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  • Critical Commentary by an EGM Gambler, October 2004: Introduction by Jennifer Borrell

    Jennifer Borrell  

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  • Five (?) Unpublished Greek Inscriptions in H. P. Borrell\"s Notebook

    David Whitehead  

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  • El estado de la pasión : El debate mostró a un Borrell aun \"verde\" para ejercer la oposición

    Albert Sáez  

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  • Implantable bottom exit port

    The present invention provides a system for attaching a fluid access port to a patient. The system generally comprises an implantable access port with a bottom exit port and method for attaching an access port to a patient. In addition, a tube guard, flexible tube exit port, tissue guard, and porous coupling member are disclosed.
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  • Syringe-based leak detection system

    Generally described herein are devices, methods and systems related to detecting a leak present in a gastric banding system for the treatment of obesity. For example, a leak detector may include a syringe, a leak sensing unit and a needle, and may measure a pressure decay within a gastric banding system after the needle penetrates the patient's skin and is inserted into an access port connected to the gastric band of the gastric banding system. The pressure decay may be interpreted to determine if a leak is present in the gastric banding system.
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  • Recovery print mode

    In one embodiment, first printing is caused in response to a print job, applying ink upon a media utilizing a first row of printheads and a second row of printheads. The first row of printheads includes a plurality of printhead types. The second row of printheads is adjacent to the first row and includes at least one printhead of each of types. Failure of a first printhead within the first row is detected. The status of printheads included within the second row is analyzed. Second printing is caused applying ink upon the media utilizing the second row of printheads, and not the first row of printheads, in response to determining that printheads within the second row are operable to complete the print job.
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  • Tube connector with a guiding tip

    Generally described herein are apparatus, systems and methods related to utilizing a guiding tip to connect two open ends of respective tubes of a gastric banding system. More particularly, one of these tubes may include a barbed element at or near the point of connection which makes it difficult to connect the two tubes as the barbed element may be larger than an opening to receive the barbed element. The guiding tip provides a solution to this problem by acting as an interface between the barbed element and the receiving tube. In this manner, the sealing functionality of the barbed element may be retained while improving the ease of inserting the barbed element into the receiving tube.
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  • Implantable coupling device

    The present invention provides a system for attaching a fluid access port to a patient. The system generally comprises an implantable access port and method for attaching an access port to a patient. In addition, a tube guard, tube shroud, tissue guard, porous coupling member and a prefabricated mesh member may be attached to the access port. For example, the prefabricated mesh may be coupled to the access port to facilitate securing the access port to the tissue of the patient.
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  • Inkjet printing apparatus and method for printing a plurality of pixels

    In a method for printing a plurality of pixels, each pixel of a plurality of pixels is printed by controlling an inkjet print head to provide for each pixel at least two ink drops at different positions in a print head movement direction, the print head having a plurality of trenches supplying ink to a plurality of sets of nozzles. The at least two ink drops forming first pixels of said plurality of pixels are fired from the same trench.
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  • Method and system to track unused media

    In one embodiment, data is discerned, the data indicative of a first quantity of unused media contained within a roll. Prior to a plot being printed on the roll, a second quantity of unused media expected to be in the roll after the plot is printed is discerned using the data. Printing of a machine-readable marking on the roll, along with the plot, is caused, the marking being indicative of the second quantity.
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  • Re: Lift capabilities of hyaluronic acid fillers by Marcos Borrell, Dustin B. Leslie & Ahmet Tezel (J Cosmet Laser Ther. 2011;13:21–27)

    Edsman, Katarina   Kenne, Anne Helander  

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  • Air conditioner control assembly

    An air conditioning vent cover assembly to be disposed over an outlet vent of an air conditioner duct, and including a frame structured for secure, fitted engagement over the outlet vent. The frame itself includes an exterior face having a plurality of openings formed therein so as to permit air flow therethrough from the vent and provide an attractive exterior appearance. Furthermore, rotatably connected to the frame is at least one propeller assembly having a central hub and at least one blade extending from a perimeter of the central hub. The propeller assembly is structured to freely rotate as a result of air flow from the air conditioning duct flowing thereover, such that the air flow is dispersed and more evenly distributed into the room as it passes from the propeller assembly through the exterior face of the frame. In addition to evenly dispersing the air flow, the propeller assembly is equipped to distribute an air freshener into the air flow such that it will circulate into the room and provide it with a pleasant aroma.
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  • Core baffling device for nuclear reactors

    A partitioning device is provided which can be used in a pressurized water nuclear reactor. It occupies the space between the prismatic shaped core of the reactor, and a cylindrical casing and comprises vertical partitioning plates surrounding the core and reinforcement elements placed between the partitioning plates and the casing. It comprises panels distributed into horizontal rows in vertical columns, all the panels of the same row being identical and having vertical partitioning plates welded together and fast with criss-crossed horizontal and vertical reinforcements bearing on the casing and with vertical tubes. The stacked tubes of a same column form a post resting on a core support plate. Solid vertical keys connect the panels in the different columns together and to the casing.
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  • Catalunya carolingia, 4: Els comtats d\"Osona i Manresa; Els pergamins de l\"arxiu comtal de Barcelona de Ramon Borrell a Ramon Berenguer I;

    Bisson, Thomas N.   i Mata, Ramon Ordeig   Feliu, Gaspar   Salrach, Josep M.  

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  • A new comprehensive paradigm for Prenatal Diagnosis

    Borrell   Antoni  

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