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  • Several microRNAs could predict survival in patients with hepatitis B-related liver cancer

    Ye Zhen   Zhao Xinghui   Wu Chao   Zhao Yi   Chen Jinwen   Gao Ruifang   Zhang Chao   Zhao Min   Guo Chunlei   Fang Yan   Du Lingfang   Shen Long   Shen Wenzhi   Luo Xiaohe   Xiang Rong  

    MicroRNAs as biomarkers play an important role in the tumorigenesis process, including hepatocellular carcinomas (HCCs). In this paper, we used The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) database to mine hepatitis B-related liver cancer microRNAs that could predict survival in patients with hepatitis B-related liver cancer. There were 93 cases of HBV-HCC and 49 cases of adjacent normal controls included in the study. Kaplan-Meier survival analysis of a liver cancer group versus a normal control group of differentially expressed genes identified eight genes with statistical significance. Compared with the normal liver cell line, hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines had high expression of 8 microRNAs, albeit at different levels. A Cox proportional hazards regression model for multivariate analysis showed that four genes had a significant difference. We established classification models to distinguish short survival time and long survival time of liver cancers. Eight genes (mir9-3, mir10b, mir31, mir519c, mir522, mir3660, mir4784, and mir6883) were identified could predict survival in patients with HBV-HCC. There was a significant correlation between mir10b and mir31 and clinical stages (p < 0.05). A random forests model effectively estimated patient survival times.
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  • Nonlinear characteristics of induced spontaneous combustion process of sulfide ores

    Pan Wei   Wu Chao   Li Zi-jun   Shi Ying   Yang Yue-ping  

    To investigate the relationship between nonlinear parameters and spontaneous combustion tendency of sulfide ores, nine different sulfide ore samples were taken from a pyrite mine in China, and induced spontaneous combustion experiment was carried out in the laboratory. Different stages of the induced spontaneous combustion process were studied by integrating wavelet technology and nonlinear dynamics theory. The results show that ignition points of all the ore samples are above 330 degrees C, indicating that sulfide ores of the pyrite mine are difficult to combust spontaneously under normal mining conditions. Spontaneous combustion process includes three stages: incubation stage, development stage and approaching stage. The average temperature rising rate of the three stages are 1.0 degrees C/min, 2.0 degrees C/min and 4.2 degrees C/min, respectively. During the spontaneous combustion process, mean values of approximate entropy and correlation dimension increase at first, and then decrease in the following stage. The mean value of the maximum Lyapunov exponent increases with the passage of reaction time. In a whole, correlation among the three nonlinear parameters firstly weakens, then enhances, and the best correlation period is at approaching stage. As ignition point increases, the maximum Lyapunov exponent of approaching stage decreases. Therefore, combustible tendency of sulfide ores could be qualitatively evaluated based on the maximum Lyapunov exponent of this stage.
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  • Handbook of Accelerator Physics and Engineering, 2nd edition, by Alexander Wu Chao, Karl Hubert Mes, Maury Tigner and Frank Zimmermann

    Miller, David J.  

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  • Effect of Cu-Ti-C Reaction Composition on Reinforcing Particles Size of TiCx/Cu Composites

    Zhang Dongdong   Hao, Guli   Luo Jingfeng   Wu Chao   Wang Jinguo  

    TiCx/Cu composites were fabricated by combustion synthesis and hot press technology. Using XRD, SEM, EDS, FESEM analysis methods, the effects of various carbon sources and different Cu contents on the microstructures of TiCx/Cu composites and the size of TiCx particles were investigated. Results showed that TiCx reinforcing particles size increases with decreasing Cu content in Cu-Ti-C reaction system. With carbon nanotubes (carbon black) serving as carbon source, the generated TiCx particles size transits from nanometer to submicron when Cu content corresponding to the reaction system is reduced to 60 vol% (70 vol%); while graphite serves as carbon source, there is no clear limiting concentration. C particles with smaller size, larger specific surface area and better distribution result in finer TiCx particles, which is more beneficial to generating nano-sized TiCx/Cu composites.
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  • Research Progress of Resistance Mechanism and Management Techniques of Fall Armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda to Insecticides and Bt Crops

    Wu Chao   Zhang Lei   Liao Chongyu   Wu Kongming   Xiao Yutao  

    The fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda(Smith)is an important pest of major crops,which occurs in almost all the corn growing regions of America.In recent years,the pest has rapidly spread into Africa and Southeast Asia,and had been discovered in Yunnan Province of China in late December 2018,posing a serious threat to corn production.At present,insecticides and Bt crops are the most important measures to control S.frugiperda.However,many studies have shown that S.frugiperda have evolved highly resistant populations to insecticides and Bt toxins.In this paper,the current situation of resistance of S.frugiperda to insecticides and Bt toxins was introduced.The mechanism of resistance to insecticides and Bt toxins were described from both expression regulation of resistance-related factors and variation of target sites,and the main strategies for re-sistance management were summarized.The directions for development of integrated management strategies of S.frugiperda were also discussed in combination with the actual situation in China,expecting to provide a reference for the control of the pest.
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  • Characterization and fine mapping of a novel rice narrow leaf mutant nal9.

    Li Wei   Wu Chao   Hu GuoCheng   Xing Li   Qian WenJing   Si HuaMin   Sun ZongXiu   Wang XingChun   Fu YaPing   Liu WenZhen  

    A narrow leaf mutant was isolated from transgenic rice ( Oryza sativa L.) lines carrying a T-DNA insertion. The mutant is characterized by narrow leaves during its whole growth period, and was named nal9 ( narrow leaf 9). The mutant also has other phenotypes, such as light green leaves at the seedling stage, reduced plant height, a small panicle and increased tillering. Genetic analysis revealed that the mutation is controlled by a single recessive gene. A hygromycin resistance assay showed that the mutation was not caused by T-DNA insertion, so a map-based cloning strategy was employed to isolate the nal9 gene. The mutant individuals from the F 2 generations of a cross between the nal9 mutant and Longtepu were used for mapping. With 24 F 2 mutants, the nal9 gene was preliminarily mapped near the marker RM156 on the chromosome 3. New INDEL markers were then designed based on the sequence differences between japonica and indica at the region near RM156. The nal9 gene was finally located in a 69.3kb region between the markers V239 B and V239 G within BAC OJ1212_C05 by chromosome walking. Sequence and expression analysis showed that an ATP-dependent Clp protease proteolytic subunit gene ( ClpP) was most likely to be the nal9 gene. Furthermore, the nal9 mutation was rescued by transformation of the ClpP cDNA driven by the 35 S promoter. Accordingly, the ClpP gene was identified as the NAL9 gene. Our results provide a basis for functional studies of NAL9 in future work.
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  • Apparent activation energy for spontaneous combustion of sulfide concentrates in storage yard

    Yang Fu-qiang   Wu Chao   Cui Yan   Lu Guang  

    In order to evaluate the spontaneous combustion hazard of sulfide concentrates in storage, three different kinds of sulfide concentrates (sulfur-rich sulfide concentrate, iron sulfide concentrate and copper sulfide concentrate) were obtained from a storage yard in Dongguashan Copper Mine, China. The reaction processes at different heating rates of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 degrees C/min in air flow from ambient temperature to 1 000 degrees C were studied by TG-DTG-DSC analysis. By the peak temperatures of DTG curves, the whole reaction process for each sample was divided into different stages, and the corresponding apparent activation energies were calculated by the Ozawa-Flynn-Wall method. It is found that the reaction process of each sample is considerably complex; the apparent activation energy values change from 36 to 160 kJ/mol in different temperature ranges; sulfur-rich sulfide and iron sulfide concentrates have lower apparent activation energy than copper sulfide concentrate below 150 C; so they are more inclined to cause spontaneous combustion at ambient temperature.
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  • La pollution du fait du transport maritime des hydrocarbures: responsabilité et indemnisation des dommages. By Wu Chao. [Paris: Pedone. 1994. xvi + 466 + (indices and bibliography) 62 pp. ISBN 2-233-00269-5. FF.360]

    Marston, Geoffrey  

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  • QoS-based optimal and fair resource allocation for energy-efficiency uplink NOMA networks

    Guo Yanyan   Li Shuai   Wu Chao  

    The energy-efficiency(EE) optimization problem was studied for resource allocation in an uplink single-cell network, in which multiple mobile users with different quality of service(QoS) requirements operate under a non-orthogonal multiple access(NOMA) scheme. Firstly, a multi-user feasible power allocation region is derived as a multidimensional body that provides an efficient scheme to determine the feasibility of original channel and power assignment problem. Then, the size of feasible power allocation region was first introduced as utility function of the subchannel-user matching game in order to get high EE of the system and fairness among the users. Moreover, the power allocation optimization to the EE maximization is proved to be a monotonous decline function. The simulation results show that compared with the conventional schemes, the network connectivity of the proposed scheme is significantly enhanced and besides, for low rate massive connectivity networks, the proposed scheme obtains performance gains in the EE of the system.
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  • Rotationally symmetric translating soliton of H (k) -flow

    Sheng WeiMin   Wu Chao  

    This paper mainly considers the translating soliton of H (k) -flow for k > 0. We give the asymptotic expression of the entire rotationally symmetric translating soliton, and obtain non-convex "Wing-like" solution as well as two barrier solutions. Moreover, we show that the solution with polynomial growth keeps its growth rate when evolution.
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  • Optical bistability based on surface plasmon coupled between two noble metal films involving Kerr materials

    SONG Gang   ZHANG Kai   CHEN YuanYuan   LIU HuiLi   WU Chao   YU Li   XIAO JingHua  

    We successfully investigate an optical bistability phenomenon in a layered structure consisting of Kretschmann configuration involving the Kerr-type nonlinear and the silver film. Pure theoretical approaches are employed to investigate that the surface plasmon could easily be coupled and both the reflection and transmission curves versus the incident intensity forms optical bistability. The transmission curves are greatly influenced by the thickness of the second silver film. These results may be useful for designing novel surface plasmon-based optical devices and will be essential for future classical and quantum information processes.
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