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  • Transport Chain between China and Germany: A SWOT Analysis

    Tong, Jian   Wang, Xiao Na   Wen, Hai Tao   Kummer, Sebastian  

    Optimization of international transport chain may significantly contribute to the successful outcome of international trade. The performance of various transport mode influences its selection. This paper analyses and compares the transport chain between China and Germany, aiming to identify the best practices and chose the optimal transport mode. Based on analyzing secondary data, the different transport modes are presented. The SWOT analysis was selected to analyze and compare the competitive operation of the various transport modes between China and Germany. It was explored the determinate of the selection of transport mode; the train transport should be urged to develop between China and Germany, besides air- and marine mode; In addition, price, timing, service grade and relationship with forwarder are the vital factors to the routine option between China and Germany. More secondary data should be used to validate the research in the future.
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  • SF-1 mediates reproductive toxicity induced by Cerium oxide nanoparticles in male mice

    Qin, Fenju   Shen, Tao   Li, Jinlin   Qian, Junchao   Zhang, Jie   Zhou, Guangming   Tong, Jian  

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    Provided are a method for analyzing an IP address, a system, a computer readable storage medium, and a computer device. The method comprises: collecting historical data of an IP address; and performing analysis on the historical data of the IP address to generate reliability data of the IP address. The present invention is applicable to aspects such as legitimacy authentication of an IP address and interception of an IP address, thereby solving a problem in which a security class of an IP address is mistakenly identified, effectively preventing misjudgment of legitimacy of an IP address, and preventing an erroneous interception of an IP address.
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  • Direct Form I Realization of Active Photonic Filters

    Tong, Jian   MacFarlane, Duncan L.   Panahi, Issa   Hunt, L. Roberts   Kannan, Govind   Evans, Gary A.   Christensen, Marc P.  

    An integrated photonic architecture is introduced and used to realize an optical filter with direct form I realization. The architecture offers gain from semiconductor optical amplifiers, and this gain results in an active optical filter whose filter response depends on the individual gains. The presence of gain provides advantages in filter performance, and tunable and adaptive functionality. The optical filter is modeled as a discrete time system and the z-transform is used in its analysis and design. A low-pass filter design example is presented and the filter coefficients are derived in terms of gains and coupler splitting ratios. The region of stable operations is derived by applying the Schur-Cohn stability test.
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  • Enhanced Radiosensitivity in 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 Deficient Mice

    Zhang, Zeng-Li   Ding, Xiao-Fei   Tong, Jian   Li, Bing-Yan  

    Radiosensitivity/Knockout mice/1,25-(OH)(2)D(3)/Osteogenesis/Hematopoiesis. To investigate whether impaired osteogenesis resulting from vitamin D deficiency can influence hematopoiesis recovery after radiation, the 25-hydroxyvitamin D-1 alpha-hydroxylase (1 alpha-hydroxylase) gene knockout (KO) mice and wild type (WT) mice were subjected to different doses of gamma ray. The survival rates, peripheral blood cell counts and bone marrow cellularity were studied after irradiation (IR). The survival rates of the KO mice were significantly lower than that of WT mice after 6 or 8 Gy close of radiation. The recovery of white blood cells in KO mice was significantly delayed compared with that in WT mice after radiation. The red blood cell number in WT mice was observed to increase more than that in KO mice at days 14 and 28 after radiation. The nadir platelet count in KO mice was nearly half of that in WT mice. Dramatically higher bone marrow cell numbers were found in WT mice compared with KO mice. Our findings demonstrate the enhanced radiosensitivity in 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 (1,25-(OH)(2)D(3)) deficient mice.
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  • Toxicokinetics of Fenvalerate Mixed wrth Phoxim in Mice

    Tong, Jian   Zhang, Zeng-Li  

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  • Finite Element Analysis of Tire Curing Process


    Curing is one of the most important steps in the tire manufacturing process. During this process, a green tire is formed to the desired shape and the compound is converted to a strong, elastic material to meet tire performance needs. The process of curing is usually accomplished under pressure and an elevated temperature provided by the mold. The curing process is energy consuming and has a strong effect on material properties. To attain an optimal state of cure for different compounds of various dimensions at minimal capital and energy costs requires proper evaluation of the state of cure in a tire. Various numerical models have been proposed to determine the state of cure of rubber compounds in molds. Their applications are limited to simple geometry and boundary conditions. For a tire, which has complex shape and variable boundary conditions and is built from layers of rubber compounds and fiber/rubber composites, the finite element method appears to be an ideal candidate because of its versatility. In this paper, a simulator for the tire curing processes was developed based on the finite element method of an axisymmetric heat transfer problem for composite materials. The anisotropy of heat transfer properties of composite materials, the dependence of properties of rubber compounds on the temperature and/or the extent of cure, the time-varying boundary conditions which include the cooldown of the tire out of the press and the rigorous cure kinetic models are taken into account. The numerical simulation results of a truck tire curing process show that the simulator successfully describes the variation trends in temperature and in state of cure with the tire curing process. It also serves as the core module of an optimization algorithm, which is being developed for the tire curing and rubber formulation designs.
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  • Environmental Radon Exposure and Childhood Leukemia

    Tong, Jian   Qin, Liqiang   Cao, Yi   Li, Jianxiang   Zhang, Jie   Nie, Jihua   An, Yan  

    Despite the fact that animal and human epidemiological studies confirmed a link between radon exposure in homes and increased risk of lung cancer in general population, other types of cancers induced by radon, such as leukemia, have not been consistently demonstrated. The aim of this review was to summarize data published thus far from ecological and case-control studies in exposed populations, taking into account radon dose estimation and evidence of radon-induced genotoxicity, in an effort to clarify the correlation between home radon exposure and incidence of childhood leukemia. Among 12 ecological studies, 11 reported a positive association between radon levels and elevated frequency of childhood leukemia, with 8 being significant. In conjunction with ecological studies, several case-control studies on indoor radon exposure and childhood leukemia were examined, and most investigations indicated a weak association with only a few showing significance. A major source of uncertainty in radon risk assessment is radon dose estimate. Methods for radon exposure measurement in homes of children are one of the factors that affect the risk estimates in a case-control study. The effects of radon-induced genetic damage were studied both in vitro and in vivo using genetic endpoints including chromosomal aberration (CA), micronuclei (MN) formation, gene mutation, and deletions and insertions. By applying a meta-analysis, an increased risk of childhood leukemia induced by indoor radon exposure was noted for overall leukemia and for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Data thus indicated an association between environmental radon exposure and elevated leukemia incidence, but more evidence is required in both human investigations and animal mechanistic research before this assumption may be confirmed with certainty.
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    A multipath light beam processing optical system, comprising multiple optical subsystems (1, 2, …, n) having a one-to-one correspondence to multiple light beams. Each optical subsystem comprises collimating and shaping units (330, 340) and a first cylindrical lens group (350). The collimating and shaping unit is located between a light source (320) and the first cylindrical lens group. The collimating and shaping unit is used for collimating and shaping light emitted along a first axial direction of the light source. The first cylindrical lens group is used for collimating and shaping light emitted by the collimating and shaping unit along a second axial direction of the light source. At least two optical subsystems share one first cylindrical lens group. By configuring at least two of multiple optical subsystems to share one first cylindrical lens group, the system can achieve the miniaturization of an optical system while guaranteeing a light spot effect.
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  • Role of NF-κB activation in mouse bone marrow stromal cells exposed to 900-MHz radiofrequency fields (RF)

    Zong, Lin   Gao, Zhen   Xie, Wen   Tong, Jian   Cao, Yi  

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  • Role of NF-κB activation in mouse bone marrow stromal cells exposed to 900 MHz radiofrequency fields (RF)

    Zong, Lin   Gao, Zhen   Xie, Wen   Tong, Jian   Cao, Yi  

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    The present invention provides for a composition of high temperature resistant powder coating which comprises at least two silicone resins having different glass transition temperatures and/or different melt viscosities, a bi-functional resin, a mica-containing filler and optional additives. When applied to a substrate, the composition is capable of curing to form a high temperature resistant coating on the substrate surface. The present invention also provides for use of the composition of the present invention to coat a substrate, as well as substrates coated with the composition of the present invention.
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    A laser radar optical system, comprising a laser transmitting device (100), a laser receiving device (200), and an adjusting unit. The laser transmitting device (100) comprises a first laser light source (110), a second laser light source (120), a first beam splitter (130), and a zoom collimator lens group (140). The laser receiving device (200) comprises a first detector (210), a second detector (220), a second beam splitter (230), and a zoom condenser lens group (240). The adjusting unit is used for adjusting focal lengths of the zoom collimator lens group (140) and the zoom condenser lens group (240). The laser radar optical system can implement switching between a near field of view and a far field of view by controlling the switching of the first laser light source (110) and the second laser light source (120), the switching of the first detection (210) and the second detector (220), and focal length conversions of the zoom collimator lens group (140) and the zoom condenser lens group (240), so that the optical system is switched to a near field mode when near-field scan needs to be performed, and is switched to a far field mode when far-field scan needs to be performed, in order to meet the requirements of different fields of view and resolutions.
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  • Aberrant promoter methylation of p16(INK4a) and O-6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase genes in workers at a Chinese uranium mine

    Su, Shibiao   Jin, Yali   Zhang, Wei   Yang, Lujing   Shen, Yueping   Cao, Yi   Tong, Jian  

    To find the possible association of gene methylation of p16(INK4a) and O-6-Methylguanine-DNA Methyltransferase (O-6-MGMT) with occupational exposure to radon, 91 male miners from a uranium mine in China were divided into 4 groups according to the cumulative doses of radon exposure from 2 to 425 WLM (working-level months), and aberrant promoter methylation of p16(INK4a) and O-6-MGMT genes in sputum samples was determined by a specific PCR assay. The results revealed that the methylated rates of p16(INK4a) gene (z=2.844, P=0.005) and O-6-MGMT gene (z=3.034, P=0.002), and the total methylated rate of these two genes (z=3.859, P=0.0001) increased significantly with the cumulative doses of radon among the miners. This methylation could be applied as a potential marker for the detection of early DNA damage induced by occupational radon exposure.
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  • Radon induced mitochondrial dysfunction in human bronchial epithelial cells and epithelial–mesenchymal transition with long-term exposure

    Xu, Qian   Fang, Lijun   Chen, Bin   Zhang, Hong   Wu, Qianqian   Zhang, Hongbo   Wang, Aiqing   Tong, Jian   Tao, Shasha   Tian, Hailin  

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  • Selective separation of patchouli alcohol from the essential oil of\r Cablin potchouli\r by inclusion crystalline method

    Tong, Jian   Yuan, Lei   Guo, Fang   Wang, Zhong-Hua   Jin, Lan   Guo, Wen-Sheng  

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