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  • A hierarchical view of abstractness:Grounded,embodied,and situated aspects Comment on "Words as social tools:Language,sociality and inner grounding in abstract concepts" by Anna M. Borghi et al.

    Myachykov, Andriy   Fischer, Martin H.  

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  • Hepatic tocopherol content in primary hepatocellular carcinoma and liver metastases

    Rocchi, E   Seium, Y   Camellini, L   Casalgrandi, G   Borghi, A   DAlimonte, P   Cioni, G  

    The high incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in cirrhosis, where previous studies have indicated a severe reduction in several antioxidant vitamin factors, prompted us to compare plasma Liposoluble vitamins with tocopherol content in healthy and neoplastic liver tissue in humans. This, with a view to a more positive preventive dietary approach, given the conflicting results obtained by liposoluble vitamin dietary supplementation in different malignancies, Eleven patients with cirrhosis, 18 patients affected by cirrhosis with HCC, and 10 patients with liver metastases (LM) from digestive tract adenocarcinomas were compared with controls who had undergone perlaparoscopic cholecistectomy. Plasma alpha- and beta-carotene, retinol and tocopherol, together with liver tocopherol, from both nonmalignant portions and malignant nodules of the same organ, were determined by high-performance liquid chromatography following a well-assessed technique, The results confirm a trend towards a reduction in circulating carotenoids and tocopherol in cirrhosis and in patients affected by cirrhosis with HCC. Tocopherol content in liver tissue is significantly decreased in cirrhosis (0.26 +/- 0.03 mu mol/g prot., mean + SEM, P <.001) and in cirrhotic areas of the HCC group (0.31 + 0.02, P <.002), with respect to its content in liver specimens of healthy controls (0.46 + 0.03) and in healthy areas of the same organ in patients with LM (0.41 + 0.03). Tocopherol concentration is further reduced by 50% in malignant liver nodules of HCC, with respect to surrounding cirrhotic tissue, whereas in metastatic liver nodules from digestive neoplasms the tocopherol content is almost twice that of healthy surrounding areas. This unpredictable tocopherol behavior in liver specimens, of secondary as opposed to primary malignancies of the liver, affords further insight into the conflicting effects of liposoluble vitamins employed in the chemopreventive treatment of different malignant diseases, where hepatic tocopherol concentration show opposite trends: halved in primary HCC and doubled in LM of digestive adenocarcinomas, with respect to healthy controls.
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  • Chromium and the kidneys: Mutti A., Cavatorta, A., Pedroni, C., Borghi, A., Giaroli, C. & Franchini, I. (1979). The role of chromium accumulation in the relationship between airborne and urinary chromium in welders. Int. Archs occup. envir. Hlth43, 123

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    Patent ductus arteriosus is an uncommon anomaly in adult patients. Surgical closure of patent ductus arteriosus in this age group presents difficult problems to-the surgeon. We report our experience of 21 adult patients (19-62 years of age, mean 40 years) who underwent closure of the ductus by transfemoral implantation of a Rashkind double umbrella device. The patients came to light because of atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure, residual flow after surgical ligation of the duct or because of incidental diagnosis made during physical examination or chest X-ray. In ten patients the pulmonary arterial pressure was normal (systolic pressure < 30 mmHg), in eleven it was elevated (systolic pressure from 30 to 100 mmHg, mean 50 mmHg). In seven patients the duct was clearly calcified and the size of the duct varied from 3 to 9 mm (mean 4.3 mm). In 16 patients the ductus resulted perfectly closed after implantation of the first double umbrella device, two patients had minimal residual aortopulmonary flow, whereas in three patients the residual shunt was significant; two of these also developed haemolysis and went to surgery, in the latter the shunt was completely abolished after implantation of a second 17-mm device 16 months later. In conclusion transcatheter closure of patent ductus arteriosus in adults is feasible, even in the presence of calcifications and/or pulmonary hypertension; taking into account the significant surgical risk, PDA umbrella closure should be considered the first choice procedure in this group of patients.
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    Metal-Organic Deposition (MOD) technique has been used for the first time, in the spray version, to obtain thin and thick films of BSCCO on substrates like MgO and Ag and, in the dipping version, to deposit YBCO thick films directly on a thin Ag wire. Diffraction data show that BSCCO films are textured and oriented with their normal axis along the [001] direction. Electron microprobe data confirm a strong presence of (2212) modification of BSCCO. The YBCO/Ag wire is very uniform, as confirmed by SEM micrographs, and shows a transition temperature around 90 K. Thick films and platelets of YBCO have been also prepared by metalorganic solution spraying and by using a commercial microwave oven in the last annealing stage, reducing the duration of this step from several hours to about 65 minutes. YBCO samples show good stoichiometry, a very smooth surface morphology and transition temperatures, as measured by a.c. susceptometry at low magnetic fields, which are around 90 K. Films, deposited on MgO, are oriented with their growth ads along the [005] direction and, if deposited on SrTiO3, along the [006] direction. Physical, chemical, structural and morphological properties of these HTSC samples obtained by MOD are presented and discussed, with the conclusion that this technique, which is simple, flexible, suitable for large surface areas, for ribbons and for wires, has achieved a good stage of maturity.
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  • A preliminary evaluation of polyvinvyl chloride film use in dermoscopic analysis of mucosal areas

    Zampino, MR   Borghi, A   Corazza, M   Virgili, A  

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  • Avocado and soybean extracts as active principles in the treatment of mild-to-moderate vulvar lichen sclerosus: results of efficacy and tolerability.

    Borghi, A   Corazza, M   Minghetti, S   Toni, G   Virgili, A  

    OBJECTIVE: Limited evidence is available on the effectiveness of treatments alternative to corticosteroids for vulvar lichen sclerosus (VLS). The present study aimed to assess the efficacy and tolerability of avocado and soybean extracts (ASE) as active principles of both a topical product and a nutritional supplement in the treatment of active mild-to-moderate VLS.; MATERIALS AND METHODS: Twenty-three patients were enrolled. Treatment consisted of a topical product containing ASE and other lenitive and anti-oxidant principles administered twice daily for 24 weeks, in association with a dietary supplement containing ASE, vitamin E and para-aminobenzoic acid for the first 12 weeks. The primary efficacy endpoint was the rate of patients achieving an improvement from baseline in global subjective score (GSS) and global objective score (GOS) of =E2=89=A5 75%. Secondary efficacy endpoint was the rate of patients achieving GSS50 and GOS50. Tertiary efficacy endpoint was the mean reduction in subjective and objective scores throughout the treatment.; RESULTS: By the end of the 24-week treatment, 12 (70.5% of symptomatic patients) and 13 patients (72.2%) achieved an improvement of at least 75% in subjective and objective global scores, respectively; 100% and 88.9% reached GSS50 and GOS50, respectively. Mean symptom and sign scores decreased significantly after treatment. The treatment was well tolerated.; CONCLUSIONS: Our results provide evidence that the topical and dietary supplements used in the study, which contain active principles exerting anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic, emollient and lenitive actions, are effective alternatives in the treatment of symptoms and signs of mild-to-moderate VLS. =C2=A9 2014 European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.
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  • Il Pensiero Americano Contemporaneo: Filosofia, Epistemologia, Logicaby Feruccio Rossi-Landi; F. Barone; L. Borghi; G. Dorfles; P. Rossi; F. Rossi-Landi; U. Scarpelli; V. Somenzi; G. Vaccarino; A. Visalberghi;Il Pensiero Americano Contemporaneo: Scienze Socialiby F. Barbano; M. Calamandrei; R. Canestrari; A. Marzi; A. Giuliani; B. Griziotti; J. Griziotti-Kretschmann; L. Saffirio; G. Sartori

    Review by: Philip Ginnetti  

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  • Multiple electron beam analyses applied to eclogite from the Western Alps

    Borghi, A   Agnella, D   Belluso, E   Cossio, R   Ruffini, R  

    The occurrence of compositional and microtextural relies within metamorphic rocks can provide useful information on the pressure-temperature history of the host rock. The grain-size of these microstructures, such as coronitic reaction microtextures, is mostly too fine to be detected by optical microscopy, Therefore, a more detailed analytical approach is needed. In this paper multiple electron beam techniques including the acquisition of X-ray multi-element maps, micro and nano-analysis performed by SEM/EDS and TEM/STEM-EDX systems were applied to a specific petrological problem related to metamorphism. Fine-grained decompressional reaction microtextures of an eclogitic sample (Mt. Rosa Nappe, Western Alps) are described and discussed.
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  • PARTE PRIMA: GIURISPRUDENZA COSTITUZIONALE E CIVILE || Sezione III civile; sentenza 7 giugno 1974, n. 1718; Pres. La Farina P., Est. Auriti, P. M. Minetti (concl. conf.); Santoro (Avv. A. Tabet, Borghi) c. Micca (Avv. G. Fanelli, Morelli)

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  • U. Teodori, A. Borghi, G.G. Neri-Serneri : Eredità e localizzazioni morbose. Ed. Omnia Medica, Pisa, 1955.

    Maltarello, A.  

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  • Chemical investigation of coloured minerals in natural stones of commercial interest

    Vaggelli, G   Olmi, F   Massi, M   Giuntini, L   Fedi, M   Fiora, L   Cossio, R   Borghi, A  

    The economic interest in natural stones provides an interesting input to the study of coloured rock-forming minerals. Generally, the colour of a mineral is attributed either to the presence of intrinsically-coloured constituents or of trace elements substituting major elements in the crystallographic sites, or to physical factors such as crystal lattice defects. We have analysed the blue and blue-green silicate minerals dumortierite and amazonite, coming from Mozambique quartzites, and from Malawi and Brazil granitoids, respectively. This study was performed by a multiple analytical approach including (a) a comparison of different signals (optical light-polarized images, backscattered electron images and X-ray multielemental maps); and (b) a collection of quantitative data obtained by WDS systems for major elements, and by WDS and/or micro-PIXE facility for trace elements. A good correlation between Ti concentration zoning and pleochroism variations was observed in dumortierite. In addition, the blue dumortierite of Mozambique, with its unusual significant amounts of antimony (about 5 wt.% Sb2O3), represents a mineral with an intermediate composition between dumortierite and holtite. In amazonite the aquamarine colour seems to be related to the Pb content on the order of some hundreds of ppm.
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