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  • The Spatial Economy of Communist Yuan-Li Wu;The Construction Industry in Communist Kang Chao;China: Emerging World Victor P. Petrov;China: Ageless Land and Countless Chiao-Min Hsieh

    Review by: Keith Buchanan  

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  • A Classification of Long-Range Interactions between Two Stacks of p & p '-Branes

    Ouyang Jun   Wu Chao  

    We generalize the computations of the long-range interactions between two parallel stacks of branes to various cases when two stacks of branes are not placed parallel to each other. We classify the nature of interaction (repulsive or attractive) for each special case and this classification can be used to justify the nature of long-range interaction between two complicated brane systems such as brane bound states. We will provide explicit examples in this paper to demonstrate this.
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  • A Dynamic model of ROV with a Robotic Manipulator Using Kane's Method

    Yang Ke   Wang Xuyang   Ge Tong   Wu Chao  

    The paper presents a detailed methodology for dynamic modeling of ROV with a robotic manipulator using Kane's dynamic equations. This methodology allows construction of the dynamic model simply and incrementally. The generalized active forces and the generalized inertia forces were deduced. The forces which contribute to dynamics were determined by Kane's approach. The model developed in this paper includes inertia force, gravity, buoyancy, control inputs and two major hydrodynamic forces: added mass, profile drag. The equations of hydrodynamic forces were deduced. The methodology provides a direct method for incorporating external environmental forces into the model. The resulting model is obtained in closed form. It is computationally efficient and provides physical insight as to what forces really influence the system dynamics. The dynamic model provides a framework for modern model-based control schemes.
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  • Effect of reagent films on coupling relationship between glass surface and particles

    Li Ming   Wu Chao   Liu Yi-jing   Yan Hui  

    The experiments were conducted to investigate the behavior of airborne particles adhering to the glass slides which were coated by several reagent films. The results showed that the adhesion level could be significantly changed by the reagent films. There were no evident rules between the average size of particles and sampling time interval, the placing angle and reagent concentration. The average particle size on the surface coated by composite reagent (2-3 gm) was smaller than that on the single reagent coated surface, while the largest particle size (4-5 mum) was observed on the surface coated with the Tween 60. The experiment also demonstrated that the best adhesive performance was obtained on the surface which was coated with 0.5% SDBS and 0.5% fluorocarbon composite reagents. The experiment results indicated that each reagent had a certain optimum adhesive range tQ the particle. The composite reagents with different proportion of single reagents exhibited some particular physical and chemical properties, which could effectively change the adhesive performance between the solid surface and the particles.
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  • Research on area risk assessment for chemical park based on domino effect model

    Liu Aihua   Wu Chao   Peng Xiaoqin  

    The area risk assessment model in consideration of domino effect has been build in order to carry out the overall quantitative risk assessment for chemical parks, then to provide a scientific basis for making safety plan and safety management of chemical parks. The consequence and probability model of domino effect initiated by fire and explosion has been established from three respects of heat load, blast wave load and explosion fragment load, according to domino effect mechanism. The area risk assessment procedure based on the domino effect is proposed, and the calculation models of individual risk and social risk on the basis of the domino extension probability are established taking target unit as the core. The conclusion of the example shows that the domino effect will increase significantly the individual risk value of the region, so it is very necessary to analyze the domino effect of chemical parks.
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  • Spanning Trees and Optimization Problemsby Bang Ye Wu; Kun-Mao Chao

    Review by: Ulas Akkucuk  

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  • A P1500-Compliant Wrapper and TAM Controller Co-Design Scheme

    Wu Chao   Wang Hong   Yang Shiyuan  

    IEEE P1500 is a standard under development which intends to improve ease of test reuse and test integration with respect to the core-based SoCs. This paper proposes a P1500-compliant wrapper and TAM controller design scheme. Area overhead and power consumption are taken into account in our scheme. Some experiment results based on a sample SoC are reported, showing the effectiveness of the proposed approach in terms of area overhead.
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  • Agglomerated Pd Catalysts and Their Applications in Hydrogen Production from Formic Acid Decomposition at Room Temperature

    Liu Jun   Lan Lixin   Wu Chao   Li Rong   Liu Xuanyan  

    Agglomerated Pd catalysts with the nano-porous structure were simply prepared by one-step reduction reaction without using any stabilizer. The Pd catalysts show a high catalytic activity for the decomposition of formic acid at room temperature. Among all the Pd catalysts tested, the Pd-Mg catalyst exhibits the highest catalytic activity. Moreover, the breakthrough of the advanced catalysts is that the above agglomerated Pd catalysts can be easily separated from the liquid system to control the catalytic reaction at any time, which may further promote the practical application of formic acid as a H-2 storage material.
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  • Scheduling of high-speed rail traffic based on discrete-time movement model

    Sun Ya-Hua   Cao Cheng-Xuan   Xu Yan   Wu Chao  

    In this paper, a new simulation approach for solving the mixed train scheduling problem on the high-speed double-track rail line is presented. Based on the discrete-time movement model, we propose control strategies for mixed train movement with different speeds on a high-speed double-track rail line, including braking strategy, priority rule, travelling strategy, and departing rule. A new detailed algorithm is also presented based on the proposed control strategies for mixed train movement. Moreover, we analyze the dynamic properties of rail traffic flow on a high-speed rail line. Using our proposed method, we can effectively simulate the mixed train schedule on a rail line. The numerical results demonstrate that an appropriate decrease of the departure interval can enhance the capacity, and a suitable increase of the distance between two adjacent stations can enhance the average speed. Meanwhile, the capacity and the average speed will be increased by appropriately enhancing the ratio of faster train number to slower train number from 1.
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  • Noisy teleportation of qubit states via the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger state or the W state

    Li Yan-Ling   Fang Mao-Fa   Xiao Xing   Wu Chao   Hou Li-Zhen  

    The effects of distributing entanglement through the amplitude damping channel or the phase damping channel on the teleportation of a single-qubit state via the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger state and the W state are discussed. It is found that the average fidelity of teleportation depends on the type and rate of the damping in the channel. For the one-qubit affected case, the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger state is as robust as the W state, i.e., the same quantum information is preserved through teleportation. For the two-qubit affected case, the W state is more robust when the entanglement is distributed via the amplitude damping channel; if the entanglement is distributed via the phase damping channel, the W state is more robust when the noisy parameter is small while the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger state becomes more robust when it is large. For the three-qubit affected case, the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger state is more robust than the W state.
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  • A drilling technology guided by well-seismic information integration

    LU Baoping   YUAN Duo   WU Chao   HOU Xutian  

    The predictions by drilling-related mechanical and geological models are in some degree inaccurate due to non-unique solution of seismic velocity model.To address this problem,a new drilling technology guided by well-seismic information integration is proposed which consists of seismic velocity update of drilled formations,seismic velocity prediction of the formation ahead of drilling bit,and the prediction of geological feature and drilling geological environmental factors ahead of bit.In this technology,real information(velocity,formation and depth)behind the drilling bit and local pre-stack seismic data around the wellbore being drilled are used to correct the primitive seismic velocity field for a re-migration of seismic data and to update geological features and drilling geological environmental factors ahead of the drilling bit.Field application shows that this technology can describe and predict the geological features,drilling geological environmental factors and complex drilling problems ahead of the bit timely and improve the prediction efficiency and accuracy greatly.These new updated results are able to provide scientific basis for optimizing drilling decisions.
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  • Cross-Language Transfer of Phonological Processing Skills and the Development Among Chinese Young Learners of English

    WU Chao   LIU Zhi   WANG Pan  

    Increasing research has revealed that phonological sensitivity plays an important part in learning to read alphabetic scripts among L1 English speakers,speakers of other alphabetic languages,and those who use non-Roman alphabetic scripts.The current study shows that,despite the emerging small-unit phonological sensitivity,whether the participants had more sophisticated and large-unit phonological sensitivity?Whether phonological sensitivity is likely to be a general skill reflected in the phonology of all languages and develops regardless of whether an opaque relationship exists between the orthography and the phonology of a language?In addition,the observed inter-connection implies that cross language transfer of phonological processing skills might have occurred from L1 to L2 because of L1 literacy instruction.But the interpretation of the results from this study is not as good as expected.As the phonemic segmentation task was a productive assessment,it posed a greater challenge to the young learners and consequently might have compromised the hypothesis trend of phonological sensitivity.Suggestions for further study would be an employment of tasks with the same type of response.Furthermore,it is positive to recruit preschoolers as well as novice readers so as to demonstrate if Chinese children could only develop sub-syllabic perception in the wake of Hanyu Pinyin instruction.
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  • First isolation of dengue virus from Lao PDR in a Chinese traveler.

    Guo XiaoFang   Zhao QiuMin   Wu Chao   Zuo ShuQing   Zhang Xiaoai   Jia Na   Liu JiangYun   Zhou HongNing   Zhang JiuSong  

    Background: Epidemic dengue activity has been demonstrated in several southern regions of China, but not in Yunnan province, which borders countries in Southeast Asia where dengue is endemic. Many dengue cases imported from Southeast Asia to Yunnan have been reported, but dengue virus (DENV) has not been isolated from any patients. This study is the first to report the isolation of DENV from a Chinese traveler returning to Yunnan from Lao PDR. Findings: A serum sample was collected from a patient presenting with a febrile illness who returned from Lao PDR in 2009 and was used to inoculate Aedes albopictus C6/36 cells for viral isolation. The viral isolate was identified using reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction, and phylogenetic analyses based on the full E sequence were performed using Clustalx 1.8 software. The analyses detected DENV genome, and thus, a DENV isolate was obtained from the patient's serum sample. The new DENV isolate was grouped into genotype Asia 1, serotype 2. The viral E protein shared the greatest nucleotide sequence identity (99.6%) with the D2/Thailand/0606aTw strain isolated from Thailand in 2006 and demonstrated 94.3% to 100% identity with the predicted amino acid sequence of other DENV 2 strains. Conclusions: Our findings indicate that DENV serotype 2 is circulating in Lao PDR, and surveillance of patients suspected of infection with dengue should be conducted not only by a serological test but also by pathogenic detection methods.
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  • The Spatial Economy of Communist Yuan-Li Wu;The Construction Industry in Communist Kang Chao;China: Emerging World Victor P. Petrov;China: Ageless Land and Countless Chiao-Min Hsieh

    Review by: Keith Buchanan  

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  • Deformation features and tectonic transfer of the Gumubiezi Fault in the northwestern margin of Tarim Basin, NW China

    PARIDIGULI Busuke[1,2]   XIE Huiwen   CHENG Xiaogan[1,2]   WU Chao   ZHANG Yuqing[1,2]   XU Zhenping   LIN Xiubin[1,2]   CHEN Hanlin[1,2]  

    Through field geologic survey,fine interpretation of seismic reflection data and analysis of well drilling data,the differential deformation,tectonic transfer and controlling factors of the differential deformation of the Gumubiezi Fault(GF)from east to west have been studied systematically.The study shows that GF started to move southward as a compressive decollement along the Miocene gypsum-bearing mudstone layer in the Jidike Formation at the Early Quaternary and thrust out of the ground surface at the northern margin of the Wensu Uplift,and the Gumubiezi anticline formed on the hanging wall of the GF.The displacement of the GF decreases gradually from 1.21 km in the east AA′transect to 0.39 km in the west CC′transect,and completely disappears in the west of the Gumubiezi anticline.One part of the displacement of the GF is converted into the forward thrust,and another part is absorbed by Gumubiezi anticline.The formation of the GF is related to the gypsum-bearing mudstone layer in the Jidike Formation and barrier of the Wensu Uplift.The differential deformation of the GF from east to west is controlled by the development difference of gypsum-bearing mudstone layer in the Jidike Formation.In the east part,gypsum-bearing mudstone layer in the Jidike Formation is thicker,the deformation of the duplex structure in the north of the profile transferred to the basin along gypsum-bearing mudstone layer;to the west of the Gumubiezi structural belt(GSB),the gypsum-bearing mudstone layer in Jidike Formation decreases in thickness,and the transfer quantity of deformation of the duplex structure along the gypsum-bearing mudstone layer to the basin gradually reduces.In contrast,on the west DD′profile,the gypsum-bearing mudstone is not developed,the deformation of the deep duplex structure cannot be transferred along the Jidike Formation into the basin,the deep thrust fault broke to the surface and the GF disappeared completely.The displacement of the GF to the west eventually disappeared,because the lateral ramp acts as the transitional fault between east and west part of GSB.
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  • Pollution from the Carriage of Oil by Sea: Liability and Wu Chao

    Review by: Erik Franckx  

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