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  • Subsynchronous oscillation of PV plants integrated to weak AC networks

    Zhao, Shuqiang   Li, Ren   Gao, Benfeng   Wang, Nan   Zhang, Xi  

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  • Ultra-wide band bowtie slot waveguide antenna array for SAR application

    Wang, Nan   Ou, Naiming   Wang, Pei   Wang, Robert  

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  • Poster 345: A 7-Year-Old Boy Developed Ataxic Gait: A Case Report

    Li, Jinpu   Chen, Yuxi Y.   Wang, Nan  

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  • Piezoelectric ZnO thin films for 2DOF MEMS vibrational energy harvesting

    Tao, Kai   Yi, Haiping   Tang, Lihua   Wu, Jin   Wang, Peihong   Wang, Nan   Hu, Liangxing   Fu, Yongqing   Miao, Jianmin   Chang, Honglong  

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    The present invention relates to a method for quick search of a DNS domain name of a domain name server. The method comprises: 1) when loading zone data, a domain name server reverses domain name data according to labels, and stores the reversed domain name data in a database; 2) when receiving a domain name query request, the domain name server reverses, in the same way as step 1), a domain name requested to be queried, and stores the reversed domain name; 3) during logic query, the domain name server performs search matching in a memory alignment manner by using the reversed domain name; 4) returning corresponding response data according to the search matching result of the domain name server. By increasing a DNS domain name search matching speed, the present invention increases the domain name resolution speed of the domain name server, so that the entire domain name system can provide a more efficient service to users.
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    The present invention relates to an IP address table storage and query method applicable in DNS querying. The method comprises: performing deduplication on IP tables of respective policies, and storing the same in a red-black tree, an array, a linked list, or the like; merging the IP address tables of the different policies of each service so as to construct an "IP address table + policy" format, and storing information in the format, wherein the merging is performed by following an IP longest-prefix match rule or a priority level rule; continuing to merge the "IP address table + policy" storage structures of the different services so as to construct an "IP address table + service + policy" format, and storing information in the format; sorting the "IP address table + service + policy" storage structures, such that initial addresses of IP address tables are arranged by numerical order; and performing a DNS query by employing a query method, such as the bisection method. The present invention improves the existing IP storage structures, facilitates easy operation, reduces the number of queries, and increases the query efficiency.
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    A method and apparatus for processing object information, and a storage medium. The method for processing object information comprises: acquiring an information creation request, wherein the information creation request carries a first address identifier of a target object, and the target object comprises a sub-directory or a sub-file (S101); determining a second address identifier of a parent directory to which the target object belongs according to the first address identifier (S102); searching for a corresponding information storage region according to the second address identifier, wherein the information storage region is used for storing metadata of the parent directory (S103); and performing data updating on the information storage region according to the first address identifier, and creating an association relationship between the parent directory and the target object in the metadata (S104).
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  • Assembly of complex viruses exemplified by a halophilic euryarchaeal virus

    Colibus, Luigi De   Roine, Elina   Walter, Thomas S.   Ilca, Serban L.   Wang, Xiangxi   Wang, Nan   Roseman, Alan M.   Bamford, Dennis   Huiskonen, Juha T.   Stuart, David I.  

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  • FGF-21 Plays a Crucial Role in the Glucose Uptake of Activated Monocytes

    Wang, Nan   Li, Jun-Yan   Zhao, Ting-ting   Li, Si-ming   Shen, Cheng-Bin   Li, De-Shan   Wang, Wen-Fei  

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  • A Study on Influential User Identification in Online Social Networks

    Wang, Nan   Zhou, Yadong   Sun, Qindong   Shen, Si  

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    A solar cell array (30), a solar cell module (100) and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The solar cell array (30) includes a plurality of cells (31) and a plurality of conductive wires (32). Adjacent cells (31) are connected by the plurality of conductive wires (32). Each cell (31) has a front surface on which light is incident when the cell (31) is in operation and a back surface opposite to the front surface. The solar cell array (30) further comprises secondary grid lines (312) disposed on the front surface of the respective cell (31). The secondary grid lines (312) comprise middle secondary grid lines (3122) disposed in the middle of the respective cell (31) and intersected with the conductive wires (32). The secondary grid lines (312) also comprise edge secondary grid lines (3121) disposed on the edges of the respective cell (31) and non-intersected with the conductive wires (32). The solar cell array (30) also comprises short grid lines (33) disposed on a front surface of the cell (31). The short grid lines (33) connect the edge secondary grid lines (3121) with the conductive wires (32) or with at least one middle secondary grid line (3122).
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  • The marine dynamics and changing trend off the modern Yellow River mouth

    Wang, Nan   Li, Guangxue   Xu, Jishang   Qiao, Lulu   Dada, Olusegun A.   Zhou, Chunyan  

    Topography around the Yellow River mouth has changed greatly in recent years, but studies on the current state of marine dynamics off the Yellow River mouth are relatively scarce. This paper uses a two-dimension numerical model (MIKE 21) to reveal the tidal and wave dynamics in 2012, and conducts comparative analysis of the changes from 1996 to 2012. The results show that M2 amphidromic point moved southeastward by 11 km. It further reveals that the tides around the Yellow River mouth are relatively stable due to the small variations in the tidal constituents. Over the study period, there is no noticeable change in the distribution of tidal types and tidal range, and the mean tidal range off the river mouth during the period studied is 0.5–1.1 m. However, the tidal currents changed greatly due to large change in topography. It is observed that the area with strong tidal currents shifted from the old river mouth (1976–1996) to the modern river mouth (1996–present). While the tidal current speeds decreased continually off the old river mouth, they increased off the modern river mouth. The Maximum Tidal Current Speed (MTCS) reached 1.4 m s−1, and the maximum current speed of 50-year return period reached 2.8 m s−1. Waves also changed greatly due to change in topography. The significant wave height (H 1/3) of 50-year return period changed proportionately with the water depth, and the ratio of H1/3 to depth being 0.4–0.6. (H 1/3) of the 50-year return period in erosion zone increased continually with increasing water depth, and the rate of change varied between 0.06 and 0.07 m yr−1. Based on the results of this study, we infer that in the future, the modern river mouth will protrude gradually northward, while the erosion zone, comprising the old river mouth and area between the modern river mouth and the old river mouth (Intermediate region) will continue to erode. As the modern river mouth protrudes towards the sea, there will be a gradual increase in the current speed and decrease in wave height. Conversely, the old river mouth will retreat, with gradual decrease in current speed and increase in wave height. As more coastal constructions spring up around the Yellow River mouth in the future, we recommend that variation in hydrodynamics over time should be taken into consideration when designing such coastal constructions.
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  • Netrin-1 prevents the development of cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure

    Wang, Nan   Cao, Yunshan   Zhu, Yan  

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  • Robust tracking control of AC servo system including a ball screw

    Wang, Nan   Lin, Weiyang  

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  • Improved dialysis removal of protein-bound uremic toxins by salvianolic acids

    Li, Jianping   Wang, Yingyi   Xu, Xuejun   Cao, Wenjuan   Shen, Zhiqiang   Wang, Nan   Leng, Jing   Zou, Ning   Shang, ErXin   Zhu, Zhenhua   Guo, Jianming   Duan, Jinao  

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  • Plant lamin-like proteins mediate chromatin tethering at the nuclear periphery

    Hu, Bo   Wang, Nan   Bi, Xiuli   Karaaslan, Ezgi Süheyla   Weber, Anna-Lena   Zhu, Wangsheng   Berendzen, Kenneth Wayne   Liu, Chang  

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