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  • A sea change in our view of overturning in the subpolar North Atlantic

    Lozier, M. S.   Li, F.   Bacon, S.   Bahr, F.   Bower, A. S.   Cunningham, S. A.   de Jong, M. F.   de Steur, L.   deYoung, B.   Fischer, J.   Gary, S. F.   Greenan, B. J. W.   Holliday, N. P.   Houk, A.   Houpert, L.   Inall, M. E.   Johns, W. E.   Johnson, H. L.   Johnson, C.   Karstensen, J.   Koman, G.   Le Bras, I. A.   Lin, X.   Mackay, N.   Marshall, D. P.   Mercier, H.   Oltmanns, M.   Pickart, R. S.   Ramsey, A. L.   Rayner, D.   Straneo, F.   Thierry, V.   Torres, D. J.   Williams, R. G.   Wilson, C.   Yang, J.   Yashayaev, I.   Zhao, J.  

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  • Precision resonance energy scans with the PANDA experiment at FAIR

    Barucca, G.   Davı, F.   Lancioni, G.   Mengucci, P.   Montalto, L.   Natali, P. P.   Paone, N.   Rinaldi, D.   Scalise, L.   Erni, W.   Krusche, B.   Steinacher, M.   Walford, N.   Cao, N.   Liu, Z.   Liu, C.   Liu, B.   Shen, X.   Sun, S.   Tao, J.   Zhao, G.   Zhao, J.   Albrecht, M.   Bökelmann, S.   Erlen, T.   Feldbauer, F.   Fink, M.   Frech, J.   Freudenreich, V.   Fritsch, M.   Hagdorn, R.   Heinsius, F. H.   Held, T.   Holtmann, T.   Keshk, I.   Koch, H.   Kopf, B.   Kuhlmann, M.   Kümmel, M.   Küßner, M.   Leiber, S.   Musiol, P.   Mustafa, A.   Pelizäus, M.   Pitka, A.   Reher, J.   Reicherz, G.   Richter, M.   Schnier, C.   Sersin, S.   Sohl, L.   Sowa, C.   Steinke, M.   Triffterer, T.   Weber, T.   Wiedner, U.   Beck, R.   Hammann, C.   Hartmann, J.   Ketzer, B.   Müllers, J.   Rossbach, M.   Salisbury, B.   Schmidt, C.   Thoma, U.   Urban, M.   Bianconi, A.   Bragadireanu, M.   Pantea, D.   Czyzycki, W.   Domagala, M.   Filo, G.   Jaworowski, J.   Krawczyk, M.   Lisowski, E.   Lisowski, F.   Michałek, M.   Płażek, J.   Korcyl, K.   Kozela, A.   Kulessa, P.   Lebiedowicz, P.   Pysz, K.   Schäfer, W.   Szczurek, A.   Fiutowski, T.   Idzik, M.   Swientek, K.   Terlecki, P.   Korcyl, G.   Lalik, R.   Malige, A.   Moskal, P.   Nowakowski, K.   Przygoda, W.   Rathod, N.   Rudy, Z.   Salabura, P.   Smyrski, J.   Augustin, I.   Böhm, R.   Lehmann, I.   Nicmorus Marinescu, D.   Schmitt, L.   Varentsov, V.   Al-Turany, M.   Belias, A.   Deppe, H.   Dzhygadlo, R.   Flemming, H.   Gerhardt, A.   Götzen, K.   Heinz, A.   Karabowicz, R.   Kurilla, U.   Lehmann, D.   Lühning, J.   Lynen, U.   Nakhoul, S.   Orth, H.   Peters, K.   Saito, T.   Schepers, G.   Schmidt, C. J.   Schwarz, C.   Schwiening, J.   Täschner, A.   Traxler, M.   Voss, B.   Wieczorek, P.   Abazov, V.   Alexeev, G.   Arefiev, V. A.   Astakhov, V.   Barabanov, M. Yu.   Batyunya, B. V.   Dodokhov, V. Kh.   Fechtchenko, A.   Galoyan, A.   Golovanov, G.   Koshurnikov, E. K.   Lobanov, Y. Yu.   Olshevskiy, A. G.   Piskun, A. A.   Samartsev, A.   Shimanski, S.   Skachkov, N. B.   Skachkova, A. N.   Strokovsky, E. A.   Tokmenin, V.   Uzhinsky, V.  

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  • Letter: safety and efficacy of using statins in patients with cirrhosis

    Zhao, J.   Tian, H.   Liang, C.  

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  • Identification of genes and proteins associated with anagen wool growth

    Zhao, J.   Liu, N.   Liu, K.   He, J.   Yu, J.   Bu, R.   Cheng, M.   De, W.   Liu, J.   Li, H.  

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  • Identification of candidate genes for chicken early- and late-feathering

    Zhao, J.   Yao, J.   Li, F.   Yang, Z.   Sun, Z.   Qu, L.   Wang, K.   Su, Y.   Zhang, A.   Montgomery, S. A.   Geng, T.   Cui, H.  

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  • Precipitation in 25Cr20NiNbN austenitic steel after ageing at 750°C

    Zhao, J.   Wang, H.   Cheng, C.-Q.   Fang, Y.-Y.   Li, X.-N.  

    The heat-resistant austenitic steel 25Cr20NiNbN (HR3C) has been widely used in super heater and re-heater tubes in ultra-supercritical (USC) boilers. The precipitation processes in the steel are complicated because of its high alloy element contents. Precipitation in a 25Cr20NiNbN steel has been investigated after thermal aging at 750°C for period from 500 to 3000 h. The results indicate that M23C6 carbides generally precipitate along grain boundaries and that the major intragranular precipitates are NbCrN nitrides and M23C6 carbides. More precipitates are observed in the specimens after long term aging treatment: NbCrN nitrides on grain boundaries, as well as Cr3Ni2SiC carbides, have been found in the sample after aged for 2000 h at 750°C. The formation of σ phase has also been confirmed in the current steel after long term aging based on the results of X-ray diffraction (XRD), SEM and chromogenic methods.
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  • Loss of heterozygosity 1p/19q and survival in glioma: a meta-analysis

    Zhao, J.   Ma, W.   Zhao, H.  

    Glioma is rarely curable, and factors that in?uence the prognosis of glioma patients are not fully understood. Loss of heterozygosity (LOH) of 1p/19q has long been known to be a typical molecular signature of oligodendroglial neoplasms. However, whether LOH of 1p/19q is associated with survival in gliomas remains controversial. Here our goal was to evaluate the association between LOH of 1p/19q and progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS) by conducting a meta-analysis among glioma cases. The PubMed and Embase databases were searched from the earliest records to May 2013 to identify studies that met prestated inclusion criteria. Reference lists of retrieved articles were also reviewed. Three authors independently extracted information needed for further analysis. Either a xed- or a random-effects model was used to calculate the overall combined hazard ratio (HR) estimates. Twenty-eight eligible studies involving 3 408 cases were included in the meta-analysis. Compared with the chromosomal intact group, codeletion of 1p and 19q was associated with a better PFS (HR 0.63; 95 CI, 0.520.76) and OS (HR 0.43; 95 CI, 0.350.53). Subgroup analyses showed this association to be independent of detection methods and the grades and subtypes of gliomas. Furthermore, isodeletion of chromosome 1p predicted a similar favorable disease outcome (PFS: HR 0.68; 95 CI, 0.470.97) (OS: HR 0.51; 95 CI, 0.350.75), especially in low-grade gliomas, whereas isodeletion of 19q only indicated longer PFS (HR 0.70; 95 CI, 0.560.87). Codeletion of 1p and 19q is associated with better survival rates in glioma. Isodeletion of 1p predicts similar outcomes but to a lesser extent, whereas the effects of isodeletion of 19q remained only marginal.
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  • Shear horizontal surface waves in piezoelectric materials with surface stress

    Zhang, L. L.   Zhao, J.   Liu, X. L.   Liu, J. X.  

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  • The Study of How to Reduce ILD Loss in High-k and Metal Gate Last Process

    Zhao, J.   Gao, H. J.   Zeng, Y. Z.   Awut, K.   Song, W. J.   Yu, S. F.   Cai, G.   Zhang, B.  

    High-k last and metal gate last process becomes the main stream in 20nm and beyond technology. In high-k last process, the thermal dummy gate oxide (DGO) must be removed before the growth of interfacial layer (IL). In conventional process, to avoid the plasma damage to the device, wet etch is the most popular process to remove DGO. Because the etch rate of ILD(inter layer dielectric) oxide and CESL(CT etch stop layer) layers is much higher than thermal oxide, during the removal of DGO, serious ILD and CESL loss is observed, which will induce many of following process issues, such as high-k/metal residue, gate height variation, work function shift, etc. In this paper, multi-methods are studied to reduce the loss of ILD and CESL layer. The study mainly includes improvements on film quality and optimization of removal process. Finally, the selectivity of ILD oxide and CESL to thermal dummy gate oxide can reach ~1:1.
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  • Fast dispersion estimation in coherent optical 16QAM fast OFDM systems

    Zhao, J.   Shams, H.  

    Fast channel estimation is crucial to increase the payload efficiency which is of particular importance for optical packet networks. In this paper, we propose a novel least-square based dispersion estimation method in coherent optical fast OFDM (F-OFDM) systems. Additionally, we experimentally demonstrate for the first time a 37.5 Gb/s 16QAM coherent F-OFDM system with 480 km transmission using the proposed scheme. The results show that this method outperforms the conventional channel estimation methods in minimizing the overhead load. A single training symbol can achieve near-optimum channel estimation without any prior information of the transmission distance. This makes optical F-OFDM a very promising scheme for the future burst-mode applications. (C) 2013 Optical Society of America
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  • Extremely high strength achievement in medium-C nanobainite steel

    Zhao, J.   Guo, K.   He, Y.M.   Wang, Y.F.   Wang, T.S.  

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  • Control of the 2-degree-of-freedom servo system with iterative feedback tuning

    Zhao, J.   Feng, W.   Wang, J.  

    In this article, the controller parameter tuning method of a large inertia 2-degree-of-freedom motion mechanism is presented. The proportional–integral controller is adopted to implement the system control. For the reason of load coupling of the two freedoms, fixed proportional–integral parameters cannot always get satisfied control performance. Based on this problem, the iterative feedback tuning method is applied to tune the controller parameters. This method makes the system output error decrease along the negative gradient direction, and the system cost function will reach local minimum after a few iterations. In order to improve the convergence speed of the iterative process, a gold ratio–based method is proposed to speed up the convergence of the iteration process. The simulation and comparison experiments are performed on the azimuth freedom, and the results show that the iterative feedback tuning method can achieve much higher control performance compared to classical tuning method, and it has the similar effect to the adaptive robust method.
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  • Decomposition of overlapped ion mobility peaks by sparse representation

    Zhang, G.W.   Peng, S.L.   Cao, S.Y.   Zhao, J.   Han, Q.J.   Huang, Q.B.  

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  • Study of silicon photomultiplier performance in external electric fields

    Sun, X.L.   Tolba, T.   Cao, G.F.   Lv, P.   Wen, L.J.   Odian, A.   Vachon, F.   Alamre, A.   Albert, J.B.   Anton, G.   Arnquist, I.J.   Badhrees, I.   Barbeau, P.S.   Beck, D.   Belov, V.   Bhatta, T.   Bourque, F.   Brodsky, J. P.   Brown, E.   Brunner, T.   Burenkov, A.   Cao, L.   Cen, W.R.   Chambers, C.   Charlebois, S.A.   Chiu, M.   Cleveland, B.   Coon, M.   Côté, M.   Craycraft, A.   Cree, W.   Dalmasson, J.   Daniels, T.   Darroch, L.   Daugherty, S.J.   Daughhetee, J.   Delaquis, S.   Mesrobian-Kabakian, A. Der   DeVoe, R.   Dilling, J.   Ding, Y.Y.   Dolinski, M.J.   Dragone, A.   Echevers, J.   Fabris, L.   Fairbank, D.   Fairbank, W.   Farine, J.   Feyzbakhsh, S.   Fierlinger, P.   Fontaine, R.   Fudenberg, D.   Gallina, G.   Giacomini, G.   Gornea, R.   Gratta, G.   Hansen, E.V.   Harris, D.   Heffner, M.   Hoppe, E. W.   Hößl, J.   House, A.   Hufschmidt, P.   Hughes, M.   Ito, Y.   Iverson, A.   Jamil, A.   Jessiman, C.   Jewell, M.J.   Jiang, X.S.   Karelin, A.   Kaufman, L.J.   Kodroff, D.   Koffas, T.   Kravitz, S.   Krücken, R.   Kuchenkov, A.   Kumar, K.S.   Lan, Y.   Larson, A.   Leonard, D.S.   Li, G.   Li, S.   Li, Z.   Licciardi, C.   Lin, Y.H.   MacLellan, R.   Michel, T.   Moe, M.   Mong, B.   Moore, D.C.   Murray, K.   Newby, R.J.   Ning, Z.   Njoya, O.   Nolet, F.   Nusair, O.   Odgers, K.   Oriunno, M.   Orrell, J.L.   Ortega, G. S.   Ostrovskiy, I.   Overman, C.T.   Parent, S.   Piepke, A.   Pocar, A.   Pratte, J.-F.   Qiu, D.   Radeka, V.   Raguzin, E.   Rao, T.   Rescia, S.   Retière, F.   Robinson, A.   Rossignol, T.   Rowson, P.C.   Roy, N.   Saldanha, R.   Sangiorgio, S.   Schmidt, S.   Schneider, J.   Sinclair, D.   VIII, K. Skarpaas   Soma, A.K.   St-Hilaire, G.   Stekhanov, V.   Stiegler, T.   Tarka, M.   Todd, J.   Totev, T.I.   Tsang, R.   Tsang, T.   Veenstra, B.   Veeraraghavan, V.   Visser, G.   Vuilleumier, J.-L.   Wagenpfeil, M.   Wang, Q.   Watkins, J.   Weber, M.   Wei, W.   Wichoski, U.   Wrede, G.   Wu, S.X.   Wu, W.H.   Xia, Q.   Yang, L.   Yen, Y.-R.   Zeldovich, O.   Zhao, J.   Zhou, Y.   Ziegler, T.  

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  • Mode Change of a Gamma-Ray Pulsar, PSR J2021+4026

    Zhao, J.   Ng, C. W.   Lin, L. C. C.   Takata, J.   Cai, Y.   Hu, C.-P.   Yen, D. C. C.   Tam, P. H. T.   Hui, C. Y.   Kong, A. K. H.   Cheng, K. S.  

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  • Significance of the ADC ratio in the differential diagnosis of breast lesions

    Zhao, J.   Guan, H.   Li, M.   Gu, H.   Qin, J.   Wu, X.  

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