) were isolated from the whole plant of Linaria japonica. The structures of these compounds were determined mainly by spectroscopic analyses. The bioactivities of these isolated compounds were evaluated for their inhibitory activities against human cell line A549, collagenase, and advanced glycation end product (AGE) formation. Among the isolated compounds, isolinariins C, D and E (1, 2 and 3) showed inhibition toward AGE formation (IC50 values of 34.8, 35.0 and 19.5 mu M, respectively). And linariin (4), pectolinarin (5) and luteolin (8) were found to be active against collagenase with IC50 values of 79.4, 78.6 and 40.5 mu M, respectively, without significant cytotoxicity at these concentrations.
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  • Vector-valued interval functions and the Dedekind completion of C(X,?E)

    van der Walt   Jan Harm  

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  • ChemInform Abstract: Total Synthesis of Myceliothermophins C, D, and E.

    Nicolaou, K. C.   Shi, Lei   Lu, Min   Pattanayak, Manas R.   Shah, Akshay A.   Ioannidou, Heraklidia A.   Lamani, Manjunath  

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  • NMR backbone assignment of the C epsilon 4 domain of immunoglobulin E

    Benjamin, Stefi V.   Creeke, Paul I.   Henry, Alistair J.   McDonnell, James M.  

    Immunoglobulin E (IgE) plays a central role in allergic reactions. IgE is a dynamic molecule that is capable of undergoing large conformational changes. X-ray crystal structures of the Fc region of IgE in complex with various ligands have shown that IgE-Fc can exist in extended and various bent conformations. IgE-Fc consists of three domains: C epsilon 2, C epsilon 3 and C epsilon 4. While the complete NMR backbone assignments of the C epsilon 2 and C epsilon 3 domains have been reported previously, the C epsilon 4 domain has not been assigned. Here, we report the complete backbone assignment of the C epsilon 4 homodimer. C epsilon 4 can be used as a model system to study dynamics and allostery in IgE, as both molecules exist as homodimers and exhibit similar binding properties to a number of ligands.
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  • Cirurgia bari=C3=A1trica e o escore de c=C3=A1lcio coronariano.

    Lins, Daniel da Costa   Gadelha, Patr=C3=ADcia S.   Santa-Cruz, Fernando   Siqueira, Luciana Teixeira de   Campos, Josemberg Marins   Ferraz, =C3=81lvaro Ant=C3=B4nio Bandeira  

    ABSTRACT Objective: to investigate the impact of bariatric surgery on the coronary artery calcium score (CACS), and to establish predictors of progression of this score in patients with obesity. Methods: prospective study that evaluated 18 obese patients before and after bariatric surgery. All patients were submitted to computed tomography scans and blood tests (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides, fasting plasma glucose, A1C, insulin, serum calcium, C-peptide and C-Reactive Protein) in order to determine CACS and Framingham risk score (FRS). Results: the FRS decreased 50% between the pre and postoperative evaluations. The mean CACS increased significantly at the late postoperative period, going from 8.5 to 33.1. HDL levels had also increased between the pre and postoperative periods. All of the other quantitative variables reduced significantly at the postoperative evaluation. When dividing CACS into four degrees, it was observed that 22.2% presented CACS=3D0 at the postoperative evaluation. The prevalence of mild CACS decreased from 77.8% to 50%, while moderate CACS remained the same (11.1%). Severe CACS increased from 11.1% to 16.7%. Older ages were linked to CACS progression, and this was the only variable that presented statistical association with progression. Conclusion: bariatric surgery leads to positive cardiovascular outcomes, apparently regardless of CACS.=09
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  • On projective Banach lattices of the form C(K) and FBL[E]

    Avilés, Antonio; Martínez-Cervantes, Gonzalo; Rodríguez Abellán, José David  

    We show that if a Banach lattice is projective, then every bounded sequence that can be mapped by a homomorphism onto the basis of c(0) must contain an l(1)-subsequence. As a consequence, if Banach lattices l(p) or FBL[E] are projective, then p =3D 1 or E has the Schur property, respectively. On the other hand, we show that C(K) is projective whenever K is an absolute neighbourhood retract, answering a question by de Pagter and Wickstead. (C) 2020 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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  • An unusual hemoglobinopathy: Compound heterozygosity for hemoglobins C and E

    Spencer Chapman, Michael; Kiritkumar, Kripesh; Lund, Kirstin; Bain, Barbara J.  

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  • Recent achievements in the synthesis of dibenz[c,e]azepines (microreview)

    Boichenko, Maxim A.   Chagarovskiy, Alexey O.  

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  • Recent achievements in the synthesis of dibenz[c,e]azepines (microreview)

    Boichenko, Maxim A.   Chagarovskiy, Alexey O.  

    This microreview presents a general coverage of methods for the synthesis of dibenz[c,e]azepines, which have been published in recent years.
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  • Combined fit to BESIII data on e(+)e(-) -> h(c)pi(+)pi(-) and chi(c0)omega

    Feng, X. N.   Gao, X. Y.   Shen, C. P.  

    The cross-sections of e(+)e(-) -> h(c)pi(+)pi(-) and chi(c0)omega were measured by the BESIII experiment. In both cross-section distributions, there are structures at a mass of about 4220 MeV/c(2). A combined fit is performed to the two cross-section distributions, assuming the structures are due to the same vector resonant state, the Y (4220). The parameters of the Y (4220) are determined using two fit methods. The ratios Gamma(Y (4220) -> chi(c0)omega)/Gamma(Y (4220) -> h(c)pi(+)pi(-)) are obtained, which may help in the understanding of the nature of this structure. Although a similar work was done previously, all the multiple solutions in our fits are taken into account and our conclusions are more precise and complete.
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  • The songs of C. P. E. Bach: a performer's perspective

    Dellal, P.  

    The songs of C. P. E. Bach, while not a primary part of his artistic output, represent a substantial portion of his oeuvre and reflect a commitment on the composer's part to expressing profound spiritual and moral concepts. The songs also make a significant contribution to the flowering of the German lied tradition, which is generally considered to begin in the early 19th century with Schubert but which has deep antecedents in the 18th century. The confluence of a rapidly evolving musical language, the philosophical tradition of the Enlightenment, and a native tradition of strophic poetry and song gave rise to the highly compressed, harmonically potent style of Bach's lieder. Individual songs by C. P. E. Bach are examined for their inventiveness, emotional potency and sensitivity to the text. Selections from each of his three major song collections, as well as secular songs and a large-scale cantata for voice and keyboard, are described in detail. Issues surrounding performance, which may affect the current obscurity of these pieces, are considered: how to programme, edit and perform the songs; what keyboard instrument is best suited; and what skills a singer needs to bring to bear for a modern recital audience.
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  • POSCO E & C completes Korea's first commercial desalination plant

    Korea's POSCO Engineering & Construction Ltd (POSCO E&C) has recently completed the construction of what it claims is the nation's first and largest commercial sea-water desalination plant.
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