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  • Transition of Surface Phase of Cobalt Oxide during CO Oxidation

    Tang, Yu   Ma, Ling-Juan   Dou, Jian   Andolina, Christopher   Li, Yuting   Ma, Hongbin   House, Stephen   Zhang, Xiaoyan   Yang, Judith C   Tao, Franklin (Feng)  

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    A method and apparatus for locating an image edge in a natural background. The method comprises: extracting a central color feature serving as a comparison standard for an image located in a natural background (S102); comparing with the central color feature, and extracting multiple candidate points for each edge of the image according to a comparison result (S104); grouping the multiple candidate points corresponding to the edge according to a distance and/or a direction, so as to obtain multiple candidate point groups (S106); fitting a corresponding fit line by using a candidate point in each candidate point group (S108); and selecting a fit line close to most candidate points of the edge, and locating the fit line as the edge (S110). The method reduces the calculated amount of an executive body, increases the locating speed of an image edge, avoids interference with the edge in a natural background, and improves the locating accuracy of the image edge.
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  • A simple and convenient method for production of 89Zr with high purity

    Tang, Yu   Li, Shuntao   Yang, Yuanyou   Chen, Wen   Wei, Hongyuan   Wang, Guanquan   Yang, Jijun   Liao, Jiali   Luo, Shunzhong   Liu, Ning  

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  • Differential Roles of M1 and M2 Microglia in Neurodegenerative Diseases

    Tang, Yu   Le, Weidong  

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    There are provided systems and methods for using a wireless beacon to provide access credentials to a secure network. A network access device, such as a WiFi router, may provide a secure wireless network requiring access credentials to access the network. For example, the network may be password protected to prevent unauthorized used. Additionally, the network may have various levels of use, such as access depending on a security clearance for a user or data transfer and usage rates. Each of the various levels of use may require a separate access credential. A wireless beacon may be configured to connect to user devices that are near or within an area covered by the network. The connection between a user device and the beacon may be utilized to determine the proper access credential for the user device and push the access credential to the user device.
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  • Study of An Improved Dual-Switch Converter With Passive Lossless Clamping

    Tang, Yu   Wang, Ting  

    Affected by the equivalent series resistance (ESR) of the devices in the circuit, the voltage-conversion ratio of traditional boost converter is limited. Various topologies have been developed to provide a high step-up voltage gain. An inherent high voltage gain can be achieved in a dual-switch converter with the advantages of low voltage and current stress on the switches. However, this converter has a strict requirement of the parameters' consistency. This paper discusses the steady-state operation principle of the converter in detail under the condition that the parameters are inconsistent and then illustrates the solutions to balance the voltage on the switches and suppress the resonance with passive lossless clamping. Finally, a prototype has been established in the laboratory, and simulation and experimental results have been given to verify the analysis and the effectiveness of clamping method.
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  • Palhicerines A–F, Lycopodium alkaloids from the club moss Palhinhaea cernua

    Tang, Yu   Xiong, Juan   Zou, Yike   Zhang, Hai-Yan   Hu, Jin-Feng  

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  • Novel metastable engineering in single-phase high-entropy alloy

    Wang, Ruixin   Tang, Yu   Li, Shun   Zhang, Hong   Ye, Yicong   Zhu, Li'an   Ai, Yuanlin   Bai, Shuxin  

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  • Quality of life after intensity-modulated radiation therapy for anal cancer

    Tang, Yu   Crane, Christopher H.   Eng, Cathy   Minsky, Bruce D.   Delclos, Marc E.   Krishnan, Sunil   Malatek, Daniel   Gould, Morris S.   Das, Prajnan  

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  • Finite Element Analysis of Wind Turbine Lifting Platform Bridge Structure

    Tang, Yu   Wu, Yu Hou   Zhang, Ke   Sun, Jia   Song, En Wei  

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  • Achieving convergent causal consistency and high availability for cloud storage

    Tang, Yu   Sun, Hailong   Wang, Xu   Liu, Xudong  

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    A multi-rope cooperative control system and method for an ultra-deep mine hoister, belonging to multi-rope control systems and methods for hoisters. An output shaft of a variable frequency motor is connected with a hoister winding drum, a variable frequency motor controller is connected with the variable frequency motors; steel wire ropes are connected between the hoister winding drums and a container, there is a servo hydraulic cylinder on the path of each steel wire rope between the hoister winding drum and the container, a servo hydraulic cylinder control system is connected with the servo hydraulic cylinders, the top portion of the servo hydraulic cylinder is connected with a hoisting sheave through a hinge support, the steel wire rope is connected with a tension and compression force sensor, and the container is connected with a position/posture angle sensor; the servo hydraulic cylinder is connected with a proportional servo valve, and an input port of the proportional servo valve is connected with an energy accumulator, an overflow valve, a check valve and a stop valve simultaneously; the servo hydraulic cylinder control system is provided with a wireless receiver, and the position/posture angle sensor and the tension and compression force sensor are provided with wireless transmitters. The position/posture angle sensor feeds back the position and posture conditions of the container and the extension and retraction of the hydraulic cylinders are adjusted, thereby avoiding the situation where the container inclines due to asynchronous movement among the steel wire ropes.
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  • Design of the Push-Pull Switch Power Supply Based on UC3525A

    Tang, Yu   Wu, Gang  

    Switch power supply is a power supply of maintaining the stable output voltage by the use of modern electronic technology, controlling the time ratio(duty cycle) of on and off of switching transistors. Push-pull switch power supply is a form of switching power supply family, which is divided into an independent-excited push-pull switch power supply and self -excited push-pull switch power supply. This paper will put forward an design scheme of the independent-excited push-pull switch power supply based on the design requirements, and the driving integrated circuit selection according to the design scheme of the push-pull switch power, at the same time, the switching transistors and rectifier diode selection through the calculation. The number of turns on a switch transformer is calculated according to the input and output voltage. Considering the skin effect and the proximity effect, switch transformer winding method is selected and the power supply meets the requirements of design according to the saber2007 simulation and implementation.
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    Disclosed are systems, mediums, and methods for managing and controlling travel for a convoy of vehicles. A traffic control system includes a traffic control device that receives one or more signals indicating two or more vehicles proximate to a location. The traffic control device determines a convoy based at least on the one or more signals, where the convoy includes the two or more vehicles proximate to the location. The traffic control device determines traffic-signal data based at least on the convoy, where the traffic-signal data is configured to maintain threshold distances between two or more vehicles in the convoy. The traffic control device transmits the traffic-signal data to a traffic controller configured to select one or more traffic signals, where the one or more traffic signals enable the two or more vehicles to maintain the threshold distances between the two or more vehicles in the convoy.
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  • Study on Velocity Measurement of Gas/Solid Flow Based on Electrostatic Sensor

    Tang, Yu   Deng, Xiang   Tian, Shuo  

    Electrostatic sensor is based on the principle of electrostatic induction. It is widely used for gas/solid two-phase flow measurement because it has the advantages of simple structure, high sensitivity, low cost, etc. In this paper, a velocity measurement system of gas/solid flow based on electrostatic sensor and cross-correlation algorithm is discussed. Electrostatic sensor with circular electrode is adopted. By COMSOL optimum simulation, the axial length of the electrode is designed. The signal conditioning circuits are discussed and cross-correlation algorithm is analyzed. The initial experimental results demonstrate that the velocity measurement system of gas/solid flow designed in this paper is feasible.
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  • An effective construction method for multi-level uniform designs

    Tang, Yu   Xu, Hongquan  

    Uniform designs are widely used in various applications. However, it is computationally intractable to construct uniform designs, even for moderate number of runs, factors and levels. We establish a linear relationship between average squared centered L-2-discrepancy and generalized wordlength pattern, and then based on it, we propose a general method for constructing uniform designs with arbitrary number of levels. The main idea is to choose a generalized minimum aberration design and then permute its levels. We propose a novel stochastic algorithm and obtain many new uniform designs that have smaller centered L-2-discrepancies than the existing ones. (C) 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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